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Home Remodeling: 7 Tips How To Bring More Light Into Your Home

Description: Enhancing natural light in your home doesn’t have to be a huge cost or an arduous chore. These simple and efficient home remodeling tips include ideas for large scale renovations as well as DIY projects you can easily do at home. Read on for more on how to light up your home and reinvigorate your space!

Airy, spacious rooms that let in tons of natural light are a homeowner’s dream. Increasing natural light in your home is not only aesthetically pleasing, it may also benefit your health. Experts suggest that regular exposure to sunlight can boost positivity, improve sleep and concentration, make us feel more alert, and decrease susceptibility to seasonal depression. If you live in a house that feels more-dark-and-dingy than sunlit vista, never fear – these simple home remodeling ideas will help you make the most of natural light in your home.

1. Repaint the Walls

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You may be wondering – what is home remodeling? If the idea seems daunting and leaves you with visions of ripping out walls and tearing down ceilings, think again. Home remodeling and design can be as simple as repainting your walls and doors. If you’re aim is to allow more natural light into your home, choose white or pastel shades to redecorate. White reflects sunlight, whereas darker colours absorb it. White walls allow more light to stay on the surface and this brightens your space.

If stark white isn’t your taste, eggshell or cream paint will do the job. If you’re painting a room that already has large windows, you may be better off choosing an off-white tone as pure white can create glare. Avoid this by choosing paint with a matte or semi-gloss finish, rather than a full, glossy sheen. Remember to paint your doors, ceiling, and skirting to feel the full effects of your home interior remodeling. 

2. Change Your Flooring

Heavy, dark carpets or dark wood floors can dim rooms in your home. If you’re doing a full home repair and remodeling, why not switch out carpets for flooring that will make your rooms appear brighter? Opt for reflective floorings, like light wood, or laminate or select a glossy tile to maximize effect. Laminate and tile floors are also easier to clean and will help reduce dust in your home. 

3. Let the Sunshine In

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If your budget stretches to a full power home remodeling, replacing your windows is the ideal way to capture more light in your living space. A sliding glass door or a line of windows along one wall can make you feel like your outside, especially on long, summer days. You could also replace the door to your backyard with a glass panelled door or invest in glass blocks to fill a portion of your exterior wall. Remember to consult a professional for glass block designs as this is not an easy job for a DIY home maker.

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4. Remove Screens and Change Curtains

Keep home remodeling and design simple but effective by switching up your drapes. Heavy, dark fabric curtains are great for keeping light out but if you’re looking to attract more light, these should probably be the first things to go. Sheer fabric curtains or even blinds provide excellent alternatives to freshen up your rooms. Choose light coloured or translucent fabric for rooms where you don’t need privacy – like rooms that overlook your private garden. Blinds that can be fully rolled up or adjusted are a better choice for bedrooms or bathrooms. If you’re doing home repair and remodeling on a property that has net screens or shutters, consider removing or cleaning these to bring extra light into your home. It’s a quick and easy DIY job that will make all the difference.

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5. Create a Skylight

If you’re remodeling a room where it’s impossible to expand or install windows, a skylight could be the perfect solution. A perfectly positioned skylight can provide a beautiful, even glow. Unlike windows, which fall into shadow at different points of the day as the sun moves, skylights can capture natural light for longer. Pair skylights with reflective flooring and white walls and you can create a natural, daylight feeling inside your home. For more inexpensive home remodeling ideas, you could install a solar tube instead. Solar tubes run like chimneys from your roof to your ceiling and can provide portals of light in dim hallways, bathrooms, or other parts of your home that may be difficult to illuminate.

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6. Backsplash Tiles and Painted Furniture

When performing home interior remodeling in your kitchen or bathroom, reflective or metallic backsplash surfaces can enhance natural light. Backsplash tiles with a glossy finish can add shimmer to dark spaces beneath kitchen cabinets. Reflective surfaces also make rooms appear larger, giving an illusion of extra space and adding glamor to your home. Compliment these home remodeling designs by painting wooden or metal furniture white. You use canned or spray paint for this, just be sure to put newspaper down inside or do paint jobs in your yard.

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7. Accessorize to Add Shine

If you’re remodeling a mobile home or a small space with limited funds, remember that accessories can also be your friends when it comes to bringing light into your home. Hang mirrors opposite windows to reflect light around the entire room. When you shop for home remodeling supplies, look out for shiny or metallic light fittings and decorations, like vases or photo frames. These little dashes of flair will catch any natural light and add sparkle to your home remodeling for minimum cost and maximum effect.

Final Call:

Looking to bring more natural light into your home? What home remodeling ideas are you using to brighten your space? Have you experimented with any of these tips and tricks? Lets us know in the comments!

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Ronald Pratt is a furniture assembly specialist who also loves everything about design. He likes to repair everything that is broken in his house on his own. In his free time, he prefers to walk with his children and dogs.

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