Waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive might be the most exciting time in your life. There are many tasks that parents to be enjoy doing. Everything from picking out baby clothes to choosing a stroller is very exciting. However, nothing excites future mamas and papas like decorating a nursery. Choosing a theme, the wallpaper, a crib, and many more details is fun and exciting. But while you are at it, don’t forget to choose the perfect lighting for your nursery. In case you don’t know how to do it, no worries. You came to the right place.

Why is choosing the perfect lighting for your nursery important?  

Little babies, especially those that just came out of the womb, are very sensitive to lighting. Also, they don’t have a clue what time of the day it is. Parents must help them out in many different departments and this is no exception. Lighting trends are great. Most of them incorporate different crystal lamps, floor lamps, and other gorgeous lighting fixtures. However, the question remains: are they all suitable for your little nugget? So, here are a few things that you ought to keep in mind while working on your baby’s nursery.

a bulb prepared to be put in a room for the perfect lighting for your nursery.
Appropriate lighting will help your baby adjust better to everyday living. 

Make sure the lighting is super soft 

Babies have beautiful little eyes. You can look into them for days. However, it is important to know that those little eyes are very sensitive. Those first few weeks after birth are particularly important. For this reason, you must make sure that your nursery has soft lighting. It will give the room a soft and cozy vibe. This way you will also avoid overstimulating your baby with harsh and aggressive light. So, make sure there are no exposed light bulbs in the room and no fluorescent lighting.

Think about the lighting all day long 

Unlike grownups, babies might need additional lighting all day long. Therefore, you must help them understand what time of the day it is. Setting the mood for babies is very important. Otherwise, you will go through many sleepless nights and days. Of course, some are a must, but others can be prevented. Thus, think around the clock. In the morning, make sure your nursery has dim lighting. This will prevent possible early awakening. At night time, have a night light. There are many decorative night lights to choose from. It will make your nursery look even more festive and homey.

many little lamps lighting up space.
A night light will help you make sure that your baby is safe and well during the night. 

Opt for more than one lighting option 

Having one bedside lamp with soft lightning might be great when putting your baby down for a nice long nap. Still, when changing a poopy diaper, you will need more power. There will be times in your nursery when you will need more brightness. That is why you need to have a combination of a few sources of light to accomplish perfect lighting for your nursery. For instance, you can install a stunning chandelier. But, follow it with a butterfly-shaped night light and a cool pastel buffet lamp. Three sources of light should do the trick.

Safety is your number one priority 

There are many creative ways to embellish a nursery. Glass mirrors and art sculptures are great for the eye, but not so safe for your kid. That is why you should avoid such decorations. The same goes for choosing sources of light. There are many stunning and modern floor lamps that will make you nursey look like a room straight out of a home décor magazine. Yet, they aren’t baby-friendly at all. Thus, as much as you want this room to be breathtaking, the safety of your mini-me comes first.

 Put a lid on natural lighting 

The easiest way to light up a dark room is by letting in natural light. Feeling the sun on our face sure feels amazing. But, your baby might not feel the same way. If you want your baby to be snug as a bug in a rug, make sure you install drapes or shades. There are so many options to choose from that they will only help out your overall nursery look. Without them, your nursery might seem like something is missing. Therefore, you will have a great looking nursery with lovely drapes, while providing your baby the mood that they need.

 girl standing in front of an open window.
Natural light is great for your baby. Still, make sure you control it, so it doesn’t overstimulate your toddler. 

Moving is always an option 

You’re not only trying to put together perfect lighting for your nursery. You are trying to arrange perfect conditions for your newborn baby to live in. Once you become a proud mommy or daddy, your priorities drastically shift overnight. If you are currently living in a home that is not suitable for a toddler, it might be time to put moving on the table. Making this change with the entire family might be difficult at first. It will be well worth it later on, however, when you see how much joy you brought to your little one.

No need to do it on your own

With a toddler in one hand, the last thing you need is to be packing and arranging a move with your other. That is why you should get some help. Hire professional movers. They can take care of everything from packing to transport, so you can focus on what really matters – your perfect little baby, who needs you more than anything else. Vision Movers FL are a great option when it comes to professional movers that are experienced and well respected by their customers.

Enjoy it! It will go by quickly 

While waiting for your baby, you will be overwhelmed with joy and excitement. Picking out everything from wall art, table lamps, carpets, cribs, and everything else for the nursery will seem like the most important task there is. The same will apply for selecting the perfect lighting for your nursery. Nevertheless, once your little prince or princess arrives, you will barely notice anything around you. They will be enough to light up the room. So, while you are waiting for your pride and joy, make sure that everything awaiting them is perfection. Once they are here, they will be all you think about.

Author Bio 

Joy McGee is a home décor specialist. She runs her own interior design firm in Brooklyn, NY. She specializes in residential home decor, but her favorite projects are kids’ rooms and nurseries. When she isn’t working in her office space in Brooklyn, Joy enjoys spending time with her two daughters and husband.