Lamps, from big floor lamps to tiny table ones, are such an important, charming element in every home. Apart from helping us bring more light into our rooms, they also add to the unique charm of our living space. We keep our lamps close by when we work, when we cook, read, write or relax. Suddenly we are about to move to a new home and we start observing the things in our house and making decisions about what to take with us and what to leave behind. Surely you have to move your floor and table lamps with you. However, this is not as simple as it may seem. You have to know the right way of moving such items, and we are here to help you with just that!


There are several things you must do before you move your cherished home lighting items. Decide on which of the floor lamps and table lamps you want to move. Then make a list of all the necessary packing material, and finally think about how to dismantle and pack them safely while paying special attention to lampshades, as these are among the most fragile things to move. 

a yellow lampshade on a table beside a brown coffee cup and an open notebook

A cute table lamp inspires your thoughts


The most demanding task might be dismantling the lamps. Lampshades should be removed first while taking care of the screws if the lampshade is secured that way or simply keep turning the shade counterclockwise until it comes off the base. Then remove the light bulb and start dismantling the base. Put any screws or metal/wooden pieces into a plastic bag and keep it in the same box when packing so that everything is at hand once you start unpacking them. You can find this dismantling a bit hard but our lamps are our ageless and timeless treasures, and the knowledge of it should make us put an additional effort into moving them successfully.


If you want to do the packing on your own and use the material available within your home while staying within budget, look around for some of the things you can reuse instead of buying them. If it’s a bit too much hassle for you, you can always contact a professional moving company that can allow moving your entire home with ease and provide you with packing materials as well. Whatever the choice, here are the materials you will need.


Look for used cardboard boxes you may have around your home. Different home lighting items require different-sized boxes, so make sure you provide the appropriate size for each of the lamps you are planning to pack. You can always make a bigger box combining two smaller ones. What matters is that the lamps, especially lampshades should be fitted appropriately to provide safe transport, and cardboard boxes are a pretty convenient way to pack and move floor and table lamps. 


Wrapping up the lamp base and the lampshade is one of the crucial things. If you don’t have any plastic bubbles and want to save some money, use old towels or thick soft linen to wrap them up before placing them in a box. This should be secure enough to protect the lamps from any damage and prevent breakage.


Once we have secured the home lighting items well, we place them in a box and check if there is a lot of space around them. If they move during transport they could be damaged, and to prevent that from happening we need to fix them using some fillers such as packing peanuts or simply some crumpled packing paper or old newspapers. Be more careful with the delicate lampshades, don’t put too much packing material as it can be heavy and distort their shape. But one thing is sure – if they cannot shift in the box, they are ready and safe for transport. 

crumpled white packing paperC
You can also use crumpled packing paper to secure your lamps in a box 


When packing the lamp base, apart from securing it as described above, pay special attention to the cord – fold it carefully and twist-tie it so that it doesn’t make any problems when you try to unpack it, as cords are usually long and can cause accidents while unpacking. You can additionally secure the box tightening it up with packing tape, then label the box and it’s ready for transport. This whole process may be tiring but it’s also rewarding because you know how much these lamps mean to you and how home lighting affects our emotions. It’s worth putting some effort.

a white shade table lamp behind a plant next to a laptop
A charming lamp on your desk makes your work easier


If you have packed the treasured home lighting items before the actual date of moving and you still have a lot to pack and prepare, find a side space to store the lamp boxes without putting them one on top of the other. Make sure they don’t stand in the way as taking out larger furniture pieces may damage them. If that is too much worrying for you, make sure to look for a mover you can trust on Verified Movers. Having a reliable partner by your side will help you stop worrying and start enjoying the thought of finding yourself in a new home, a new city or a new country. 

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