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Fusion 3-Light Pendant Multi in Satin Nickel By Elk Lighting

$861.00 $574.00
Eclectic!  Individuality is what defines this exquisite line of hand blown glass. Each piece is meticulously hand blown with up to three layers of uncompromising beauty and style. Houses 3) 60 Watt  Bulb.

Torque 3-Light Pulldown Chandelier in Vintage Rust and Aged Brass by Elk Lighting

$2,847.00 $1,898.00
Stunning!  The Iron Wheel pulldown fixture has a large, industrial-inspired design. Using heavy duty chain, this item can be moved up or down with heavy cast iron wheels and genuine gears as the mechanisms for adjustment. Houses  3) 60 Watt A19 Bulb

Hemispheres 6 Light Nickel Chandelier by Elk Lighting – 32 W x 51 H

$1,656.00 $1,104.00
Eye-catching! Contemporary Sphere Chandelier with an Interior Cluster of Candle Lights in a Polished Nickel Finish. Houses 6) 60 Watt Candelabra Bulbs.

Seaport 1-Light Wall Lamp in Polished Chrome with Clear Glass

$351.00 $234.00
This series depicts nautical design influences with a significant solid crosshatch patterned steel cage encircling the cylindrical clear glass. Finish options include Antique Brass, Polished Chrome, Satin Nickel, and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

1 light pendant in Satin Nickel By Elk Lighting

$264.00 $176.00
Asian!  The Maui Collection of pendants features Satin Nickel hardware with options of Ember, Firebrick, or Sunset glass. Houses 1) 100 Watt  Bulb.

Vesta 3 Pendant Satin Nickel By Elk Lighting

$711.00 $474.00
Southwestern!  The Vesta pendant has a tall, tapering-shaped peach gray plated glass with Satin Nickel hardware. Houses 3) 75 Watt  Bulb.

Kendal 1 Pendant Oil Rubbed Bronze/Polished Chrome By Elk Lighting

$420.00 $280.00
Luxe / Glam!  Pendant with modern freeform mesh patterned glass and a an Oil Rubbed Bronze finish with Polished Chrome accents. Houses 1) 60 Watt  Bulb.

Maui 3- Light Pendant in Satin Nickel By Elk Lighting

$882.00 $588.00
Asian!  The Maui Collection of pendants features Satin Nickel hardware with options of Ember, Firebrick, or Sunset glass. Houses 3) 100 Watt  Bulb.

Cheltham 1 Light Pendant in Mocha and Champagne Plated Glass By Elk Lighting

$264.00 $176.00
Victorian!  The allure of the Cheltham Collection is the design of the champagne plated glass which has a symmetrical ripple pattern that exudes a brillant array of light. Further accentuating the appeal is a band of alternating champagne and clear crystals. Houses 1) 60 Watt  Bulb.

Menlow Park 3 Light Pendant In Oil Rubbed Bronze-36 W x 10 H

$900.00 $600.00
Stylish! For this lamp, the Industrial inventions of yesteryear are reclaimed and reinterpreted to deliver the style demands of today. This classic filament style bulb can either be showcased within a clear blown glass shade or proudly shown alone. A cloth cord and oiled bronze finish

Walton 3 Pendant Satin Nickel By Elk Lighting

$819.00 $546.00
Boho!  The Walton pendant has heavy dichroic leaf-tipped glass with Satin Nickel hardware. Houses 3) 60 Watt  Bulb.

Lineo 6-Light Chandelier in Matte Black with Clear Crystal by Elk Lighting

$708.00 $472.00
Stunning!  The Lineo series features brisk “notes” of resplendent beveled crystal that rise or flow in rhythmic arias along a Matte Black laser-cut frame. Houses  6) 60 Watt B11 Bulb


elk 11Elk offers dazzling chandeliers that make a big design statement for any homes design; bathroom vanity fixtures, stunning pendants, , ceiling flush mount fixtures, and beautiful sconces. Elk lighting provides style for every function and every room in your home. You’ll find lighting fixtures from modern sophisticated and contemporary, and traditional to elegant.  If you’d like to know how a fixture will look in your own home, try our free visualization service that will allow you to shop and buy with confidence.

