From time to time, we need to add some novelty to our surroundings, especially when it comes to our homes. However, home improvement ideas should go beyond cosmetic enhancements. Necessary repairs should be followed by clever improvements that will raise the value of your home in the long-term.

Top home improvement ideas

To figure out which home improvements you should make, you need to take into account a few important aspects of modern living

  • health benefits
  • functionality
  • aesthetics
  • energy-efficiency

Only renovations which are combining these aspects are going to result in a home remodeling project that is worth the money and the effort invested. Also, if you plan to sell your house, watch out for top home renovation trends that will certainly add value to your home. 

If you’re in for more expensive improvements, you should focus on roof replacement, energy-efficient wall insulation, and smart heating systems.

Invest in landscaping and improve your curb appeal

Making improvements in your curb appeal is perhaps the fastest and least expensive way to create a wow effect. With a modest investment, you can power-wash your driveway, porch or sidewalks. Also, consider repainting the walls or garage doors.

Designing a stone or brick path leading to your entrance is another affordable option. Succulents, flowering perennials or shrubs accentuated with solar-powered lighting will add a touch of elegance throughout the year. Just make sure that the plants you choose are not triggering any allergies.

Tidy lawn and flowering perennials improve your homes appeal

Conducting outdoor repairs is the right moment to invest in new gutters, as well. Even with proper maintenance, repair or replacement is inevitable after a while. Water, rust, and mildew are their worst enemies. Neglecting your gutters may cause further structural problems in your house. 

Finally, mowing your law, decluttering, and removing excess furniture and tools doesn’t cost you anything except invested time and effort. 

Renovate your living room

Opening the floor plan will make your living room look bigger and brighter. Before you start any work, however, determine if the wall is a load-bearing one or not. The open floor plan is a highly beneficial home improvement option, especially if fused with minimalist design. It doesn’t mean that remodeling will be at the expense of your storage space; on the contrary.

Let the light in by removing heavy dark curtains and replacing your windows. Generously sized but energy-efficient windows and balcony doors will make your home more comfortable but also reduce your energy usage and bills.

Tactical positioning of lamps is a home improvement with health benefits

Improving your home lighting is another good investment. Some of the creative living room ideas include the strategic positioning of lamps. Not only that proper lighting makes your home seem bigger, but it can also decorate it. Crystal lamps and chandeliers or hand-blown glass lamps are sometimes made to be true pieces of art. 

Moreover, placing additional mirrors and mirror-like surfaces in a way to reflect natural light will be a great bonus to your living area. Health benefits of light, airy spaces are well documented. Sufficient light improves sleep and wards off depression, among other things.

Remodel your kitchen

Renovating your kitchen will positively affect the quality of your home if you do it properly. Here, functionality goes hand in hand with aesthetics. Open kitchen layouts bring the people living in the house even closer. As kitchens often serve as the main spot for family gatherings, refurbishing in this way will improve everybody’s mood.

If demolishing inner walls is not an option, kitchen remodeling relies on the refurbishing of kitchen cabinets, floors, backsplash, and lighting. According to experienced real estate agents, kitchen remodeling has the highest return on investment (ROI). Your kitchen can achieve a polished look if you repaint kitchen cabinets or update counters and change cabinet handles.

Kitchens should feature task accent and ambient lighting

Adding smart features to your kitchen is another great asset. Investing in smart appliances, in general, will make you feel more comfortable and safer, as it allows you to remotely monitor and manage your devices. Aside from smart appliances, spending on energy-efficient appliances is also a good choice.

Finally, don’t forget to revive and improve your kitchen lighting with the proper task, accent, and ambient illumination. Careful designing will provide you with a well-lit and functional kitchen, that not only looks good but creates a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Luckily for homeowners, there is a variety of kitchen lighting options. Deciding between pendants, lamps, recessed or under-counter lighting relies mostly on the kitchen design.

Add another bathroom, bedroom or more storage space

No one has ever complained about too many bathrooms. Remodeling that includes the creation of another bathroom in your home is unquestionably worth the investment. Also, there is no other room in your home that is capable of creating a high-end feel with only a dash of luxury. If you decide to renovate your existing bathroom, focus on tiles, countertops, mirrors, and lighting. Sometimes, it is not necessary to change the bathtub – you can easily re glaze it.

Placing a chandelier in a bathroom adds a touch of luxury

Another bedroom is also a good investment and, for that purpose, you can remodel existing, underutilized space. Usually, you can find such space in the attic or basement. 

Insufficient storage space seems to be a nightmare for most homeowners, especially families with children. However, clever home improvement can make a big difference in this area. If you need additional storage, consider investing in multipurpose furniture. Moreover, filling in and camouflaging every inch of dead space in your home is a clever and affordable option. Recessed areas are good places for shelves, as well as spaces under the stairs


Author bio:

Maria Galiano Maria Galiano is an artist and a freelance blogger with a green thumb. She enjoys exploring trends in interior design. Her main focus is on sustainable architecture.

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