Choosing exterior lights for your apartment

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Summer is the perfect time for enjoying dinner on the balcony or the company of your family in the evenings. Even a tiny patch of outdoors in your apartment can be transformed into the most magical corner of your home and a cozy chillout zone. While you are contemplating the perfect design of your balcony garden, patio, or deck, remember to give the lighting your special attention. Choosing exterior lights for your apartment is an essential component of creating a pleasant ambiance. Though timeless pieces such as traditional table lamps or gorgeous stone table lamps are best left safely adorning your interior, there is an excellent selection of exterior lights to choose from. With some creativity and a few great pieces, you will ensure that the light transforms into a pleasant outdoor living experience. 

The importance and diversity of lights 

Anyone with a flair for interior design would agree that lights are an integral part of creating an inviting space. Along with mirrors and wall art, beautiful lamps are an essential ingredient to a well-designed interior. 

Lighting influences our daily lives on many levels. It enhances our mood, and it gives us a sense of general well-being. A thoughtful selection of lights for areas with different functionality brings out the purpose of the space more effectively and gives it a character. While no home will feel complete without traditional table lamps or a classic bedside lamp, the changing trends in interior design are reflected in beautiful lamps’ design, which accentuates efficiency.

Crystal chandeliers will never go out of style, and they are an elegant manner in which to make a dramatic statement. They can even increase the value of your home, and along with buffet lamps, are ideal for rooms with high sealings. There are so many different types of beautiful lights to enhance your interior, from flamboyant stone table lamps to sleek pendant lights. 

The lighting is equally important when it comes to creating a pleasant atmosphere outdoors. This summer, you may want to give your balcony a makeover and create an oasis for relaxation at your home. Below you will find practical suggestions to help you with choosing exterior lights for your apartment. 

A bedroom with traditional and stone table lamps on bedside tables
Traditional table lamps and classic stone table lamps are beautiful, functional objects decorating each interior. However, they are not designed to be used outdoors.

Choosing exterior lights and the magic of outdoor lighting fixtures 

If you have just moved into a new apartment, setting up the light just right will help you cozy up your new home and make it feel like home. Good lighting, along with some plants and décor, will make you feel comfortable in your new place and settle in with ease. If you are contemplating creating your new favorite safe heaven on your balcony, besides some wall décor and pleasing art pieces, the lighting is key to achieving a homely feeling. 

It is important to note that we require much less lighting in outdoor living spaces than indoors. This means that you can afford to think about overall more theatrical exterior lighting that would be less focused on tasks. Your outdoor patio or deck lights should be warm-toned, with low lighting levels. Ideally, you should use a variety of light fixtures to create layers of illumination.  

Depending on what you preferer, you can choose exterior lighting fixtures that run from traditional to a highly polished contemporary style. These are the jewels that not only give your balcony a pleasing aesthetical effect but are a means to achieve the ambiance you like. Choosing the right exterior lights for your apartment may take a bit of time. However, it is worth the while, as you will have the privilege to indulge in the relaxing feeling of your fantastically illuminated outdoor space. The following exterior lights will undoubtedly help you to create a magical atmosphere on your balcony.

Lit deck with outdoor sitting area
When choosing exterior light for your apartment, opt for creating layers with multiple lighting fixtures. 

Bring a sense of history to your space with ceiling lanterns  

Today, lanterns are much more than light fixtures – they are genuine pieces of art. Ceiling lanterns are designed to replicate the old oil lanterns of the past and surely bring a waft of history to any space they adorn. Much like the elegant interior stone table lamps, ceiling lanterns produce a beautiful soft glow and a welcoming feeling. They come in a choice of styles and finishes and are a true visual delight. For more of a traditional look, gold polished brass or bronze is used on the frames, while if you prefer a modern twist, you can opt for nickel or chrome. Along with chandeliers, ceiling lanterns are a brilliant way to enhance your interior too and give it a class and an unforgettable first impression. You can choose a ceiling lantern and give the exterior of your apartment an exquisite and distinctive look. 

Flush mount lights are a versatile choice of exterior lights for your apartment

Unlike ceiling lanterns which are pendant lights, flush mount lights have little to no space between the fixture and the ceiling. They are the ideal solutions if the ceiling of your balcony is low and does not allow hanging fixtures. Flush mount lamps come in various design styles, and you can consider beautiful variations of crystal lamps or fixtures made of gleaming metals to add charm to your apartment exterior. They are a general ambient light that can be an excellent statement piece to any interior or exterior. Much like the traditional table lamps, one can never be satisfied with just one flush mount light. You may consider installing a few of these in your outdoor area or combine them with other light fixtures to create the desired effect. 

Enhance the nighttime aesthetics of your exterior with outdoor wall sconces 

You will bring light and style to your outdoor space with a couple of elegant outdoor wall sconces too. They look great next to an entrance door but will render your outdoor space a comfortable, soothing atmosphere due to their warm glow. Wall sconces provide the ideal lighting for late-night conversations or after-dark occasions. You will find that adding an outdoor sconce adds up to the exterior aesthetics of your apartment. Whether it is a small balcony, a patio, or your deck, the combination of glass and light of outdoor wall sconces benefits the cozy, homely atmosphere of your outdoor chillout zone. 

Outdoor wall sconce fixed on a building
Outdoor wall sconces will add an elegant touch to your apartment exterior while providing a soft and welcoming glow.

Hand-blown glass lamps or hurricane lamps

The world of hand-blown glass lamps is mesmerizing. No one can resist traditional table lamps that go far beyond functionality and represent precious pieces of art and style or gorgeous stone table lamps that appeal to the most selective tastes and never go out of style. Hand-blown glass lamps are delicate, and they typically find their place inside our homes. 

However, when figuring out exterior lighting for your apartment, you should consider adding warmth and appeal to your space with hurricane lamps specifically crafted for that intent. With their nature-inspired design, they are an all-time favorite when it comes to exterior lighting. You can choose from eclectic hurricane lamps or give your outdoor nook a touch of romantic nostalgia with the more traditional candle types. Either way, you cannot go wrong. 

Ultimately, don’t be afraid to experiment when choosing exterior lights for your apartment. It has an undeniable effect on how we feel and the ability to relax. So, create a visually appealing, pleasant ambiance by trying out some of the above exterior lights for your apartment. 

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