How to add Art Deco style to your home

How to add Art Deco style to your home

If The Great Gatsby is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear of Art Deco, you’re on the right track. This lavish style is synonymous with The Roaring Twenties, and it continued well into the 30s and 40s. Its influence can be seen in architecture, industry, fashion as well as in interior design. The staples of Art Deco are geometrical designs and patterns, rich contrasting colors, and opulent materials. Designers and artisans of the time embraced innovations in technology and industry. They created a futuristic yet glamorous interior design style that continues to enchant the people of this century. It goes well with contemporary styles and is sure to add a touch of luxury to your home. Here are a few ideas on how to add Art Deco style to your home.

Geometric patterns and forms are the staples of this style

What characterizes Art Deco the most is bold, futuristic design. Artists and designers believed that mass production and technological innovations would better peoples’ lives. Also, they thought that everyday objects, however ordinary they might be, should be as beautiful as artistic pieces. Therefore, their art celebrates industrial progress and embraces new possibilities.

So, the easiest way to add a touch of Art Deco to your home is to embrace geometric patterns and forms. Stay away from floral, intrinsic, overly detailed designs. Sunbursts, repetitive rectangular and trapezoidal shapes, zig-zag or chevron patterns will give your home the desired Art Deco flair. What’s best, you can implement them anywhere! Geometric wallpaper, furniture, or floor tiles in your kitchen and bathroom are all great places to start. Or, if it seems too bold for you, add a few stylistic pieces such as wall art, sculptures, and even traditional lamps or kitchen appliances.

Choose rich colors to add Art Deco style to your home

Another staple of this style is the choice of rich, vibrant colors. A high-contrast color palette is a must if you’re going for Art Deco. Black and white tiles (or furniture pieces) with a splash of red here and there will add a touch of elegance to your home. Or, you can opt for vibrant yellows, reds, greens, and blues. If you don’t want to go overboard, you can combine these deep jewel hues with white, gray, or beige palettes. To bring the 1920s Hollywood style to your home, pair these glossy, bright color combinations with neutral, black, or silver finishes.

A bedroom in contrasting colors such as black and white with a splash of red will add Art Deco style to your home
Combine the bold, contrasting colors such as black and white and add the splash of red for a glamourous Art Deco effect

So, don’t hesitate to give your walls a new lavish look. While you’re preparing for painting, you should consider renting a storage unit where you will place everything that may get stained by the paint. It would be a good idea to store away all the old pieces of furniture and art because you don’t want your items to get lost or damaged while you’re giving your home a new exuberant coat of paint. On the other hand, if you feel painting your walls a rich yellow is a too bold choice for you, don’t worry! You can opt for reupholstering your favorite sofa in emerald green or adding a jewel-colored table lamp instead!

Opt for streamlined and sleek furniture pieces

Another way to add Art Deco elements to your home is to choose statement furniture pieces. Go for streamlined, large in scale sofas, armoires, tables, and chairs. Choose the pieces evocative of geometrical shapes and movement. Since Art Deco is all about technology, avoid natural materials such as wood or stone.

One exception to this rule is a rare, rich type of wood with shiny, reflective surfaces. Ebony, walnut, or mahogany pieces, lacquered and polished, are a perfect choice. On the other hand, glass and metal furniture with straight edges and geometric, symmetrical patterns are eponymous of Art Deco.

a master bedroom with with a big white bed, polished wood and zebra rug
To add Art Deco style to your home, use reflective polished wood pieces and add a zebra print rug to complete the look

Designers were thrilled with new possibilities of using metal and rare, opulent details made of ivory, mother-of-pearl, or tortoiseshell. Furniture often features geometric, chevron, or zig-zag details, sunburst patterns, and stylized marquetry. Machine-like elements, chrome, gold, and silver details will bring the touch of luxury, too.

Use sleek materials, luxurious both to the eye and touch. Rich velvet and silk go hand in hand with Art Deco furniture. Leather and animal prints were extremely popular. Of course, nowadays, we would opt for faux, vegan leather instead of the real one. Therefore, upholster your furniture in bright, vibrant colors or eccentric geometric shapes, but make sure you use rich, lavish materials.

Glam up the lights

Lightning is fundamental to any interior design, and this is especially true for Art Deco. Rich and warm lighting is the characteristic of this era. Therefore, adding or changing your light fixtures is one of the easiest and most eye-catching ways to add a bit of glamour to your home. There are several characteristics of Art Deco light fixtures:

  • sleek, aerodynamic lines and silhouettes
  • geometric and symmetrical patterns
  • shades of etched glass with stepped or elongated shapes

The perfect way to add Art Deco style to your home is a beautiful chandelier typical for this era. They were extremely popular in the twenties. Whether you opt for a vintage chandelier or the modern take on Art Deco, it’s sure to make your home look glamourous and luxurious. Mirrors are also a simple way to incorporate Art Deco style in any room. Choose large, geometrically shaped mirrors with gold trimmings for extra effect. In addition to that, floor lamps, wall sconces, or bedtime lamps will provide more light and create that lavish and opulent Roaring Twenties ambiance you want.

a white and green living room with lots of lights
Lavish lights and jewel tones will add a touch of The Roaring Twenties to your home

Mix Art Deco with other styles

So, if you’re relocating to your new home and want to decorate it in Art Deco style, consider these various possibilities of patterns and colors. Before the guys from bring your belongings into your new home, choose the color of walls and plan the arrangement of furniture and lighting to suit the layout of your new home.

However, even if you don’t want to embrace Art Deco fully, don’t worry! What’s best about this style is that it combines well with modern and minimalistic styles. Therefore, it’s easy to incorporate it into your home any way you want. Statement decorations, wall art, and sculptures will add Art Deco style to your home in no time! Go for geometrical patterns, vibrant colors, sleek and streamlined decorations to elevate your home to a new level and add the touch of glamour and luxury.

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