Exterior lighting tips and tricks for your new home

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Purchasing a new home is an exciting event. You can make the ideas you’ve had for ages the reality now and create your dream home. However, there’s a lot of details to think about to make your home both functional and beautiful. One of them is surely outdoor lightning. By playing your cards right, you can use the lights to help the best features of your home stand out. Also, you can hide some of the things you don’t like. That’s why we wanted to give you some exterior lighting tips and tricks so you can make the most out of your new home. Lights on!

Why exterior lighting is important

Lights might seem like a basic, unimportant detail for many. However, there are several reasons why you should focus on this ‘detail’ of your new home.  Here are some of them:

  • Safety. Let’s start with the most important benefit of exterior lighting. If your home is well-lit, you can be sure you increased the safety around it. It will be easier to go around the house and park your car at night. More importantly, it also minimizes the risk of crime. 
  • Easy to find items in the night. Finding tools, toys, or other items you left outside will be much faster and easier with proper exterior lights.
  • Make the most out of the summer nights. With great exterior lighting you can make the most out of your patio or garden. This will make long summer nights perfect for grilling or having drinks with your friends.
  • It makes your home look better. Outdoor lightning surely increases curb appeal. This will come in handy if you ever decide to sell the house and move. 

While on the topic of safety, moving into your new home should be smooth and stress-free. Hire a reliable moving pro so you can stop worrying about the moving tasks, and focus on making your new house as beautiful as possible. Check to hire an experienced moving team that will help your relocation be simple and fast, wherever you’re moving to.

a house with some Exterior lighting
Exterior lighting will make any outdoor space safer and more beautiful.

Focus on the problematic areas

To make the lights both functional and decorative, it’s necessary to detect problematic areas of your outdoor space. This way, you’ll be able to pick the most suitable outdoor lights. The best way to do this is, of course, at night. Go out and bring a flashlight and go around your home. Check the areas that are dark, but that you frequently visit. These need lightning for increased safety. They usually include steps, the front door, garage door, pool, pathways, etc.

On the other hand, areas such as your garden need more lights as well. The idea is to highlight features and make the architecture stand out more. Exterior lighting will help accentuate great points of your home architecture and overall landscape around it. 

a house in the dark that needs exterior lighting
Take a look at your home at night and check the problematic areas that need some exterior lighting.

Select the right type of exterior lighting

The same way you choose different lights inside your home, you should also pick the appropriate fixtures for the outdoor area. Not all parts of your home require the light of the same power. For example, you would need a stronger light in your driveway compared to your outdoor dining area. It’s best to have a relaxing dinner with some soft background lights providing a relaxing atmosphere.

Types of lighting

You can choose between task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting. Each has a specific purpose.  Task lighting is used to cover specific areas and bring focus to an item. Ambient lighting is accomplished by basic light fixtures like chandeliers or wall-mounted fixtures. Its purpose is to provide a soft, general light and cover a bigger area. Finally, there’s accent lighting, which gives concentrated light to an area and adds drama to the house. It’s used to highlight certain parts of the home or landscape. To give you an idea, accent lighting is what we use during Christmas.

string lights
With different types of outdoor lights, you can achieve various effects in your garden.

Plan your light installation on time 

To avoid spending too much money on light fixtures or not having enough light coverage, it’s necessary to plan this home improvement. Calculate how big the area you want to cover is – so you get enough light fixtures. On average, you would need 150 watts for 100 square feet. Calculate your needs by multiplying square footage by 1.5. 

Also, the size of an actual fixture is an important factor you should consider. Therefore, be sure to take some measurements before you go shopping and decide where each light is going to be placed.

Remember: If you’re planning a move to a bigger place, don’t make decisions about lighting before you move. Each home and neighborhood are different and require specific ambient and security steps. So, wait until you can check the problem areas of the new house before you go shopping for lighting fixtures.

Save energy by using LED lights

LED light bulbs are a far more efficient solution than regular ones. Their only downside is that they are a bit more expensive. They will save a lot of energy and money in the long term, however. They also save your time since they require very little to no maintenance.

Accentuate with exterior lighting

Using lights to accentuate certain areas is a great way to add drama and make your home beautiful. One of the great exterior lighting tricks is to install floor lights all along the pathway – especially the one up to your front door. These look very nice, but also make walking a lot safer. Also, if you have some interesting trees, bushes or flower arrangements around the house, why don’t you show them off at night as well? Install some uplighters in the base of these plants and see how your ordinary garden becomes a magical one. 

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