When it comes to purchases for the home, there isn’t much that can top the excitement of buying a new sofa, unless it’s a corner sofa. There are a lot of things to think about when considering buying a bespoke corner sofa, what size can you fit, what material is best, and what are you going to love in your living room for the long term? So if your mind is set and you’re going to buy a corner sofa, here are some helpful tips for finding the perfect one.

buying a bespoke corner sofa

Know Your Space

A corner sofa is perfect for any busy home, they have the talent to both slots into most rooms and fit on more people and pets than a conventional sofa, comfortably.

But while it may do a better job than your regular sofa, you need to make sure it’s all going to fit! Your first step is to measure out the available space, this includes the length of the area (both walls), the depth of the couch and also the height. Depth can be important for smaller rooms as you don’t want your corner sofa to take over the room.

Expert Tip: When you’ve started browsing and have a few ideas in mind, record the measurements and map out the room with masking tape on the room where the new sofa will be. This helps to give you a realistic idea of how much space it will take up. While the big soft corner couches can be tempting to buy, you don’t what to end up regretting your purchase and buying something overbearing for the living space.

Different Styles

Designer sofas come in all shapes and sizes, and deciding on a corner sofa doesn’t narrow down your search as much as you think. Here are some ideas to help you know what you need to search for:

  • Chaise

If you’re working with a smaller space than a chaise corner sofa is likely to be what you’re looking for. The style provides the comfort of a corner sofa with demanding too much space. The often boxy design usually comes with storage compartments too, which can be handy for hiding blankets, throws and tv remotes.

  • Angled

If you’re looking for something a little awkward to either fill an unusual corner or to feature in a larger open space, then an angled corner sofa is worth looking into. Offering flexible seating for big families, it’s ideal for larger rooms that want complete comfort while watching TV. centering a corner sofa is a great way to add some modern luxury to the living space.

  • Corner Recliner

If you’re a fan of binge-watching TV, gaming for hours or just enjoy an afternoon snooze on the couch, then a corner recliner needs to be added to the search. With the ability to recline the headrest and put your feet up (usually for a hefty sum) corner recliners demand space from both behind and in front of the couch, so be sure you can accommodate.

Different Styles

  • U Shape

Designed for the biggest living areas the U shape sofa has two corners, which makes it great for lounging around on or for getting a big crowd comfy around the TV. As U shape couches tend to be a luxury purchase, manufacturers can make them bespoke with custom sizing to suit your room.

  • Chesterfield

If you’re looking for a classic design with a buttoned back is a vintage color, then look at some Chesterfield corner sofas. With a timeless style that looks mid-century modern, Chesterfield couches are perfect for small stylish homes, as the designs tend to be boxy.


Once you’ve established what style and size corner sofa you’re looking for, you can start having fun with fabrics. It’s essential you pick something you like both the look and feel of, as you’re probably going to spend a lot of time on it, so while leather looks good, make sure you like the feeling too.

Corner sofa

A corner sofa is likely to be the most eye-catching piece of furniture in the room, so picking your fabric finish needs to be part of the overall theme you’re going for. Choose from organic linens, warm wool, statement velvet or modern leathers, finding the perfect combination of look a feel if key at this point.


There’s nowhere in the rule book that states your new corner sofa needs to be in the corner of the living room. If you have space, the corner couch can feature in the center of the room, or it can actually be used to section off a large open plan space to create functional areas.

Regardless of where you position it, it’ll be perfect for couples looking to stretch out, people entertaining guests and families looking for plenty of seats for the children.


When you know your couches size, style and fabric, you can then start buying accessories to complement it. The key is to introduce texture, color and style that complements the sofa, which can be done with a number of accessories such as rugs, throws, ottomans and a stylish lamp.

family room B C

The accessories will make the space feel complete, add warmth to a leather couch with a fur throw, introduce color pop cushions to a plain couch or highlight the luxury with a vintage ottoman or open up a room by using lighting and different sources to your advantage.

sofa with fur throw


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