Natural stone table lamps are a wonderful choice for your home because they give it a modern look, as well as elegant charm. However, they require and deserve proper care in order to look amazing. If you make a mistake when cleaning, skip their regular maintenance, or store and pack them improperly, you should know that you’re risking damaging these beautiful and valuable items. Keep in mind that natural stone is durable and made to last, but it’s not indestructible. Stones have their own chemistry, and you can harm them if you’re not careful or lack knowledge on how to treat them right. In this article, we will give you some helpful advice, do’s and don’ts of looking after natural stone table lamps.

Do’s of cleaning natural stone table lamps

Natural stone table lamps will beautify and lighten a dark room, but for them to stay in perfect shape, make sure you clean them properly:

  • If there are stains on the stone for which you must use cleaner, use only the cleaner suited for natural stone- one with the right pH level. You need a cleaner with a neutral pH level – 7. You can also buy a special soap, designed for cleaning natural stone surfaces.
  • For regular, everyday cleaning, the best solution is to use a soft cloth. Just be sure not to attempt “buffing out” any stains or scratches.
  • Also, use a dry dust mop and go over your table lamp daily (or at least every other day).
A mirror and a beautiful table lamp in a living space.
Natural stone table lamps beautify your space in an elegant way.

Don’ts of cleaning natural stone table lamps

Skip these practices to maintain and protect your beautiful lamps:

  • Cleaning with vinegar or lemon – it’s not suited for natural stone. Stones will react adversely with vinegar or lemon because of the acidic pH levels. Marble, limestone, onyx, and travertine are especially susceptible to acidic cleaners, so be sure not to use them if you want to save your natural stone lamp.
  • Using cleaners with bleach – they are very harsh. They can etch and burn the stone surface. Some stones are more durable than others (for example, granite proved very durable), but harsh chemicals can break down any sealers applied to the natural stone.
  • Using any cleaners that contain acid (like bathroom cleaners, grout cleaners, tub and tile cleaners).
  • Choosing abrasive tools such as scrubbing pads – you may think they are great for removing stains, but they can only make a problem worse. To preserve the beauty of natural stone, avoid abrasive surfaces when you clean them. By doing so, you will also prevent a scuffed appearance on your lamp.
  • Cleaning natural stone with scouring powders or creams.
  • Skipping on using the dust mop daily – Small dust particles invisible to the naked eye act like abrasive and damage natural stone over time, causing it to look dull.
Table lamp in a luxury living room
In order for your lamps to look gorgeous you need to take proper care of them.

Preparing your table lamp for transport 

When you learned everything there is to learn about cleaning your stone table lamps properly, you also need to know how to store them and transport them. That’s in case you are moving your table lamps to storage or if you are relocating. The first thing to know is that you’ll probably need to dismantle them for the safest transport. To pack them safely, you need to pay special attention to lampshades. They are very fragile items to move, so be very careful while handling them. Take care of the screws if your lampshade is secured with them. Otherwise, turn the lampshade counterclockwise so it can come off its base. Secondly, remove the bulb and dismantle the base.

If there are any screws or any metal and wooden pieces, put them aside in a bag, but keep them in the same box when packing. For unpacking your lamp quickly, you need everything in one place at hand. To securely pack your lamp base, you also need to secure the cord. Fold it carefully and twist-tie it. It will make your process of unpacking much easier.

A natural stone table lamp with a white lamp-shade.
Be cautious when preparing your lamps for transport and moving.

Packing, storing, and moving process

To pack your lamps for storing and moving safely, you’ll need:

  • Cardboard boxes – you probably already have some around your home. Use the appropriate size of the box which fits the lamp. You can pack two lamps into one box, but our advice is always to pack them separately, so you minimize the risk of damage.
  • Old towels or soft linen – before placing all parts in a box, wrap your lamp base and your lampshade for safe transport. It will protect them enough from breakage.
  • Packing paper or old newspapers – if there is a lot of space inside the box once you put the wrapped parts, fix it by using fillers (packing paper or old newspapers will do the job perfectly). However, be very careful with the lampshade because too much packing paper or newspaper around it can distort its original shape.
  • Packing tape, a black marker – to secure the box, tighten it up with tape, then label your box. Finally, check if nothing is shifting inside the box, and if not, it’s ready and safe to go.

You can pack any traditional table lamps the same way. When storing boxes with lamps before the actual moving day, keep them in a safe place and avoid putting them on top of one another. Furthermore, make sure these boxes don’t stand in your way when moving furniture. If all of these steps seem too stressful, you can always ask professionals from the area to help you with your relocation. They have experience in handling fragile items, packing them, and storing them, so you can safely entrust them with the process of transporting the lamps, as well as your other furniture for the move.

 Man sitting in a new home ready for unpacking.
If you pack your lamps carefully your unpacking will be a breeze.


By following these tips and knowing the do’s and don’ts of looking after natural stone table lamps, you will take proper care of them. Regular maintenance allows the natural stone to stay beautiful and look elegant for many years to come. Taking good care of your lamps is always worth it because they not only bring light into your life but lamps also make your home more luxurious and simply beautiful.

Author bio:

Isabel Simpson works as a coordinator for She is a lover of natural stone and an art collector. She also has an interest in lighting. After summarizing all her interests, passions, and knowledge, she started writing blogs. In her spare time, Isabel visits cultural manifestations and volunteers in animal shelters.