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Danica 6 Light Pendant

A chandelier is always the focal point of any room be it a dining room, living room, foyer, or even a kitchen. A chandelier can also increase your home’s value. Choosing one of these gorgeous light fixtures should be a well thought out process. Today, chandeliers come in many materials and styles.  

Elk Lighting

Some light fixtures can enhance our home and our lives, they can complement our own individual personal style, affordable for most homeowners, Elk does it all and is America’s premier design manufacturer of gorgeous quality light fixtures for homes and businesses- at great prices.

Elk enhances lives with ceiling, chandeliers, and pendant lighting, kitchen and bath lighting, and wall sconces in styles to fit ours. Whether your style is Traditional, Contemporary, Old World, or somewhere in between, Elk gives our homes the style, decorative aspects customers demand, technical innovation, along with dependability and durability.


Offering endless options – and more is what sets Elk apart from the rest – the right choice in lighting.  You take care in choosing your, rugs, art, flooring, furniture, and accessories, shouldn’t you take the same care choosing your light fixtures? Lighting in our homes will make or break the look of our artwork and furniture by eliminating unflattering light and shadows.

We obviously desire beautiful fixtures, but quality is also in the light fixtures that these stunning pieces provide. Lighting should not be an afterthought. Choose Elk, choose the best.

Determine Chandelier Size?

CHANDELIER DIAMETER – Here’s a rule of thumb tin determining the diameter needed for that chandelier; for a room that is 8 foot high. Add length plus width of that room in feet and then exchange that number for inches: For example, your room is 14 feet wide plus 18 feet deep = 32. Feet.  Therefore, the approximate chandelier diameter should be about 32 (inches).

How High to Hang Chandelier?

CHANDELIER HEIGHT – Consider the height of the ceiling. Assume the ceiling is 8 feet high.  Multiply the height by 2.5 and 3. This will indicate a chandeliers height – which is between 20 – 24 inches. This rule of thumb applies to 8-foot ceilings.  Taller ceilings can take a taller height.

 A Chandelier for Any Style

KITCHEN & BATH CHANDELIERS – It used to be a formal or ornate chandelier placed in the kitchen would’ve looked odd to most. Although, even the most ornate chandelier will look right at home in the gorgeous kitchens of today. If your kitchen lacks the elegance, don’t despair because there are gorgeous chandeliers in every size, style, and finish that looks tailor-made for you and your kitchen.  Today’s bathrooms are also just as stylish and elegant as any other room. Chandeliers placed in the bathroom are now a natural choice.

MINI CHANDELIERS IN SMALL PLACES – traditional chandeliers can be too large for smaller areas, mini chandeliers are the solution answering the need for ambient light and the beautiful lighting of a chandelier in small places. There are mini chandeliers for baths, dressing rooms, tub alcoves, small kitchens, smaller dining areas, and bedrooms – everywhere you want glamour.

CONSIDER A PENDANT CHANDELIER – Pendant chandeliers are fixtures that generally have one bulb per globe.  Globes are usually attached to just one ceiling outlet – rather than attached to individual outlets for only one globe.

Want something a little different than the usual chandelier? Then Consider choosing a pendant chandelier. These gorgeous small chandeliers will provide an exciting look in virtually every room, including for both task and ambient lighting over a kitchen island. Features the best name brands such as UttermostDecorative Crafts, Wildwood LampsChelsea House, and Frederick Cooper,  We offer great  prices, from affordable to high-end chandeliers.

BEFORE PURCHASING; Check out our Free Visualization Service  if you’d like to know before you buy, how any chandelier or lighting fixture will look in your home,. 

In addition, we offer 150% LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE! So, shop with confidence.