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Eclectic Living Room Ideas That Rock!

Eclectic living room design featured

A living room is certainly one of – if not the most important room in your home. You spend much of your time here with your family and friends, simply relaxing after a long day. This is why your living room needs to be the most carefully decorated room, putting your personality on display for all to see. Choosing an eclectic design May be the best way to go, especially when you get your creative juices flowing. If you want to experiment with this style, here are a some tips that can help you.

Eclectic Furniture

Eclectic furniture



Eclectic style means not adhering to just one decorating style but instead, choose what you feel is  “best” of several of your favorite decorating styles. Then incorporate those elements into your home design. Most who love eclectic decor just may be eclectic themselves, perhaps not fitting into a single  stereotype or group. Sometimes people simply like what they like, when you’re speaking about interior design style, and they’re not afraid to show it—even if it means going against popular design trends and styles, such as contemporary or farmhouse.

Many people mistake eclectic styles as an anything-goes way of interior design, but a true eclectic style is on purpose and a well thought-out style of decorating.

Eclectic style calls for comfortable and cozy furniture that will make you love spending most of your time there. To make things easier when choosing your eclectic furniture, many opt for purchasing furniture sets. Usually you would choose a sofa, a couple of chairs, and a coffee table, all in the same style, using the identical materials, colors, and textures. But, if you are going for an eclectic style that’s the worst thing you could do.

Instead, choose your furniture separately. Find different textures and pick a predominant theme or color, and create a more natural flow to your living room. Your furniture should not look like everyone elses or like a normal traditional living room, when you achieve that then you’ve done a great job!

Eclectic Wall colors

Eclectic home design



Borrowing  and mixing various styles while also creating a cohesive feel through texture, color and/or shape. Defining eclectic style decorating; “carefully gatheringvarious interesting cohesive elements that work well together.” It’s not just carelessly mixing things all together, although this style also means adding features that may not “go together”. 

This is the most effective way to achieve an eclectic style in your home. Instead of choosing just one color when you repaint your walls, choose several colors instead. This will add a dose of eclectic excitement into your home, and it will  inspire you every single day.

One of the best ways to mix walls colors is to create an accent wall. There are many combinations you can choose. Don’t forget that this is the beginning foundation and the first step in taking your living room up a notch to an eclectic style, so give this project all your focus and most attention.

Eclectic Lighting

Eclectic lighting1400980430848



When it comes to living room lighting ideas, most people stick to simple solutions – a chandelier, a floor lamp, or some pendant lighting. And while that’s quite all right and will surely give your living room enough lighting, none of these are exactly the epitome of eclecticism. But, if you combine a few of these ideas and mix them together, you might be getting an entirely different result. Whimsical and Eclectic Lighting?

Eclectic Kitchen Lighting

Eclectic Kitchen dutch mini pendants



Think whimsical which means playful, mischievous fanciful, and definitely unpredictable. When it comes to the lighting, it comes with many visual translations. Perhaps you’re considering a gyroscope chandelier. Maybe you’re thinking going with asymmetric curls of metal like a whimsical  pendant light by Uttermost. Think eclectic lamps in vibrant colors or unusual shaped chandeliers from popular manufacturers likeElk Lighting.

What’s great about the eclectic design style, you can do whatever you want. Adding multiple lighting sources in to your living room, placing them wherever you want. You can go with an amazing flush mount ceiling light that will transform your living room nto an extra special space. 

Eclectic Décor

modern eclectic home decor build house 411261



This is the final piece of the puzzle for your eclectic living style. Just because people don’t pay nearly enough attention to their living room style of decorating does not mean you should do that also. This is something that deserves your full attention! Carefully focusing on the full realm of décor that you choose will ultimately define your living room style and make it more appealing than ever.

A successful eclectic décor and style might not be the easiest thing to accomplish, but it’s not the hard est either. Just keep in mind what you should and shouldn’t do, adhering to simple ideas and simple principles. Remember to use different layouts, textures and focal points, and you’re certain to be more successful than you ever thought possible.

Creating your eclectic living room is one of the most enjoyable yet difficult home design projects you’ll ever partake. But, if you focus your time and energy, and zero in on what you want to achieve, you’ll surely create an amazing design your entire family will love!

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