There is no better time to refresh and spruce up your home than during spring. Seasons are a great excuse for revamping and enhancing your interior design and, with winter turning a corner, creating a fresh and inviting feel into your home for the arrival of spring is a great thing to do.

From fresh flowers to new furniture choices, spring offers the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your love of nature and fresh creative choices. Spring is all about de-cluttering and having a fresh start, particularly after a cold winter where you’ve spent most of your time huddled away indoors. Now is the time to open the windows, give your home a good clean and get rid of any clutter to start anew.

Many people choose to begin interior design projects during the spring, as the days are longer and lighter, we have more energy and helps to create that fresh spring feeling. With that in mind, here are 6 interior design tips you can make the most of this spring

Freshen up table settings

After Christmas and winter family meals, your table settings could probably do with a freshen up. Banish the winter colors and tones until next winter and instead use fresh and bright clean colors. Fresh flowers are a must for table settings during the spring and there is no better way to welcome in seasonal flowers and greenery than by placing them at the center of your table.

Freshen up table settings1c

Textured pottery is a hugely popular trend and is used in interior design to add texture and accent color to a room. Whether you choose neutral or colorful, bowls or vases, the use of tactile lines and patterns add a classy and interesting dimension into the room.

Use different jugs and vases, in different heights and styles, to add some interest to your table and keep flowers and blooms consistent. Try to only use one type so that there is an element of consistency on your table. Pair floral choices with details such as woven place mats and natural linens to create interest and texture.

Enhance your hallways with statement pieces

During the spring months, the best way to create a lasting impression in your hallways is to have colorful prints or fresh plants. Finding seasonal accents can help you to switch up the look of your hallway throughout the year and spring is the perfect time to create a cleaner look or add pops of interest and color.

Break up the muted winter tones and instead use interesting vases, artwork and vibrant accessories. Blue works particularly well, especially with white or light grey color tones.

Embrace nature

One of the basic foundations when it comes to color composition is the understanding that any two colors which exist in nature will always work successfully, so what better way to freshen up your home during spring than by adding some natural color tones to your home.

Fresh and vibrant colors, such as greens which tip more towards the yellow side than the blue, small touches of a light daffodil yellow and soft violet, look particularly peaceful and striking when paired against the last remaining bits of winter dullness.

Consider greenery

Nothing brings life into a space more than greenery and it is a must for every and all interior designs. Greenery has a place in every room, from the bathroom to the bedroom, and can instantly uplift and brighten even the darkest of spaces.

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One thing to remember though its that whilst greenery works in every room, the type of greenery is important. An evergreen plant which thrives in light and damp conditions, such as the bathroom, will not survive in the darkness of a bedroom, so you need to think and choose carefully when it comes to placing greenery in and around your home.

Mix patterns and materials

Nothing is more welcoming in the spring than a fabulous mix of patterns and materials in your home. Take floral wallpaper, for example. This works well in most rooms, but the right color choice means that you have an almost endless number of pairings when it comes to accessories and furnishings.

Mix PatternsA beautiful sage and silver wallpaper in a dining room will really make a statement, particularly when combined with a dark wood flooring. Then, add in complimenting colors and patterns, whether it be rugs, throw pillows or contemporary furniture and finish off the room with a hint of glamour, such as a modern, oversize light fixture or feature.

Choose a calming bedroom color scheme

There are many no-nos when it comes to bedroom color palettes, for example, bright reds and black. Your bedroom needs to be a calming and relaxing space, where you go at the end of the day to unwind and go to sleep, so you should choose a calming color scheme to go with it.

Calm Bedroom

Blue is a hugely popular choice for bedrooms, particularly powder and French blues, as it evokes feelings of serenity and calmness, which is what is needed in the bedroom. With the addition of crisp white linen and soft furnishings, you’ll have an instant freshness which is perfect for spring.

Luxurious textiles, such as silk and velvet, will add a softness to the room which just invites you in and don’t forget the right bedding choice can have a huge impact on your quality of sleep. Soft organic cotton bedding is best, as it will keep you cooler on those warmer spring nights, but also snug and warm should there be a coolness.


Natalie WilsonccNatalie Wilson is a freelance writer and avid decorator. She loves discovering home renovation blogs and Instagram accounts and spending her free time shopping. She aims to buy her own home in the next year and begin her very own renovation project! You can connect with her on Twitter @NatWilson976.


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