Okay you want a new chandelier, now what? Read on.

Chandelier Tips

For kitchen islands and even dinette tables choose Pendant chandeliers to add style. Depending on the number of pendants and the arrangement, you should position the pendant about 32″ inches above the tables surface.

The hanging wire or chain of a chandelier can be dressed up by using the fabric to end up with a narrow sleeve of fabric.

The fabric should be long enough to bunch up the fabric over the cord for a gathered look. 

Also, you may want to add a decorative ceiling medallion where the cord meets the ceiling to create a finished look directly above the table or around the fixture’s ceiling plate.

A ceiling  medallion is usually lighter weight and simple to install, and generally comes in different styles and looks.

It’s not surprising that many people have love affairs with beautiful chandeliers. A chandelier reminds us of a  gorgeous piece of fine jewelry. It’s one of those things that catapults a look from pretty to absolutely gorgeous.

entrance chandelier

Choosing the Right Size Chandelier

To begin with, a chandelier is a statement piece. It’s something visitors will notice and admire and likely strike up a conversation over. It’s essential the chandelier is hung properly and in the best position for the room. Usually they are centered directly over the dining room table, but it needs to be hanging at the proper height and should be the proper size for the best impact. If your chandelier is not centered properly or hangs too low, someone could hit their head or bump into it as they walk by. 

dining room chandelier

A chandelier should be approximately 12 inches more narrow than the table it is hanging above. The chandelier should have about 48 inches of space from the edge of the tabe to the wall.

Hang your chandelier about 32  inches above your table that has an 8 foot tall ceiling.

If your ceiling is more than 8 feet tall, install the chandelier an extra 3 inches higher for each 12 inces of ceiling height.

What About The Light Bulbs?

The heat from light bulbs  can be warm and uncomfortable. The light eminating from a chandelier shines directly downward from above and it can also cast shadows that may not be desireable. 

It’s a good idea to avoid the higher wattage light bulbs. With the higher temperatures it can cause an annoying glare.

In that case you may want to add a shade or a dimmer control on the light switch to better control the light intensity and set a better ambience.

A chandelier can add a beautiful dimension to a room


double chandelier

How can you tell if a specific chandelier is the right choice for the space? Is it too small? Too big? Is it the wrong style completely?

So let’s answer these questions

Here are 3 tips how to choose the right chandelier.

1. Size Definitely Matters

big chandelier

We usually think “the bigger the better” when it comes to chandeliers. When you are trying to decide if you should go big or go small – you should use this rule of thumb.

A larger crystal chandelier can add a lot of drama to a room – and at times it just may be too much for the room.

Living Room or Entryway Chandeliers:

  • For each 12 inches of ceiling height you should allow 2-3 inches of your chandeliers height.
  • To get the correct size- add the width plus length of the room and convert that number to inches.
  • For instance, a room that is 12-feet x 12-feet would require a chandelier that is about 24-inches wide.

Dining Room Chandeliers:

  • A chandelier should be around 12 inches more narrow than the surface of the dining room table.
  • The chandelier should be placed at least 48 inches away from the rooms walls. Making certain your chandelier hangs with plenty of room around it.

2. Double or nothing

Usually one single chandelier is a perfect size hanging above a dining room table or island. But at times, 2 or possibly 3 fixtures are better than one.

If your dining table is extra long for example, you will want to light up the center portion of the table.


A great way to achieve the proper look with the proper light is to hang several smaller chandeliers as opposed to one large chandelier.

Having several chandeliers instead of one can create a unique contrast to your dining area.

3. Add Style 


Whether modern luxurious, vintage inspired, industrial or something else, consider the style of your room and the message you would like to convey with the chandelier you choose.

Is it elegant and simple? Does it blend in and go with the rest of the decor? Is it a show stopper?  There are an endless number of ways you can make your room feel different with a beautiful chandelier – and its all up to you.

If your room has a lot of charm and architectural flare – something more elegant, traditional and classic will go nicely.

If it is a more modern  design – you could add more glitz to make a glamorous statement or you could keep it more simple.

Multiple crystal chandeliers can create a more glamorous and unique design for a traditional kitchen.

For a smaller kitchen in a cottage, two crystal chandeliers can add vintage charm – they will definitely compliment the overall appearance of the kitchen. 

Use these 3 tips to help you decide on how to choose your perfect chandelier, no matter what size, style or finish you’re looking for- Posh Lamps has a great selection of chandeliers just for you.