Every year brings something new in the field of interior design. Even though 2020 is probably not the year that will be remembered by new lighting trends, they are still here to make our homes comfortable and more inviting. As our lifestyles are changing, the lighting options need to follow suit. The color temperature is becoming more important than ever when choosing home lighting, and many manufacturers are turning to high-tech solutions that are incorporated in their lighting products. Those were just some of the characteristics of lighting trends in 2020, now let’s discuss them in further detail and see some others.

How is color temperature changing?

We are spending way too much time in front of our computers, tablets, smartphones, and other gadgets that emit cold (blue) light. Many studies have shown that such light is not the healthiest option for us, and scientists suggest choosing sources that emit light which is as similar as possible to the natural light.

Parents are more careful when choosing lighting options for their children

At the moment of the coronavirus pandemic, most of the children from all parts of the world are being home-schooled which means spending even more time in front of screens. Unfortunately, that is something that parents cannot prevent, but what they can do is choose better-quality light sources for the rooms their families are spending their quarantine or self-isolation days. In this case, that means switching to warm-temperature light like the one that LED bulbs produce.

A dining room table, flowers and two table lamps
Warm light is better for creating warm atmosphere

When packing their clients’ possessions for relocation, moving companies like ccmover.com often notice that people have mainly switched to LED lights in their offices too. There are some other benefits of LED lights such as creating a more comfortable atmosphere in the room or making it easier for us to relax and fall asleep after a stressful day (in comparison to cold, blue light).

Smart lighting is becoming more popular

Smart features are in demand in the lighting industry just like in many others. People are already getting used to controlling their light by voice or an app from their smartphones. That can be very practical in the pandemic-induced lockdown, now that we are advised to avoid contacts and touching high-traffic areas. 

Smart features can be very practical and for many systems, you do not even need to switch to smart bulbs. There are even applications you can install and have your lights turned on as you are approaching your home. 

Oversized fixtures are in

People choose larger fixtures these days not so much to get more light, but more as centerpieces in the rooms they are decorating. It often happens that a chandelier or a pendant is the first thing that gets noticed in a room, so why not make it as big and bold as possible? But choosing such a piece is never an easy task. Even though a nice ceiling light, wall, or a table lamp is a major interior element design, you should be careful not to go overboard. One centerpiece is enough.

A big floor lamp in a living room
Oversized pieces are one of 2020 lighting trends

Soft colors and finishes are trendy

The most popular color in the lighting industry at the moment is soft gold. The color is actually somewhere in between gold and silver and it has a matte finish. Glossy fixtures are not so popular anymore. One of the main advantages of this new shade is that it blends well with most colors and almost any style, from vintage to modern and from minimalistic to extravagant. Also, the color looks good on many fixtures: hand-blown glass lamps, buffet, table or floor lamps. The combination of soft gold and monochrome scheme is specific for 2020. The gold gets tamed by black or white while accentuating their timelessness.

Industrial gets more refined in 2020

The industrial style is definitely here to stay. However, its variants are evolving. Recently, it has reached its refined phase. The fixtures inspired by industrial pieces are no longer so rough and exposed. They are more subtle, and thanks to that, they can be easily combined with some more delicate pieces of the interior design. Also, that makes them more easily match with various styles.

Geometric shapes are as popular as free forms

Geometry in lighting means clean lines and often sharp angles. Contemporary interior design cannot be imagined without clean geometrical shapes. They can be found on carpets, rugs, wall art, art pieces, and naturally, in light fixtures – bedside lamps, crystal lamps and even chandeliers.

A rectangular ceiling pendant as one of 2020 lighting trends
Geometric shapes are in

Free forms create the illusion of lightness

Asymmetric designs seem to be in demand these days just like free forms are. Regardless of the materials, these pieces seem light, and they certainly attract attention. Those who would like to try something new but still are not ready for some serious changes in lighting design often choose free-form floor and table lamps. Those elements can be easily moved from one room to another (if the original choice of room wasn’t the best one) which makes them perfect for those who like to change the layout of their living space every few months.

The only trouble is that free form pieces can be a bit of a bother to pack for a move to another home when you decide to relocate. When it is time to pack breakable items, like lamps, you should choose the best materials and take your time to secure your possessions. The original boxes are usually the best option, but if you didn’t save them, you shouldn’t be worried since professional movers have special packages for this purpose and know how to transport your valuable possessions without damaging them. 

Wall lights are becoming a staple

Wall sconces and other types of wall light have finally become recognized parts of interior design. They no longer serve as decorating items on the walls, but they also contribute to symmetry and accentuating the pieces of furniture and art pieces above or beyond them. Together with mirrors, they add to the depth of the space they are decorating. That has always been their purpose, but now instead of just casting light, they have become the light of the party! Don’t choose those that will simply disappear into the background, let them be seen. 


Laura McCammon is a freelance interior design blogger. She has recently moved from Europe to NYC with her family and is still searching for her perfect home town. Apart from interior design, she is also interested in architecture and landscaping.