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How Lighting In Our Homes Affects Our Emotions

How lighting in our home affects our emotions Featured Image 1

Lighting is an aspect that is too often overlooked in home design and renovations. Many of us start thinking about light fixtures only after we have picked the furniture and wall colors. We tend to forget that lighting affects the way we see things around us and that is why we should pay special attention to it when we are building, renovating or redecorating our place. There is one more thing worth to be mentioned. It is proved that lighting in our home affects our emotions. And that is certainly not something we should fail to notice.

A beautiful, bright and spacious living room with many different lighting fixtures

Proper lighting will add to the beauty of your home. A beautiful, bright and spacious living room with many different lighting fixtures

The power of natural light – it makes us feel better

Natural light is very important since it regulates our sleep cycles. But we all know that it is impossible to rely on natural light only. There is just not enough of it in Winter months and even when the days are longer, it cannot reach every corner of our house. People feel more optimistic and happier when exposed to natural light for longer hours. On dark days, serotonin levels drop making us feel more pessimistic. There was even a study that showed how people suffering from depression improved their condition after spending more time in natural light.

A cozy bedroom illuminated by sunshine

Natural light is a blessing. A cozy bedroom illuminated by sunshine

The natural light has the power to control our natural circadian rhythm, which means that it practically tells us when to feel more awake and energetic, and when it is time for us to be sleepy. It also improves the concentration of vitamin D inside our bodies which is beneficial to our health. People with multiple windows in their homes have the privilege to enjoy the natural light and if you are among them, be careful not to suffocate it with too many curtains and keep your shutters opened whenever you can. 

Bright light intensifies our emotions

Now it is time to see how artificial lighting in our home affects our emotions. Many studies showed that bright, artificial light can heat up our emotions. Depending on our mood, that can be good or bad. For example, the experiments indicated that people under bright light assessed the attractiveness of other people and spiciness of food higher than they did with all parameters remaining the same except for the bright light. If we use this knowledge in our everyday life, we can conclude that we need bright light in the areas where our performance counts.

Cool light is good for productivity

A clean, properly lit home office will help us concentrate since lighting in our home affects our emotions

A clean, properly lit home office will help us concentrate since lighting in our home affects our emotions

Lighting in our home affects our emotions and home office is where we need to stay focused. 

The cooler temperatures of light (5000-7000k) boost our productivity and raise our alertness. So, we should be smart enough to place the cool light sources in the rooms where we want to be more productive such as:

  • kitchen – food preparation in a poorly lit kitchen doesn’t seem inviting. On the other hand, you should choose dimmer light for your dining room since it is proved that light can affect the way we feel about food and we are more prone to enjoy it in softly lit rooms. You can find some beautiful pendants and ceiling lanterns to complement your kitchen or dining room, whichever style you choose to embrace.
  • home office – there is not a better room to demonstrate how the lighting in our home affects our emotions. Since this is the place where you work or study, you need to be concentrated and cool light will help. It decreases the level of melatonin leaving you more awake
  • a room in which we apply our make-up – lighting influences the way we see the colors, and when we do our make-up it is important that we see every detail properly.

Lighting in our home affects our emotions towards arts in our collection

When planning lighting solutions for your home, don’t forget to pay special attention to your arts. What you need is accent lighting to do justice to your treasure. If you need your art collection moved, think about whether you can still use the fixtures from the previous place, or the new one requires something different. Lighting can make or break the impression that you would like your wall art to have, and it affects the way you feel about the aesthetics of the pieces.   

light up wall art

Warm light is better for areas where we relax

Since blue light suppresses the production of melatonin, it is not the best choice for rooms where we want to unwind. That is why you should always choose the light bulbs emitting warm light for your bedroom. This is the place where you can install dimmable light sources and adjust the light the way you want to. Remember, you are choosing the light fixtures to fit your needs in different parts of your home. Warm is the right choice of color, now you can play with its intensity. If you use your bedside lamps for reading in bed, then choose those that cast stronger light. It is not a secret that light plays an important part in our romantic feelings too, so don’t forget that when you design your bedroom.

A traditional bedroom with ceiling fan, spot lights and two nice table lampsA traditional bedroom with ceiling fan, spot lights and two nice table lamps

Choose warm light for your bedroom

Since the bedroom is not the only place intended for relaxation at home, let’s talk about other rooms that can benefit from warm light. The living room is probably where we spend most of our time when we are at home. For that reason, it deserves special treatment when it comes to lighting choices. First of all, you should prefer warm to cool light for this room. Then, you should think about layers of light that can be achieved by installing multiple sources. It is recommended that a living room has at least one main light source (chandelier or flush mounts, for example), while others are added at various levels. Luckily, you can choose from so many sconces, floor, and table lamps to achieve the effect that you would like. Exclusive stores offer crystal lamps and hand blown glass lamps for a touch of glamour.

Additional tips about choosing lighting fixtures 

Lamp group color 1024x768

A universal piece of advice is to use LED lights that simulate daylight whenever possible. That option is the most beneficial to your health since you are not at risk of damaging your eyesight. Exposure to bright, cool light can lead to sleep deprivation while spending time in a room that is poorly lit can cause eye strain and headaches. So it is important to find a healthy balance. Choosing light fixtures for your home is not an easy task. That is why you should take your time to do it right. Whenever in doubt, think about how you would like to feel in a room you are picking lighting for, that can be helpful. Still, it takes a lot of research and experimenting to hit the right combination. Good thing is that you can go to poshlamps.com online store and browse for your perfect solution.

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