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Design Ideas – Create A Stunning Gallery Wall

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Gallery Wall Art Ideas 

We have all been there an said to ourselves, I need to get my family photos organized! Or maybe you thought: today is the day that I will decorate that large, barren wall in my home/apartment/condo. If you are the creative type, and even if you’re not, the following information can help you accomplish your goals with these gallery wall art ideas.

Gallery wall art header Getting It Together

Find that box, you know that one box everyone has stowed away either in the attic, garage or in the basement that stores all of those old family photos.  Everyone also has a file folder in their computer that holds a treasure trove of older and recent digital photos. Take an inventory of what’s there and then arrange each one of those photos together in order to create a visually heartwarming  and stunning display designed by you tailored for that specific wall.

When it comes to pre-developed photographs, choose those photos that are blemish-free and clear. Blurred pictures, no matter how much you are in love them, they are not good choices when it comes to creating a gallery wall of memories.

As for your digital masterpieces, many drug stores have photo development services where your pictures can be developed at an affordable  price with great results. Once you have chosen which pictures you want to use, then you can think about what frames to choose.

travel-gallery-wallFrame It Up

The type of frames to use for your gallery wall will depend mainly on your style preference.  Go for identical frame sizes and the same style and same color for that uniform look, or be daring and just mix it up.  Different colors in the same size, or maybe choose one or two different colors to provide variety.  Do not use more than two or three colors, because this could create an unsightly distraction.  However, if you go with the same style and size of frame, several colors could work well if they are basically neutral (think grey, white, natural wood, black).

If you go with frames that are all different sizes, you’ll want to print out a few of your digital photos in sizes to fit.  And you may want to think about putting up  a shadow box or two that displays crafts that you or perhaps your children made for you.

gorgeous-wall-hanging-collection-photo-framesWhere To Place

Now that you have a great collection pictures mounted into those fantastic frames, you’ll need to figure out exactly where you’d like to put it all.  And, if your wall in the living room is nice and big with big blank spaces on it and just waiting patiently to be filled with your beautiful gallery, by all means go for it.  Although, if your main room walls are not large enough, you can get a little more creative with the project.

Foyers and Hallways are excellent canvases to create that gallery wall. By putting your gallery outside of a higher-traffic area, it will give your visitors some time to actually gaze over your work.  A more quiet hallway leading to the restroom will allow your visitors a little time to slow down and to really look at the pictures without feeling too rushed.

Map It Out

Now that you know exactly where your photo gallery will go, you’ll need to know exactly how to line it up and map it out.  So lay it all out in a larger area such as your dining room table, or perhaps on the floor, in the approximate order you like them.  You should move the pieces around until you match your vision. Make it come to life just as you imagined it, do that before you begin pounding nails into your wall.

Gallery small wall

gallery wall hallwayMeasure the  length and width of your proposed layout and make sure that it will fit perfectly into the chosen space by measuring the wall. If your gallery is larger than your chosen space, consider bringing those pictures closer together, branching them out fit go lower or a little higher, or consider removing a picture or two.

Once you have your perfect layout, you will have to take it from the floor  and get it on to the wall.  Make a template directly on the wall using painters tape, mark exactly where each picture will be placed on that wall.  Or, you could arrange the entire display onto a piece of paper, and then trace each frame and tape the paper to the wall. Use a nail, mark each spot where you will be placing your hangers, then remove the paper.  

In this image on the bottom right, instead of having photos, this is a creative gallery of beautiful plates and bowls.

Light It Up

For a little extra special decsign touch, you could frame your display by positioning wall sconces on either end of the gallery to provide drama and light,  if you decide to put your display in a foyer or hallway. Something subtle by Chelsea House, such as the Burkhart or Botanical Leaf Sconce, would be ideal.  Or, recessed ceiling lights will work well also.

We hope that the ideas we’ve detailed here were helpful on how you can create your own beautiful gallery wall art.  Now that you have achieved a beautifully decorated wall awith a display of all your treasured photographs that have been waiting, sit back and enjoy the view and a job well done. Now you have the time to embark on all your other resolutions. Good luck!


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