Making your workspace comfortable is essential if you want it to affect your productivity positively. Selecting a desk and an office chair that suit your needs is as important as choosing the best lamp for your workspace. People usually underestimate proper lightning in their work area. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a beautiful lamp is only there for décor. Lights have a greater purpose. They give us the necessary lighting to help our eyes focus correctly on the task in front of us. It is essential to find the one lamp that meets all our requirements.

Lamps are multi-purpose items that can affect your work productivity

People often think of lamps as only decorative pieces. Though no one can argue that crystal lamps serve as beautiful décor, desk lamps have a more specific purpose. We spend many hours working at our desks, in front of a computer or otherwise. Often, we do it under improper lightning that can affect our vision and our focus. That is why selecting the right kind of lamp for your office desk is essential. You might be a fan of traditional table lamps, or you might like stone table lamps, but functionality should be critical when choosing a desk lamp. Pay attention to the purpose of the desk lamp and build your criteria from there.

Consider various factors when choosing the best lamp for your workspace

Selecting a lamp for your workspace is no easy task. You must think of a list of attributes that a perfect desk lamp should have. First, think about its purpose – it should illuminate a specific space on your desk. You want to be able to see perfectly under your lamp’s light. Most contemporary lamps can serve as multi-purpose items, illuminating not just your desk but contributing to the lightning atmosphere of your whole room. Try to find such a modern lamp that can serve as a convenient light source at your desk and accent the room’s entire vibe.

Table lamp on black desk
Choosing the best lamp for your workspace can affect the atmosphere of your room

Besides focusing on the functionality of the lamp, you should also look at different sizes and types. The size should coincide nicely with the size of the table and the area it needs to illuminate. If you have a large table, you need a tall lamp. And vice versa, you want a smaller light for a slightly smaller table. The position of your lamp is essential, as well. Try to position it so it directs away from your eyes. That way, you will be comfortable reading, writing, or performing other work-related tasks.

There are so many types of desk lamps to choose from

Once you decide to buy a lamp for your workspace, you will see how many options are at your disposal. Firstly, consider the type of lighting you will need. Choosing the correct light bulb is a crucial step towards getting a suitable lamp. You should choose a light that best suits your eyes and doesn’t harm them with its intensity. Contrary to your bedside lamp, you want your desk lamp to be bright but not too bright to strain your focus. LED light bulbs are a great choice because their light is bright and clear.

Home office with computer
LED lights might be the best option if you are working from home

Besides the type of lighting, you can focus on the style of your lamp. If you prefer your desk lamp to be stylish and decorative, it also means it will be more fragile and sensitive. Think of this feature if you are planning to move your office at some point. Especially if you want to relocate far away, you must know that cross-country moving can be perilous for breakable objects like lamps. Thus, if you chose elegant but sensitive lamps for your desks, you should transfer your office hassle-free with the help of the right moving crew. Packing your office equipment correctly, including the lights, should be imperative for any relocation, especially if you plan to move your office across the country.

Aside from functionality and style, take other essential features into consideration

Making an informed choice when buying a desk lamp means remembering some important tips. First, look at your workspace and determine the size of your lamp. Choose a lamp with an adjustable neck that you can direct wherever you need. Secondly, find a suitable angle to direct the light of your lamp. You can combine your desk lamp with your adjustable floor lamp for optimum lighting. Select a type of bulb that best suits your eyes. Generally, LED bulbs are suitable for most desk sizes and styles and do not harm your eyes.

Man reading about choosing the best lamp for your workspace
Choose your source of light depending on the type of work you do

Like any other piece of office equipment, you should handle your lamps with care. If you plan to move your business elsewhere, be sure to entrust professional and reliable office movers with your relocation. You can visit and find more about the proper handling of office furniture and equipment. Finding valuable tips about the packing of potentially sensitive and fragile office items might come in handy in your everyday work.

Do your homework before heading to the store

Knowing your needs is the first step to choosing the best lamp for your workspace. Unlike choosing wall décor or wall art, you need to pay attention to some technical features. Depending on the type of work you do and the size of your desk, you will have to decide among many kinds of lamps. Always keep in mind the primary purpose of your desk lamp, giving you proper lighting while you work. Help your eyes and choose a flexible LED light with a brightness adjustment option.

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Laura Alexander is an interior design student passionate about art history. She spent several years living and studying abroad, where she learned Italian and fell in love with the culture. Recently, Laura started working at her father’s law firm and has since helped him redecorate and update their office space. Besides being a passion project, it helped her choose office interiors as the focus of her Master’s thesis.