7 Florida Beach House Lighting Ideas

A Florida beach house with pendant lighting on the porch photographed during sunset.

Decorating your new Florida beach house is an exciting endeavor. You’re getting a clean slate and a chance to express your style and personality through its design. One of the essential parts of your project should be the lighting. As proper lighting has the power to set a tone for your Florida beach house, it’s important to take your time and find the lighting solutions that will only emphasize your home’s best features. To help you, we’ve prepared 7 lighting ideas for your beachfront property. They’ll inspire you to go to as soon as you finish reading and start looking for gorgeous lights to add to your new home.

Lighting tips to make your Florida beach house stand out

Owning a beach house, especially in a beautiful state like Florida, is a dream of many people. Whether it’s meant to be your primary residence or your holiday home, you want it to feel comfortable and inviting. And there is no better way to set the mood than using proper lighting.

A beach house in Florida with a red roof and a large porch with a white fence.
The lack of proper lighting in your Florida beach home can make it feel like something is missing.

According to the City Movers team, who their fair share of travel while relocating their clients: they’ve seen lots of amazing neighborhoods and beautiful homes, lighting is crucial for the curb appeal. So, you must sit down and plan the design of your new home in detail. One of the most important aspects will be to decide what type of lighting will best show off your home’s features. Below, you’ll find 7 ideas to help you do just that.

#1 Choose glam lights

A great way to enhance your beach-themed décor is to invest in glam lights. Adding glam lights is a perfect way to elevate your space. But what are glam lights exactly? Even though it’s hard to define, here are their main characteristics:

  • Glam light fixtures can come in various forms – from traditional sconces to modern task lamps. However, they usually come in similar soft neutral tones. The most common ones are silver, beige, light pink, and even baby blue.
  • When it comes to shapes, glam light fixtures don’t have a distinctive form. However, it’s best to look for lots of layering and curves with single patterns that are either repeated or mixed with other textures.
  • Finishes on glam light fixtures are shiny and reflective. A great example would be metal floor lamps with neutral colored shade. When the light hits the metal, it bounces around and amplifies the fixture’s presence.

#2 Create a seaside feel by using ropes

Implementing rope into your design is a great choice if you are going for the beach feel in your new home. For example, you can look for nautical pendant lights or beach-themed lamps that use rope or have loosely woven textures. This will undeniably enhance the seaside feel of your home

#3 Mimic seaside textures

In case you want your Florida beach house to evoke images of ocean waves and give out the summer feel, you can use lighting to achieve this. For example, you can choose shell chandeliers or add blue glass pendant lights or sconces. Blue lights will boost the nautical feel and give your space a soothing feel at the same time. 

#4 Go nautical

If you’re still unsure which one is for you, you can’t go wrong with nautical style. Nautical elements are clean with simple lines and weathered-looking finishes. Basically, anything that makes you think of a lighthouse or a dock. 

A living room decorated in nautical style with two paintings and white furniture.
When you choose a theme for your Florida beach house décor, make sure that all elements fit into it.

However, choosing a theme and sticking to it is crucial when decorating any home. Therefore, if you decide to incorporate nautical lighting, add it even in your bathroom. For example, consider adding nautical vanity lights to complement your vanity mirrors

#5 Invest in natural textured lamps

If you’re looking for more portable options, perhaps you should consider adding contemporary lamps. They will help you layer the lighting in any room without going through the trouble of having a permanent installation. However, if you want to give them a coastal look, incorporate them with woven textures and natural material. Shells, seagrass, and rope are all excellent choices as they’ll help soften the space while giving it a boho feel. 

#6 Go for modern fixtures

If your beach house is located in Miami, there’s a high chance it’s built in contemporary style. Thus, you’ll want its interior to be as modern and slick as its exterior. But make sure not to disregard the lighting when decorating as there are plenty of stylish options to choose from. Choose a gorgeous chandelier as a centerpiece or opt-out for a non-traditional floor lamp – anything that fits your style and personality.

However, be mindful that most lighting fixtures are fragile and require to be well taken care of. So, in case you decide to relocate or simply want to update fixtures around your home, make sure to turn to experts here and hire local movers in Miami. Some fixtures can cost a small fortune, and the last thing you want for it is to get damaged or broken. 

#7 Set a coastal mood with string lights on your porch

Nothing says lazy Florida evening like sitting on your porch and enjoying your ocean view. However, the enjoyment wouldn’t be complete without proper lighting. Simple outdoor wall sconces can fully transform your outdoor space and give it a completely different vibe. Another great idea is to add string lights. The best part is that they are perfect for any outdoor area of your home. 

String lights.
String lights are a great option for any outdoor area in your Florida beach house.

Don’t forget your landscape, either. Landscape lighting is a beautiful and cost-effective investment that will make your Florida beach house stand out. However, if you have a furry friend or two, invest in pet-friendly outdoor lighting

The bottom line

We hope our seven simple lighting ideas inspired you to choose the best lighting for your Florida beach house. Keep in mind that your home should reflect your personality and stick to a style that feels comfortable and natural to you. After all, you don’t want to spend your time in a beach house that simply doesn’t feel right, and finding the perfect lighting can make the real difference.

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