Lighting heightens the drama in your interior design. Too many homeowners place their lighting to-do list last, but it’s too bad because they are missing an opportunity to make their biggest impact with their lighting scheme.

The wonderful world of crystal

The history of crystal is intertwined with the development of the crystal chandelier. Originally chandeliers were simple candle holders and were hung in order to light up a room and to reduce the risk of a fire.

In the 17th century they invented a process for casting glass prisms. The glass was easy to produce and relatively inexpensive, and easier to work with as opposed to rock crystal that was mined and processed. It wasn’t long before chandeliers with hand cut and polished glass was being mass produced, mainly because the different shapes and angles of the cut glass effectively reflected the candle light.

crystal chandelierToday’s chandeliers are made with a similar process but with high quality crystal glass.

Here are four great ways to add drama with your lighting design.

1. Add that Dramatic Chandelier

Chandeliers immediately become the focal point that draws the eyes in and quickly alter the romantic perception for any room. There is a magical elegance that a crystal chandelier adds to a room design that other types of lighting just can’t match. Therefore, your best choice is to add that dramatic chandelier.

breakfast room with chandelier2. Consider adding Cove lighting

Cove lighting is usually used to add architectural interest to your ceiling line. Generally accentuated by a slim ledge at or near the ceiling line, offering a way to employ hidden lights that will high light or emphasize those special features in a room. It can also illuminate an entire room with a soft glow, reflecting light off the ceiling surface that creates a delightful ambience throughout the room.

beautiful led living room light pictures modern home interior lighting inspirationWithout it, the cove will simply fade into the background.

3. Always employ Accent Lighting

kitchen with beautiful track lightingAnother great way to add drama to a room is with different types of accent lighting.

  • Use Track lighting; when you want to highlight something in the room which can’t be highlighted by other accent lighting and it’s easily added into your room design.
  • Use Floor Lamps and table lamps; Add special beauty to your interior design. These lamps have a wide variety of shades that will invigorate and accent the atmosphere of your home. Use these lamps to add style and create a finishing touch to any design.
Rhett Floor Lamp by Uttermost

Rhett Floor Lamp by Uttermost

When you want your room’s design to be taken up a notch, use floor lamps in combination with LED downlights.  The floor lamps will add a vibrant display and in combination with LED downlights which will provide your room with a lively brightness.

Table lamps will provide a beautiful warm glow to that dark corner, or you can accent a fire place mantel or a peice of fine art. They help break up a larger room into smaller spaces and will define those specific areas of your home such as a reading nook or a conversation space. And, they also provide the appropriate light when you need to read that important document or want to read the latest novel by your favorite author. They are the most popular type of lighting to add beautiful style for nearly every space in your home.



This combination is widely used in high end decorative homes and hotels. This will save you time because nothing else would be needed to aid in your design scheme.

Accent Lighting Is all about great reflections

Accent lighting will highlight and accent the objects the light reflects. Be sure to position your most precious objects under the light. Whether you have lovely fine framed art, valuable artifacts, lovely photos of your family or collection of priceless memories and items, they should all be highlighted. Instead of just keeping them stored inside a cupboard or drawer, you should use them to create a wonderful design impression. These valuable items, though small in size will transform your interior design.

Accent lighting is not your usual lighting. In fact, it mainly focuses on a single particular object in a room. If you are attempting to use accent lighting to flood light throughout the whole room, think again. Accent lighting will create stunning effects, using it improperly can negatively effect the quality of your lighting scheme.

4. Use different colors

Accent lighting is not only utilized for visual purposes. If you use it in a diversified way, accent lighting will beautifully enhance the aura of your entire home. Choose accent lights that reflect your favorite colors because after all, you will be the one who will spend most time admiring it. Your personal design must be your way.

Interior Design Pschology of Color

5. Choose quality over quantity

Yep, you heard that right. Many people think that cramming multiple lights in one room can transform their home into a castle. Wrong. Having just a few quality lights that focus accent light on a specific elements of a room is exactly what it takes to transform and enhance the fashion design of a room.

accent chairs side table set furniture tables writing desks uttermost web shot 2With people’s lives seemingly more stressful nowadays. Ending your day in a beautiful design all you own can influence your mood and have a great impact on your happiness. So, by all means go for it and customize your home with what you like and start living your best life.

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