The lampshade is a particularly delicate part of a lamp. Depending on the type and model, it comes in different shapes and can be made from various materials, including everything from soft silk to hard plastic. Therefore, it’s one of the more difficult items to pack. So, if you plan to move or place some of your items in storage, it’s useful to know how to properly pack and store lampshades. With adequate packing supplies and a bit of knowledge, you will ensure they remain intact.

What do you need to know to properly pack and store lampshades?

It would be convenient if you could just pack your traditional table lamps in one piece. But, in most cases, you will need to separate the lampshade from the base. That alone additionally complicates the entire packing process, but not too much. Of course, the best option would be if you still have the original package hanging around. But, more often than not, we usually throw those boxes away. Fortunately, you can learn how to pack and store lampshades in a few relatively easy steps.

Start by finding the proper packing supplies

First and foremost, you will need to get packing boxes of appropriate size. Normally, it will depend on the size of your lamp or lampshade, with a little more extra space for cushioning materials. Here is the list of other supplies you will need for packing:

  • Packing paper
  • Packing or duct tape
  • Wrapping, cushioning, and filling supplies
  • Plastic bags
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Protection gloves

Once you get all you need, you can proceed to dismantling and packing all parts in a specified way. Before we move on to packing, you should know that you have another option as well. If you are not confident enough or don’t want to risk anything, you can visit and inquire about professional packing services. Professional packers are your universal solution for items of all shapes and sizes. 

Several sturdy boxes on a pallet.
It’s always better to use additional boxes instead of risking any damage to your lampshades.

Pick safe storage for your lamps and other items

Before you continue with all the preparation and packing, you need to make sure you have the proper storage. Sometimes, you will place your stone table lamps, crystal lamps, or even hand-blown glass lamps in the attic or basement to wait until needed again. But sometimes you will have to rent an additional storage unit for your belongings. Renovation, relocation, and decluttering are examples of when it’s convenient to have clean storage space. Remember, lampshades are usually delicate and sensitive to dirt. Because humidity and mildew can damage your items, you have to place them in a clean place, especially if you plan to store them for a more extended time. Either entirely clean your attic or check for storage units in the area. Avoid garages because they are not an immaculate environment.

Separate the lampshade from the lamp

There are various attractive lamp models, but they all share one characteristic. They usually have two major parts: a base and a lampshade. In general, you will need to pack them separately. Unless it’s a specific model that is not intended for dismantling. To go about it properly, separate the lampshade from the base of your lamp carefully. Have plastic bags at hand to pack screws and other small parts immediately. Also, don’t let your cord loose. Tie it and, if possible, tape it to the base. Usually, your lamp and lampshade are now ready to pack, but it would be good to clean everything before wrapping.

Clean your lampshade

Lampshades collect dust and dirt over time. Because most materials are sensitive to dirt, you need to clean lampshades before placing them in storage. Plastic and other hard materials are easy to clean, but you need to be careful with soft materials. A vacuum cleaner, set on low, is your primary tool here. You should probably have different attachments for the pipe, so pick the one with a brush. If you don’t, use a simple paintbrush and dust your lampshade off while vacuuming. It’s quite convenient for unreachable and small corners. Alternatively, you can use a hairdryer, but make sure it blows cold air.

A set of brushes.
You can even use a brand new makeup brush to dust tricky corners.

It’s time to pack your lampshade into the box

Whether you need to pack one lampshade or several, the process is almost the same. Pick the appropriately sized box, but leave some space for packing materials. Place a cushioning layer at the bottom of the box, like crushed packing paper, packing peanuts, or wool. Then wrap your lampshade and carefully place it into the container.

If you want to pack several lampshades models in the same box, pay attention to their size and shape. If you can place them one into the other without banding, it’s alright. If not, it’s better to pack them separately. Just make sure you wrap each lampshade before placing it upside down. Fill the empty space with fillers to prevent shifting, and check if you can close the box without any pressure on lampshades. Also, never use newspaper or any printed paper. The inc and color can leave traces on lampshade material and damage it for good.

Seal the box and label it

Once the box is closed, you need to seal it with packing tape. Start by taping the flaps first, then do the final taping at 90 degrees angle. It should have a cross shape on the top of the box once it’s complete.

Write a “fragile” label on the box and make sure to mark the “goes up” direction as well. And just like with other packing boxes, write its content and what room it belongs to. Surely, you don’t want your beautiful lamps to end up damaged during transport, so “place it on top” is also a good note, so the box doesn’t end up under other packages.

The “fragile” label on the box.
Label should be large and noticeable from afar.

Several general tips for packing lampshades

  • Always take your lampshade by the wire rim or the sturdiest part.
  • Don’t bend or apply any strain on fragile items.
  • Hold it in clean and dry hands. Preferably, use gloves.
  • Don’t mix small parts from different lamps.
  • Protection is more important than saving a few boxes when packing.
  • Don’t use a strong cleaning solution for lamps and lampshades, or for plastic items in general.

Whether you are preparing for moving, dealing with clutter, or you just want to store some of your lighting fixtures or lamps, it’s useful to know how to properly pack and store lampshades. In fact, many items in your household require a specific approach when packing. You can either learn to pack like a professional or call professionals to help you. Any option is valid as long as your items are safe from harm.

Bio: Beatrice is a long-time interior design enthusiast with a particular passion for room lighting decorations. She is the author of several articles about everything from the old oil lamps to well known-styles like Victorian lamps. Besides writing, she likes to spend her time strolling through antique shops searching for unique and most interesting room decoration pieces.