You have found a new place to move into, and now it’s time to start thinking about decorating. You’ve seen pictures of beautifully decorated homes, all looking lavish and extravagant, so your wish is to achieve a similar result, preferably without maxing out your credit card. Luckily, there are so many ideas on how to make your new house look expensive, without hiring a professional decorator or creating a considerable dent in your savings account. Just adding simple things, such as crystal lamps, wall art, and decorative pillows can make a world of difference. Minor repairs and changes to your existing furniture will also make it look more luxurious and stylish.

1. Eliminate unnecessary furniture

The first rule when it comes to decorating is less is more. Take a minimalist approach to decorating, don’t stuff your place with all sorts of furniture simply because you want to have it. This can cause the room to appear smaller and cramped. Think carefully and decide what you really need to have in each room. When you start packing for the move, choose the items you want to keep and try to visualize them in your new home. Indeed, there will be some things which you will have to leave behind. Usually, such furniture can be donated, sold, or gifted. However, if you have a hard time saying goodbye forever to some of the pieces with emotional or material value, renting a storage unit to provide special care for your valuables is a good idea.  

A spacious living room.
Having more space to move around makes your living room feel spacious and polished.

2. Lighting plays a huge role in making your home look expensive

Strategically installed light fixtures are a fantastic way to give your new home an expensive look. Good lighting makes space appear roomier. A statement crystal chandelier as a focal point in your brand new living room will definitely add to a more elevated look. Moreover, additional lights positioned in various heights will create a layered effect and can help eliminate unflattering shadows and mask imperfections on the walls. Also, installing a dimmer is not only a practical solution but an elegant one as well. Finally, make sure the light bulbs you use produce the same shade of light – a combination of warm and cool tones will create a cheap effect.

3. Use mirrors to visually enlarge the space

There are several ways in which mirrors can make the room appear larger and more expensive. Mirrors bring a note of elegance, and they will certainly spruce up the space. One option is to have a mirror wall. This is a particularly favorable choice if you are dealing with a smaller space because a large mirror will create an illusion of a more spacious room. Additionally, mirrors reflect light, which makes the room brighter. A big round vanity mirror, especially on a darker background, will add a very stylish tone. Finally, an assortment of mirrors of different sizes and shapes is an artistic and eclectic option.

A round mirror on a black wall.
A round mirror on a dark background is a classy decorating solution.

4. Accessorizing is a way to go if you want an expensive-looking house

Accessorizing is the finishing touch, which will make your new home look polished. Don’t be scared to incorporate bold details to spice up the space. For example, an eccentric hand-blown glass lamp cannot go unnoticed. One or carefully placed two buffet lamps will add to the layered effect and elevated look. Bedside lamps will make your bedroom seem more comfortable and homey.

A chandelier in a bedroom.
Lamps, crystal chandeliers and art pieces are a great way to make your new house look expensive.

Also, don’t neglect the walls. Wall decor is one of the essential details which will make the room look expensive and extravagant. Hang a sizable brightly-colored piece of art that will break the monotony of a uniform wall. The unframed canvas is a fantastic option for modern, minimalist decor. If you prefer different forms of wall decor, a few beautiful lamps, randomly installed, are an unusual and unique option. An interesting clock is also a good idea. 

5. Make your home both cozy and luxurious with drapes and carpets

Carpets and drapes make every home look warm and welcoming. To achieve an expensive look as well, pay attention that the rug is proportionate to the room. Moreover, floor-to-ceiling drapes will make the room visually higher and, consequently, more spacious. To allow more light into the room, opt for light and sheer fabric; dark and heavy shades will suffocate the room. Additionally, silky drapes and shaggy carpets allow you to play with different textures.

Drapes and a carpet in natural shades.
Sheer drapes will let light come through and they will not suffocate the room.

6. Plants will refine the space

Plants are a fantastic way to bring life into your home and another way to add a pop of color. Paired with some table lamps, they can make even your hallway look luxurious. Plants are also one of the most challenging things to transport, so extra care is necessary. Contacting the pros from is the safest option.

7. Small repairs make your home look fresh and polished

You can do several things to make your existing furniture look expensive without spending tons of money.

  • Change fabric on chairs and be bold; choose an unexpected color for a vibrant look – it will prevent your home from looking dull, and it can boost your mood.
  • Paint kitchen cupboards and replace the knobs and drawer pulls.
  • Don’t underestimate what a fresh coat of paint on the walls can do.
  • Add a wallpaper detail – a deeper tone of wallpaper on a neutral wall will immediately add depth. 

Moving into a new house is undoubtedly stressful; however, what comes next is something to enjoy. Decorating your new home is an opportunity to express yourself creatively and make your new place look the way you have always wanted. Following a few simple tricks will help you make your new house look expensive and luxurious. A cleverly placed crystal lamp can make a huge difference, and a pop of color here and there will show playfulness. The best of all is that you can do it all yourself. Not only will it save you money, but you will enjoy the product of your work even more after you have finished. Ultimately, you will have your brand new stylish home to show off and be proud of.

 Author’s bio

Lena Jones 1

Lena Jones is an interior design enthusiast who has helped many of her friends redecorate their homes. Recently, she has completely renovated her living room-dining room combination. The color scheme of her choice was neutral, beige and brown, with vibrant green chairs and cushions to break the monotony. She also likes incorporating unusual shapes, styles and materials into otherwise traditional furniture.