After a long and extensive search, you found your new home. Finding a perfect place to call your home is not an easy task to accomplish. Finally, you can start settling in and making it your new nest. However, decorating your new home so it fits your taste can be somewhat of a challenge. Choosing new furniture and interior décor can be fun, but at the same time nerve-racking. Lighting is also a big part of your home design, which is why choosing the perfect chandelier can be crucial if you want your rooms to be cozy and stylish. Sizing your chandeliers is key in this instance, and with our advice, you will surely be up for this task. So, here is how you can get things done without much trouble.

Why is sizing your chandelier crucial for your home’s interior design 

Making the choice of which chandelier to hang in which room can seem very trivial. Yet, it is much more important than you would think. Hanging a chandelier that is too small for a room can result in having a beautiful lighting piece lost in a large room. On the other hand, choosing a chandelier that is too big for a room can give the opposite effect. The entire décor will be thrown off and swallowed by its size. Therefore, think twice and measure everything before making your final choice

a beautiful and large living room
Lighting trends differ from one year to another. However, you should always choose a piece that fits your personal taste and space.

Factors that you need to consider when making your choice  

Your hunt for the perfect chandelier will be based on so much more than just your room size. Of course, this is a significant factor during this venture. Still, there are others that you shouldn’t neglect. Before you lighten up a dark room with your chandelier, consider these extras.

Focus on style 

Besides the size of your chandelier, you should pay attention to its style. Having a chandelier that clashes with your beautiful floor lamps or wall art will severely damage your room’s style and ambiance.

a simple and modern chandelier with a silver base
Modern chandeliers should be a part of spaces that have similar decor.

Purpose of the space 

Every room within your new gorgeous home will have its purpose and the lighting should follow it. For instance, a crystal chandelier will be perfect for your elegant living room. Also, don’t forget that you can add nice and stylish table lamps, mirrors, and other room accessories to the equation. Lighting for an office will demand different lighting options than a child’s room.

Start choosing after you have moved in your things 

Not so long ago, you were browsing the Internet and booking movers from for your relocation. Now that all your things are moved in, you can start adding accessories. Choosing and sizing your chandelier once you have moved in is a much better option than the other way around. All your nice things such as mirrors, wall art, tables, and their color and size will be of significant importance during your decision-making process.

How to size your chandelier

Your movers can also assist you after you have moved in. Carrying furniture to the upper floors is a challenge and chandeliers can often be heavy as well as delicate. So, with professional help lined up to handle this task for you, you can focus on choosing the right size of your chandelier. Here’s how to do it.

Settle on chandelier size

This the moment when you want to measure the width and length of your room. For most convenient calculating, transfer your measurements in inches. Consequently, you want to end up with the square footage of your space. Once you have completed that task, sizing your chandelier will be a piece of cake. These are the recommended guidelines:

  • Room under 90 square feet – chandeliers under 19 inches
  • Room from 90 to 225 square feet – chandeliers from 20 to 29 inches
  • Room from 225 to 400 square feet – chandeliers over 30 inches
  • All rooms over 400 square feet – extremely large chandeliers are more than an acceptable choice

If you decide to hang more then one chandelier in a room, keep in mind that you want to choose smaller lighting pieces. In addition, don’t forget to think about spacing.

tools for measuring
Sizing your chandelier will be easily done with the right measurements.

Determine chandelier height  

In this instance, you must measure ceiling height. Your chandelier should be at least four feet from adjustment walls. Once you are done measuring the ceiling height, for every foot estimate 2.5 or 3 inches of chandelier height.

Making the final decision 

In the end, choosing the best chandeliers for your home is not rocket science. But, it can be easily done in the wrong way, which can be a big problem in the end. That is why sizing your chandelier is crucial. With the right choice for your home, it might just be a step shy of perfection. Not to mention, if you add beautiful accessories to it such as art, carpets, mirrors, and other decoration options, the entire room can tie together. Make sure your home brings out the essence of you, so you can enjoy it as much as possible. 

Author Bio: 

Melody Vega is a professional home decorator and a part-time blogger. She lives and works in New Rochelle, NY where she owns her own business. She specializes in decorating new homes and giving them an elegant vibe, and her style is very modern and minimalistic. When she is not working on her craft, she likes to spend time with her husband Mike and her daughters Jessica and Maria.