How to add more style to your office space with the right lighting

The exterior of a glass building.

When designing your office, your primary emphasis should be on the interior. You have to pay attention to how it looks physically and what kind of feels it awakens mentally. Lighting is a concept that frequently gets neglected, even though it dramatically affects working mood and tone. Therefore, it’s essential to learn how to add more style to your office space with the right lighting while positively impacting your workers’ productivity.

Of course, the best quality light to work under is daylight. But, on the other hand, it’s not always possible to get great daylight sources. This especially holds for urban life places like Manhattan, with all the skyscrapers around us. With that said, it’s essential to use artificial light fixtures that will complement the available daylight.

So, if you want to learn more about using the proper office lighting, we invite you to continue and enjoy reading.

Tips on how to add more style to your office space with the right lighting

Suppose you are in the middle of renovating your office. Congratulations! Even though managing all the tasks can make you feel shaky, this is truly an exciting part of your journey. For instance, you might worry about getting everything done before the grand opening. These tasks range from wall painting to getting all the equipment safely stored during the renovation process. 

So, if you are in a similar situation, be sure to check all the possibilities and pick the best option for you. As office renovations can be expensive, experts advise checking the option of renting out a storage unit. This way, you and your employees or family members can load the storage together without any extra expenses. 

Therefore, to help you better deal with the whole process and end up liking the result, here are our best tips on incorporating light into your office and making it stylish.

The natural light effect

Open areas will provide more daylight from the windows. More sunlight makes everyone awake and productive. So, for example, you can consider installing glass walls to divide cubicles/offices and, therefore, allow the natural light flow. 

Additionally, you will reduce the usage of artificial lights and consider the environment. Finally, you could install skylights which is another excellent way to allow natural light to your offices.

The more (light), the merrier

Natural resources are usually pretty limited. Therefore, having an office with multiple artificial light sources is better than working in a dim office with limited light sources.

A bright office with many light sources.
Consider adding different artificial light sources depending on how bright you want your office to be.

So, when choosing the right light fixtures to add style to your office, it’s essential to know where they throw the light. For example, you will want them placed to illuminate your desks and board. Make sure you have a lighting scheme plan before you go shopping.

Combine natural and artificial

A combination of natural and artificial is necessary. The rule is (if possible) to make windows your primary source of light and supplement with light fixtures.

An office with artificial and natural light combines to add more style to your office space with the right lighting.
If you wish to add more style to your office space with the right lighting, make sure you supplement the natural light with light fixtures.

Another essential thing to remember is to help window light move throughout the space. Achieving this requires strategic planning, but it ensures enough light on those rainy days where everything is grey outside and can affect the work mood.

Consider your walls 

Another not-so-obvious thing that has a lot to do with office lights is your walls. The crew from Manhattan Movers NYC told us many of their customers required their storage unit services while waiting for their offices to be painted. Those customers usually did the right thing and chose bright colors for the walls, reflecting more light than darker shades.

You should also pay attention to your walls, especially to the areas farthest from the windows and have them painted in some paler, brighter color. 

Use decor to add more style to your office space with the right lighting

You can use metallic surfaces or different mirrors on the walls to add more light. 

An office desk with earthy colored accessories.
Having bright accessories around your office will also make it feel brighter.

Additionally, you can choose to have bright-colored office accessories. But stick to one style throughout the whole space and keep the tone and color the same.

Pay attention to task lighting

Finally, another essential factor to count in your office space lighting scheme is task lighting. Task lighting refers explicitly to fixtures that provide light to specific areas so that your employees can see what they’re doing clearly. 

This type of lighting will benefit each team member, especially if they stay at the office after hours. 

Final words 

It’s obvious so far that a bright and illuminated office helps the staff see better and stay productive longer. Additionally, light has significantly to do with our life quality, so it should be something on everyone’s priority list when home or office remodeling. Thus, if you wish to add more style to your office space with the right lighting, be sure to refer back to our post to learn all about how to do it.

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