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7 Tips ~ How To Use Table Lamps

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Table lamps are great accessories to add to any space. They add elegance in a variety of different spaces. Because there are a wide variety of table lamps available, you can find the best table lamp for your decors color scheme or style.

Unusual uttermost mirrors for living room with tufted sofa and glass uttermost lamp suitable with large uttermost wall mirror from uttermost furnitureUnusual Uttermost mirrors for living room with tufted sofa and glass Uttermost lamp suitable with large Uttermost wall mirror from Uttermost furniture

It is a good idea not to choose a random bedroom table lamp set. It is best to be intentional about your choices for the décor you are adding to your home, including table lamps. There are guidelines you should follow to make sure you get the best table lamps for your needs. Taking this extra time  and effort will help make sure your home’s design looks great.

Here are 7 tips for using table lamps

1. Consider the size

Table lamp size chart450 x 450 Table lamps are generally 24 to 34 inches tall. When you think of table lamps, you don’t want to choose a table lamp that is too large for the table it is sitting on or nightstand.

You need to leave space for other accessories on the table. Additionally, a table lamp that is too tall can get knocked over too easily. The lamp can look  a bit awkward if it is too tall. Most table lamps are an appropriate size for end tables, but you should take note of the size.

A proper size of the lamp shade is also an important factor when it comes to choosing table lamps.

Most lamps are purchased with lamp shades, while others require you to purchase a lamp shade separately. The lamp shade should be 1/2 to 3/4 the size of the lamps base. Be sure the shade hides the hardware. Be sure your shade doesn’t look too big or too small for the lamps base.

One of the best ways to avoid this is by buying a table lamp set that includes both the base and the shade. This will help you to make sure that the lamp and shade is properly proportionate. The bottom of the shade should be at eye level when  seated.

Table lamp sizesLine1000-x-20-1


2. Mix and match table lamp bases

In one room, you can choose whether to add several matching table lamps or not. This is easier to do when shopping at a store that offers table lamp pairs.

MixandMatchTableLampsA good option is to combine table lamps that you already have together with a new one. Make sure they all have a similar style. For instance, you should not mix a traditional lamp with a modern lamp.

mix and match shades

To combine the two lamps together, just add matching lamp shades. This can make it look like the mismatching was actually intentional and it will add cohesiveness.

3. Determine what the purpose of the table lamps

Depending on where you want to place your table lamps, you may want to use them for a different purpose. Most often, table lamps are usually meant to provide an accent soft glow. They can make great reading lights or can provide good lighting in the evening.

If you are using your table lamps to provide a lot of light, you will want to pay attention to a couple of things. First, you’ll need to choose lamps that  use high-wattage light bulbs. Second, you’ll need to decide where the lamps will be the most functional. If you are thinking to use them as reading lamps, you want to place them near a favorite chair or place to read.

Knowing the functional purpose of your table lamps will help you decide exactly where to place them and what type of table lamps to choose. In some cases, you’ll need to look for high-wattage light bulbs for that purpose.

4. Find your style

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Any accessories, décor and furniture that you choose for your home should also match the room that it will be placed in. If you are adding an armchair to your living room decor, it should be a similar color and style as your lighting, sofa, rugs, and other accessories in that room.

You should be careful not to mix and match colors and styles. In many cases, some mixing and matching can look great though, but sparingly. You will want to choose a matching color scheme, so  only shop for pieces in those matching colors. This will keep everything coordinated and cohesive.


5. If in doubt, choose a drum shade

uttermost lagrima brushed brass two light table lamp 27048 1

uttermost lagrima brushed brass two light table lamp

Having difficulty choosing a lamp shade? Are you unsure what look will be best in your space? A drum shade is a great way to make sure the shade goes with the base. Drum shades are very versatile and can match well with nearly any base. They look good with a wide variety of different bases.

If you are not sure of the best colors to choose, go with a nice neutral color. White is usually a good choice. You may want to use a shade of gray. This shape and color combo is a great way to add style and more light to your space if you are feeling hesitant on your decision.

6. Lamps as an accent pieces

Table lamps care beautiful,  fashionable and functional. If you would like to add a stylish table lamp to your home decor, make it a stylish accent piece. To provide light while adding beauty and interest to your space.


Ilaria Brass & Crystal Accent Lamp by Uttermost

You can choose a table lamp base or shade in a brighter or bolder color. The accent colors should be used over again in the space to ensure everything flows together. For example, if you buy a deep blue lamp, find throw pillows, vases, or wall paintings to add into the room with that same color scheme.

7. Choose a lighter-colored or translucent shades for optimal lighting

Alita Black Drum Shade Lamp by Uttermost26131 1

Alita Black Drum Shade Lamp by Uttermost

If your main purpose for a lamp is to add more illumination to your space, then you should choose a lamp shade that lets the light glow through. Translucent shades are great for this. Also, choose a lighter-colored shade to make it look more cohesive.

Alternatively, for mood lighting or a soft glow, you should choose a darker-colored lamp shade. The color of the shade can vary by the amount of light you want in the space.  For table lamps of all types, including bedroom table lamp sets Posh Lamps has a vast collection of the most beautiful lamps by the best designers.

Use these tips and you’ll be sure you are choosing your table lamps properly. Your home will look more beautiful, brighter and with the proper lighting.

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