Interior design is all about making a certain space feel luscious and expensive, but also homey and serene at the same time. Although this skill takes a lot of time and effort to acquire, there are some items that will do your work for you. Mirrors have this ability. They’re capable of acting like chameleons in any space. It’s almost like having a blank canvas and painting it with its surroundings. Learning how to use mirrors in interior design takes some time and strong will, but it’s far from unachievable. 

Playing with light

Using either natural lighting or light in the form of chandeliers and crystal lamps is a great way to make your mirror multi-purposeful. There are quite a few different ways to accentuate the light in just the way you need it. Another thing to keep in mind is that the mirror you’ll be using in interior design depends on what you have at your disposal. If you aren’t able to set your mirrors up in rooms where natural lighting is generous, think about adding lights around your mirrors.

A bunch of light bulbs hanging from the ceiling.

A good way to learn how to use mirrors in interior design is to try and incorporate light.

A bunch of light bulbs hanging from the ceiling.

Placement is key when using mirrors in interior design

Location is the most important thing when using mirrors in interior design. Making use of your space is not that hard, all you need to do is learn by doing. Take some time and really get to know your space and set your goals for it. Creating a reflection of something will only give you more of the same. 


Another thing you need to think about is how your mirror will look from each part of the room and where it’s most likely to be seen at all times.

Mirror size

Size is a factor that cannot be neglected. Of course, not all mirrors give away the same impression. Here are some ideas that you can applydepending on the kind of the mirror you own. 

Bigger mirrors

  • Hanging
    When trying to use mirrors in interior design, this is the kind that most people go for. These mirrors are the easiest to use in the right way. You need to think about placement as much as the angle at which you’re placing your mirror in regards to your source of light. 
  • Floor mirrors
    Thesemirrors, although not as conspicuous to the naked eye, are really making a comeback.Using floor lamps to accentuate them will give you a lot of texture and warmth. 
A floor mirror in a minimalist room. The usage of floor mirrors in interior design is making a comeback.

The usage of floor mirrors in interior design is making a comeback.

A floor mirror in a minimalist room.

Smaller mirrors

  • Table mirrors
    When it comes to small mirrors, using table lamps or bedside lamps to make them seen is a really good trick. This way, the reflection will help lighten up your room in a new way as well. 
  • Decorative mirrors
    Taking a bunch of small mirrors instead of one large one will take care of some empty space if that’s what you’re in need of. Using mirrors in interior design in the right way could make their reflection resemble wall art. If you’re creative, this is a great way to make your home unique and artsy. 
A small mirror in the shape of an eye. If you want to know how to use mirrors in interior design, try starting with smaller ones.

Try using smaller mirrors in combination with light. This is a good way to make your room feel intimate and cozy.

A small mirror in the shape of an eye.

Use mirrors in interior design to show another dimension of your artwork

Hangingwall decor around or opposite your mirrors can help add a dimension to your home. This especially applies if your art pieces aren’t quite consistent with the rest of your decorations either color- or style-wise. Adding a mirror to reflect your art piece will create an illusion that’ll pair well and make the room feel more finished and thought out. 

Different types of rooms

Depending on what sort of atmosphere you wish to achieve, you can use mirrors in interior design a bit differently throughout your home. 

The living area and bedrooms

When it comes to your living room, your bedrooms, or the hallway, you’ll most likely want to achieve warmth and coziness, while keeping your interior fun and modern. Using mirrors in home design is a great way to do that. 

Taking some sources of light that are already present and playing with their reflection will trick your eye. All you need to know is what exactly you wish to be tricked into. Using a crystal chandelier will make your room feel luxurious, traditional, and cozy, while doing so with a beautiful lamp will have your space seem intimate and modern. 

Another thing that you’ll get by placing some mirrors around your home is a sense of spaciousness that wasn’t present before. Although your home won’t differ in size, you’ll certainly feel like it does. 


When it comes to using bathroom mirrors in interior design, the ballpark is a bit further away. Most people take bathroom mirrors to be merely practical and not at all decorative. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re right. 

Apart from seeming more spacious, mirrors, when used in the right way, can have your bathroom looking renovated and modern. 

A beautiful modern bathroom with a huge mirror on one of the walls.

Using bathroom mirrors in interior design will help make your space more spacious and modern.

A beautiful modern bathroom with a huge mirror on one of the walls.

Moving your mirrors

When you use mirrors in interior design you need to take care of them during times like moving days. A lot can go wrong due to their fragility and you really need to put some thought into this process. Althoughpacking breakable things takes some skill, you can do it. 

If you, however, choose not to go through this process on your own, you can always hire someone. Moving companies are equipped and ready to handle this with the greatest of care. When it comes to moving the most standard mirrors or otherwise, companies like are sure to step in and save the day, without you having to put much thought or effort into it. 

Keep it fresh

Once you’ve gotten a hang of how to use mirrors in interior design, you’ll know how to repeat it time and time again. Keeping your home fresh and up to date in this way is both fun and affordable. 

Author bio: Lucy Thompson is a freelance interior designer and a blogger on the side. Along with renovating people’s homes in simple and inexpensive ways, she wishes to help others by sharing her experience. Aside from her already acquired knowledge, she stays informed on what’s new and up-to-date through a number of different sources.