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Design 101: Make Your Home Instagram-Worthy

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If you scroll through your Instagram feed, you’ll notice how many homes look perfectly curated yet effortlessly beautiful and chic – without even trying. While you might think they were styled by interior designers themselves, most of the time that’s not the case. The tips on achieving perfectly decorated interiors are just a couple of clicks away, and with a bit of interior design know-how, anyone can style a home that looks like a perfect spot for capturing a fabulous #ootd or spontaneous Insta snaps. Want to know how? Scroll down to find out.

Decorate your home in a way that it tells a story

Decorate your home in a way that it tells a story

Our home is a reflection of ourselves. It’s a blank canvas we can use to paint the world the way we see it or a blank page we can use to tell a story. The things you choose to fill your space with will, whether you do it consciously or not, tell a lot about your personality. For example, a large dining table with a number of chairs shows that you are a people-person and probably like to entertain and enjoy having your friends and family over. Similarly, vintage pieces and heirloom furnishings show that you value tradition and love preserving beautiful things and giving them a second life. Therefore, give some thought to every corner of your living space, and choose the items, that are in line with your interests and values. You can opt for one gorgeous adjustable floor lamp or some mesmerizing indoor plant.

Include cozy elements to make your space look more homey

Include cozy elements to make your space look more homey

Cozy, homey details and furnishings are a great way to design a space that feels warm and inviting. Throw a chunky knit blanket over your living room sofa, and lay down a sheepskin rug for added comfort. As for the bedroom, an instant way to up the coziness factor is to go for elements made of wood. Beautiful timber wood beds will spruce up any Scandinavian-themed home, but they’ll also look amazing in cozy rustic interiors and even in bedrooms that lean towards minimalism. You can also include wooden shelves, coffee tables, and chairs, and add hand-woven trays and baskets to give your home a natural, earthy feel. Cozy, warm elements will help avoid the sterile look and make your place look liveable rather than overly curated and artificial.

Rely on accessories and decor to spruce up your interiors

Rely on accessories and decor to spruce up your interiors

Even though we tend to pay more attention to equipping our homes with beautiful furnishings, decor plays an important role in how our living space will be perceived. Place a couple of pretty fashion books and magazines on your coffee table to add some height and also have something on hand when looking for inspiration. Get a couple of candles in pretty containers and jars, add a vase of fresh flowers, and use a pretty tray to hold everything in place. Adorn your walls with beautiful, oversized artwork, and don’t be afraid to use them as a canvas for displaying your own DIY art pieces. Be creative, have fun, and show the world a piece of your soul.

Bring in natural light for a picture-perfect Insta shot

Bring in natural light for a picture perfect Insta shot

Good lighting is an essential element of any good Insta snap, which is why you have to make sure there is plenty of natural light in your living space. Of course, layered artificial lighting is of great importance in interior design, but when it comes to snapping the picture-perfect shot during the day, it’s all about natural lighting. Therefore, be sure to pull back any curtains that cover your windows and roll up the blinds and let the sun splatter its rays all over your living space and enhance the colors even more. When the sun goes down, you want to have several lighting sources illuminating your interiors. In addition to overhead lighting, incorporate a couple of floor and table lamps, and light the candles for the perfectly pleasant, Instagram-worthy ambiance.

Add pops of color to appeal to the eye and enhance visual interest

Add pops of color to appeal to the eye and enhance visual interest

There’s no doubt that monochromatic interiors look stunning, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from incorporating some color into your room’s design. Neutral colors provide the perfect backdrop and go with virtually any color, so you can play around and experiment with various bold colors, prints, and patterns, and create a space that feels truly unique and reflects your personality. Paint your accent wall in a bold hue that you like, or simply hang some lovely wall clock. You can also go for colorful throw pillows, flowers, and vases you can coordinate with the seasons and appeal to the eye of your Insta followers.

Liven up your living space with various plants and greenery

Greenery combined with monochromatic color scheme in the small living space

If there is one thing that instantly freshens up living space, it’s definitely greenery. Welcome nature inside your home by employing natural elements and find low-maintenance houseplants that will grace your shelves and corners, filling out any empty spaces. Bring in some color and texture with large houseplants, succulents, and flowers in bloom. Choose planters that mix well with the style of the room, and use your plants to balance your room and breathe life into it.

Strive for perfection, but also be relatable

Strive for perfection but also be relatable

We all want to have a space that looks like something straight out of an interior design magazine. While it’s great to aspire to have a home that could be featured in Architectural Digest or Elle Decor, it’s also important to create a space that is relatable and that looks livable. Look for ways to strike a balance between perfect and realistic – post photos of beautifully designed spaces that are carefully curated, but don’t forget to capture spontaneous moments of everyday living. This will help you create an Instagram account people will want to look at because they can relate to it.

notice how many homes look perfectly curated yet effortlessly beautiful 1

You don’t have to be a professional stylist to have a home that looks like it was designed by one. Following these seven tips is all it takes to fashion a truly Instagram-worthy, snap-ready space and make sure all your posts look picture-perfect!


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