Crystal chandeliers are evergreen pieces that will never go out of fashion. They are a perfect and simple way of lighting a dark room, and it appears that everybody loves them no matter the generation or home design style. However, there is something about them that nobody enjoys. Cobwebs and grime can easily collect on their tiny pieces, and it seems so difficult to clean. In this article, we will advise you on how to clean and care for crystal chandeliers, so they can shine and look brand new and last you a lifetime. You’ll see that this doesn’t have to be a daunting task at all.

Two methods of cleaning crystal chandeliers

After choosing the right chandelier, the first thing you need to know is how to keep them looking like new for a long time. There are two main methods of cleaning your crystal chandelier. You can either take it down for cleaning or leave it in place.

Luxury, elegant crystal chandelier
Clean chandeliers by taking them down or leave them in place and climb a ladder.

Quick and easy cleaning 

The easier method is to do the cleaning without taking the crystal chandelier down. If you are doing this regularly, your crystal chandelier may never become so dirty that you need to take it down. Here are some tips for the easiest way of doing it:

  • Switch off the chandelier as a precautionary measure. You also don’t want the light blinding you as you clean. Set up an alternative light source in the room to see what you’re doing.
  • Lay a big towel or preferably a blanket on the floor under the chandelier so you catch any pieces that might fall off in the process. It will prevent them from breaking.
  • Create an easy DIY cleaning solution of one-part alcohol and four-part distilled water, and pour it into a clean spray bottle.
  • Put on cotton or latex gloves to prevent smudging your crystals with fingerprints while cleaning. It will also protect your hands from any sharp edges or exposed wires.
  • Climb onto a stable and sturdy ladder to reach the chandelier, and be sure that you are stable and comfortable.
  • Spray your solution onto a clean microfiber cloth. Don’t spray directly on the chandelier – it would only cause dripping, and the dust would get “caked” in all the wrong places.
  • Gently wipe each delicate crystal piece with a damp cloth and immediately afterward use a dry and lint-free cloth to wipe again. It will prevent water-spots or smudges and leave a sparkling finish.
DIY cleaning solution in a spray bottle, something you need to clean and care for crystal chandeliers
There are many ways to make an easy homemade solution for cleaning your crystal chandeliers.

Deep cleaning method

Another way of cleaning your crystal chandelier is a deep-cleaning method, which requires taking it (or at least all the crystal prisms) down. This method makes it easier for you to reach every little piece of the frame and every last corner of the crystals. To avoid too much stress, try these tips:

  • Take a few photos from each angle to ensure you know how to put everything back in its place after finishing the cleaning process. It takes seconds but can save you hours.
  • Use the same homemade solution as we mentioned above or make another one by mixing warm water with a bit of dish soap. You can also use one cup of vinegar and three cups of hot water solution. The effect will be the same, and both are easy to make.
  • Remove chandelier pieces one section at a time and then gently hand-wash each piece.
  • Dry the pieces immediately with a damp microfiber cloth. Again, it’s to prevent ugly spotting which may ruin your efforts.

How often should you clean your crystal chandeliers?

If you dust or wipe your chandelier from time to time, a deep clean won’t be necessary more than once every year or two. If you have a lot of dust, twice a year should do the job. In the meantime, clean your chandelier every two to three months with a feather duster, microfiber duster, or a lamb wool duster. Clean it when it starts to look cloudy. High-quality crystal chandeliers made in recent years have a coating applied to repel dust and dirt, so they require less cleaning.

Crystal chandelier, turned off
Clean your chandelier when it starts to look cloudy

Other useful tips on how to clean and care for crystal chandeliers

Avoid cleaners with too many harsh chemicals inside, especially ammonia-based cleaners. They are known to remove the finish from the gold-plated and silver-plated hooks that hold the crystal prisms. Also, avoid rotating the chandelier to reach other sections. It can easily lead to loosening the fixture’s support and falling down. Move your ladder around instead. Finally, if the chandelier is hard to reach, replace the bulbs at the same time you are cleaning it.

Storing and moving them

Aside from all the tips mentioned above on how to clean and care for crystal chandeliers, you’ll also need to know how to properly store them. When packing, loading, and transporting, keep in mind that they are fragile items, easily breakable, and you probably won’t be able to fix the damage if it happens.

In case you are relocating, know that crystal chandeliers are among the most delicate items you’ll transport. Since they are precious to each owner, make sure to take good care of them when moving to another house. If you’re not sure that you’ll be gentle enough or you just don’t have time or patience to deal with it, hire professionals to handle this. Professional fine art movers have expertise in packing, loading, and transporting pieces such as crystal chandeliers, hand-blown glass lamps, mirrors, canvas, wall décor, and many more. You need to know they are safe and secured when relocating to a new home.

Vintage interior with fireplace and crystal chandelier
Fine art pieces need gentle care when packing, loading, storing, and moving.


Whether you live in a modern or traditional home, crystal chandeliers are statement pieces that make your home more luxurious, so don’t neglect them. Not only do they give you a perfect amount of sparkling light, but they are also an irreplaceable part of your home decor. With proper care and little patience, they can always look fresh, clean, and shiny. Follow these tips on how to clean and care for crystal chandeliers, and you’ll find the results worth the effort.

Amanda Wilson has worked as a coordinator at Gibraltar Van Lines for 11 years. She is a passionate art collector and has a real enthusiasm for all things crystal. In her blog, she shares her knowledge to help people care for their crystals to “bring more bling” into their home.