Your home is likely the biggest investment of your life and you should protect its value with its design and decor. Choosing that perfect design and adding comfort while maintaining its aesthetic appeal to its highest level, there are a number of things that you will encounter.

There are different reasons for remodeling your home, but first and foremost always use a professional who can properly and competently commit to fulfilling the project through to the end. The reason for getting help from the professionals is that they are experienced and can guide you through up to date remodeling best practices that will enhance the final result. The best thing about professional contractors is that they will offer you multiple options to provide you with the best ending result you envision. However, most will ignore one aspect while renovating your home interior, and that is choosing the right lighting. You probably agree that most homeowners will do everything else before even thinking about the  lighting for the room.

This article intends to inspire exactly why one should not skip considering the lighting first and not last. Here we go.

Why Lighting Is Everything?

light up your home accent lightingA dark color or a dark room will affect your mood, and cause mood swings because colors can have an impact on your thoughts. People who are sad or depressed, prefer to have less lights where when you have people and you feel happy, you will love colorful and warm lighting in your decor, with a nice appealing feel. To understand this, you can read on and get a better understanding.

Consider Your Ceiling Height

When designing and choosing your lighting you should be aware as light can have a big impact on your home design. When choosing chosen your hanging lights, we suggest you focus on the ceiling first. Many times hanging fixtures are placed either too low or are too high. You really do not have to be stuck with a designated height. Widen your thinking and look for more adjustable hanging options. As a rule of thumb, a standard ceiling of 8 feet, the light should be hung about 10 to 20 inches from the ceilings surface

Light Up Your Home

When you hang a light fixture over the kitchen table, the proper height is important. The height recommended by the lighting experts is 28 to 34 inches from the ceiling surface. However, this may differ depending on the size of the lights you choose for your place. Using common sense, if you have chosen a big sized light that should be installed at a suitable height and for the smaller lights, you can keep them at a lower height.

 Coordinate Lighting In To The Rooms Design

The best time is to coordinate the lighting is well before finalizing the interior design. If you are planning to have several lights over your dining table, your contractor should know that before, as to keep the light aligned.

Granaio 1 Light Rustic Pendant by Uttermost

                                                                                                                      Granaio 1 Light Rustic Pendant by Uttermost

There are different lighting styles for all tastes. Rustic lamps and brass lamps are all the rage. An oversized floor mirror flanked by aged black floor lamps can transform a space all by itself. If you are thinking elegance, there are always chandeliers on sale for the budget concience. Think outside the norm and your design wil take a style that is all your own.

Consider Cord Swags

light up your home pendant lights 1

In case you did not consider the lighting plan prior to construction, it’s not too late to re-consider. The newer pendant lights are ideal to deal with avoiding the expense and hassles of changing the home’s electrical setup. You can hang these new pendant lights, swagging them on the cord which can give the exact position and look you wanted from the hanging lights.

Don’t Put Limits  On The Lighting

Chandelier in foyer

There is no place in your home that is bounded by the lights. You can spruce up any space by adding beautiful lights any where you like. There are endless lighting design options available such as wall sconces that can offer a soft warm ambiance to any space. It’s probably not a good idea to choose lighting that creates a negative impact for the rooms design and décor.

Toe-Kick Lightin

light up your home toekicklights

Toe kick lighting is the best way to accent your kitchen lighting up around the perimeter of the cabinetry, under the lower portion of the cabinets and under the kitchen island. It’s an elegant way to add definition and emphasize to the space. It can also serve as a unique safety nightlight. For toe kick lighting, brightness matters. Are your floors matte or shiny? Higher-glossy flooring is reflective , so shiny flooring calls for less light brightness. In many cases, installing the LED Strips tilted on their side will do the trick.  Make sure to have your toe kick lighting on a different switch from your regular kitchen lights.

While remodeling your kitchen, you can add toe-kick lights underneath the cabinets to create a great night ambient glow in your kitchen.  These lights will look fabulous and you will be loving your kitchen more than you did before.

Light Up Your Stairs

light up your home toe kick stairsEmbed lights are becoming a great design feature of  interior design and remodeling. It goes without saying that lighting up a staircase will have a beautiful impact. Stair lights can transform your home design while beautifully illuminating your space. These lights create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, while looking stylish. They make your design a little more beautiful and a little brighter. 

Be Playful With Your Lighting

Lights have a  strong impact on the décor of your home and on your mood as well. Therefore, if you are searching for different waysto make your space more special, and want more than having just wall art. It’s time, find the right lighting for your own décor and keep in mind lighting to create a soothing, calming ambiance for your decor.

As you decide on the lighting, light fixtures are not the only factor you should take seriously, the types of bulb you use will also impact the home décor. LED, halogen bulbs and compact fluorescent, these three types come in warm and cool hues. The right decision for your decor depends on the colors of your walls and where you have installed your light fixtures. Wall paint is a very personal decision, as is choosing lighter colors of wall paint. When choosing your light fixtures, you may want to add warm lights that will cast a warm glow over the cooler wall paint. Similarly, if the wall color is already a warm shade, you may want to add lighting that reflects a cooler effect and brightens up the space.

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