When decorating their living space, both genuine professionals and unknowledgeable amateurs understand that lighting is of the highest importance. Bright, well-lit space makes your homes pleasant, cozy and comfortable to live in. Furthermore, not only does lighting affect the aesthetics of your home, but it can also affect your emotions. Hence, when dealing with this aspect of your living space, you need to focus on the best practices to illuminate your home and yet add a personal touch by using the lighting to accentuate certain areas or decorations.

Being the room where families spend most of their time in, the living room requires your special attention. To help you achieve the aesthetics standard you strive for and yet make this room perfectly illuminated, here are some creative living room lighting ideas you can explore and apply.

Understand the basic types of lighting you need in your living room

To be able to make your living room well-lit and bright, it is essential that you understand what types of lighting you need to provide in this space. If you asked the experts in the field for advice, they would answer that ambient, task, and accent lighting are compulsory to achieve the best results.

A spacious living room where some creative ideas for living room lighting have been applied 1 2

To illuminate your living room properly, you need to pay attention to ambient, task and accent lighting. A spacious living room where some creative ideas for living room lighting have been applied.

Ambient lighting is the source of light that provides illumination for the whole room. Task lighting, on the other hand, is an effective means to direct light to certain areas in your living room and, thus, make it more refined and modern. Finally, accent lights are about knowing how to light artwork in your home and other ornaments and decorations alike to make the space more appealing.

Combining these three different types of lighting offers a plethora of options to illuminate and beautify your living room space. From utterly bold combinations to refined and elegant ones, you can achieve whatever comes to your mind. Do not be afraid to experiment. You might be mesmerized by the final effect you get.

Creative ideas for ambient lighting

Ambient lighting strongly depends on the size of your room and the height of the ceiling. If you want to light up your room with style, you need to combine various light sources for the desired effect. Generally, opting for one effective, eye-catch fixture is the practice that always works. Depending on the style of your room, you can choose a lavish crystal chandelier, or a cage-style one if you are a fan of minimalism. Moreover, choosing several complementary hanging fixtures is also an attractive option, but you have to be careful not to make the ambient lighting too overwhelming in this way.

A crystal chandelier

Crystal chandelier can be the ambient lighting source in a living room. 

For big living rooms that require a lot of lighting to be well-illuminated, combining pot lights and hanging fixtures is the best strategy. If you opt for clean shaped pot lights, you get the elegance, subtlety, and style in your living room. Add a few simple fixtures, and you get a modern, attractive living room space.

Although they were fashionable a considerable number of years ago, ceiling fans and light fixtures are slowly regaining their popularity. Not only are they an effective combination, but they are also very useful once summer months start and you need all the available means to get some fresh breeze inside your home.

Recently, a new trend to use arc floor lamps as a source of ambient lighting in your living room has emerged. These are modern and very convenient due to being movable and easily adjustable to suit various occasions. If you want something exceptional and effective, opting for an arc floor lamp is the right thing to do.

Creative ideas for task lighting

Proper task lighting is also important when contemplating on the best strategies to illuminate your living room properly. Thus, you can arrange one part of your space to enjoy and relax with your visitors and family members in comfort.

A living room with a floor lamp and a table lamp next to a couch

Task lighting also matters greatly. 

Generally, using fashionable and yet immensely useful and adjustable sconces is one of the creative ideas for living room lighting you can apply. Place these sconces above the sofa and change their size and the direction of light the way it suits your needs or the occasion best.

Also, if you are a fan of a more refined style, you can achieve balanced task lighting with well-combined floor and table lamps. If you arrange them properly around the room and combine them as various sources of light, you can accentuate certain areas on the one side and give privacy to other parts of the room, on the other.

Creative ideas for accent lighting

As we have already mentioned, accent lighting is used to emphasize artwork, decorations and ornaments around the living room. Otherwise, these may be wrongfully neglected by both you and your visitors.

A living room with some shelves with built-in lights.

Use accent lighting to stress decorations and ornaments in your living room. 

To make people notice the artwork on your wall, use a small fixture with the light directed on the painting, sculpture, or similar. This will make your room look like a renowned art gallery or a museum.

Of you have a shelf in your living room, you can add to its beauty by building in the lights. This way you will emphasize the ornaments and decorations worth noticing. If you are a book lover, you could also stress some collections that are your favorites.

What to do with the lighting when moving?

Each living space requires a unique lighting strategy that will suit the size, the amount of natural light, and the furniture you find in it. If you are an owner of a fascinating chandelier or a collection of stone or floor lamps, you can use them in your new living space as well. However, as is the case with relocating heavy or delicate furniture, these items also need special care and you need the help of professional movers. Otherwise, you can expect some of them to get damaged or completely ruined.

A box with the word fragile written on it

Be careful when relocating your collection of chandeliers, floor and table lamps, sconces, pendants and similar. 

Final words on creative ideas for living room lighting

Creativity has no limits and each person has a distinctive taste. While there are some rules to follow on how to illuminate your living space best, being bold and experimenting with various strategies is never a bad thing. You might come up with a new combination of floor and table lamps, chandeliers, pot lights, sconces, and pendants that everybody would be fascinated with and would like to copy. So, set no barriers to your personal creativity.


guest author 1Author Bio; Beth Walsh is an architect who pays close attention to the interior design. He has started copywriting on the best interior design ideas recently and he started exploring the topic in detail. Beth is preparing to write a complete guide on the latest interior design trends in the near future.




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