Get A Custom Neon Sign – An Ultimate Guide

LED Neon Signs

Getting a custom design neon sign is a brilliant idea, but it is necessary to understand the neon sign light’s general aspects and technical working. In this piece, we’ve explained helpful information and practical guidance to elaborate on the fundamental way of using the neon sign.

What Are Custom Neon Signs?

Neon signs are efficient forms of a light bulb, durable, and very similar to fluorescent light. Usually, they are composed of long luminous gas discharge tubes, which are heated and bent into many alphabets and shapes. Custom neon was trendy from the 1920s to the 1960s. In the early 1990, LED technology originated and the downfall of neon signs started.

Design Of Neon Signs

In custom neon signs, soft lead glass is heated, bent, and twisted, then it is allowed to cool down and fused. Then it is filled with different gases to obtain different colors. Electrodes made of pure iron are attached to both ends of the tube and wired to the high voltage battery.

Working Of Neon Signs

The word “neon” refers to lightning, which occurs in a long discharge tube. When the electric current is applied to the electrode present in the neon tube, its atoms begin to glow, and the electrodes ionize the gas with high voltage electricity.

The energy increases because of the bombardment of bits, and a particle of light is released: photon. Photon causes Neon to produce a bright and colored glow.

If you are interested in manufacturing, you must give the following information to the manufacturer for a neon sign.

  • Custom design of the sign for a neon light.
  • The color you want to use. LED signs come in various colors, but from Neon signs, you can expect a total of 10 to 40 colors.
  • The text you are going to display and the style of lettering.

It consumes electricity about the same amount a standard light bulb uses(60W-100W). It usually lasts between 7 to 14 years, but you can prolong its life span if properly used with care.

Do not let the sign turn on unnecessarily for an extended period. It leaves damage to neon signs from the electrical spike.

How To Clean Your Neon Sign?

Signs in busy areas require more cleaning than vacant areas. To clean it, first, use a rough duster gently to remove dust. For remaining dust, use a Nylon brush with light pressure. If your sign still contains stains, mix up half a cup of ammonia with half a cup of water. Then damp the cloth into the mixture and gently rub on the colors from the sign’s surface.

Neon Sign For Business

A neon sign is an ideal way to promote your business and for reaching your specific audience. Using this sign allows your client to find you at any hour of the day or night, providing you with a branding asset. Using a neon sign as your business promotion can help you to accomplish the following:

• Creating a unique and observable branding with traditional glass neon signs.

• Use creative marketing to nourish a product of your business.

• Draw your client in with a neon sign that lights up in the dark.

• Add an element of fun to your business with LED neon lights.

LED lights are pretty impressive for placing them in business windows because they create an animated effect and are flexible.

Choosing The Suitable Space

After buying a sign, the most crucial decision is to select its location. The following factors should be under consideration while applying a sign.

• Consider your purpose of using a custom sign. If you are using it for business, place it in the higher area that is likely from the audience’s point of view.

• If you are using a LED sign in busy areas, you should think about child precautionary measures. If you are applying a sign where many children are in that area, you should place the sign out of easy reach.

• Avoid installing the sign-in in that area where it can easily be bumped or knocked. If you are applying a LED neon sign in a busy place, try to avoid a space where people are likely to hit them or bump them.

Disadvantages Of Neon Sign

Disadvantages of the neon sign are:

• The gas in the neon sign tube will last up to 40 years, but the electrical parts will last about 15 years, depending on the quality. The better the quality, the longer will be the life of the neon sign.

• It isn’t easy to measure the exact cost of the custom neon sign because it depends on the size and complexity of the sign. Neon signs cost about 228$ a year, and custom LED neon signs to cost 80$ per year.

Bringing It All Together

Neon signs are a great way to get your point across and draw attention. You can customize color, shape, font style, size of letters or words, etc. In today’s digital age, neon signs can be used as an interactive tool for marketing purposes. With so many options available, it is easy to find one that suits you best! Take some time browsing and choose the best!

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