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Kitchen Trends 2019

2019 kitchen trends

Spend quality time in your kitchen with a cup of coffee or enjoying a snack to satify a hunger urge . But some of the funniest and best memories are created here.

It’s smart to have a well-planned kitchen. So, forget those 2018 trends from last year, 2019 offers many different ideas to deal with the heart and soul of your home. Are you planning a kitchen makeover, or would just like to be inspired?

Here are the trending concepts to recreate a new kitchen that fits the bill with ease and confidence.

Kitchen Trends for 2019

Natural Stone     

Natural stone kitchen atl                                                      

People are amazed by the charm of the abstract resources that Mother Nature provides us by utilizing natural stone beyond countertops. Kitchen backsplashes that extend all the way to the ceiling will permit raw materials to shine on their own. You can even mount shelving, cabinets or drawer fronts directly on the natural stone.

Kitchen Walls Can Provide Storage

kitchen cupboard hanging units rack cabinets shelves

Kitchen space is usually a city dweller’s bane, because they are generally tiny. But you have other options for more storage space such as installing a suspended pot frame that can maximize your shelf space, or you can store some bulkier kitchen stuff in a pantry or outside of the kitchen. There usually are vertical spaces that you haven’t thought to use –  like your walls.

 People generally don’t store kitchen apparatus on their walls because it can appear to be a source of clutter and an eyesore if not done properly. Although if its done properly, it can be beautiful! And another good thing is that it will force you to be more organized.

Keep It Clutter-Free 

clutter free kitchen

 Cabinets should be used to store necessary things and unsightly excesses should be kept out of sight in a storeroom or pantry. Even your countertops should be free from the clutter of coffee makers, microwaves, toasters and bread boxes. Whatever it may be, it’s time to tidy it up.

Linear Lighting



The kitchen is always one of the most important parts of the home, it is where family gathers together and meals are prepared. With a little imagination and creativity, a beautiful lighting system can certainly transform your kitchen from dingy into a wonderful bright space, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

linear light fixtures lend themselves to modern kitchens thanks for their horizontal shape and bright downward lighting. Over the counters, you’ll love the spreadout light a rectangular fixture can offer and it’s the best option to hang over your kitchen island when you want the light coming from just one source versus multiple sources. 

For homes with smaller kitchens, the perfect lighting option are table lamps. You can utilize them on the counters or even inside the cabinetry and you can maneuver them one spot to another as desired, and you can change the bulb in order to control the amount of brightness. Or just use them only when you need a little extra light.


Mirror Backsplash Kitchen

A mirror can add a reflection of sophistication, beauty, and can add many other decorating benefits to any room in the home, even the kitchen. For smaller kitchens, it can provide a sense of openness and spread light throughout the space. While for larger kitchens, mirrors can provide a stunning reflection of the landscape outside a window, it can enhance the look of wall art or the illuminate the color of a wall.

Go Elegant With Dark Cabinetry

elegant black kitchen design kitchen cabinets

If you are remodeling or just changing your kitchen cabinets, consider the elegant beauty of dark cabinetry. It is a rich looking option that adds bold drama to your cooking space. It takes on a feel of timeless beauty that brings glamor to white counters or floors and the dark wood accents provide warmth and personality. Dark cabinets are eye catching, and enhance the entire kitchens visual intensity and stature.

Go Hi-tech

Ultra Modern High Tech Kitchen

These days, technology connects appliances and high tech kitchen devices to help you prepare delicious food. They can fully automate the cooking process, and give you updates on the progress of your food preparation, while ensuring you are following the proper procedures to a T.

The day has finally come when high technology is fully integrated right into your refrigerator. A smart fridge features a touch screen display, internal cameras, and a wireless router with internet access. This permits you to search for delicious recipes, view the inside of the fridge to see what you are low on while you’re shopping at the grocery store, and you can also conveniently leave reminders to family members.

Wall Décor

Kitchen wall decor

Don’t waste valuable space in your kitchen, take full advantage of those bland blank walls to create a captivating wall of decor, and amaze your guests even more than your culinary prowess. Don’t limit your art display just to the living room, it’s okay to hang some of your favorite art pieces on the bare walls in your kitchen. Break out your grandmas fine china and use plate hangers to display that beautiful dinner ware and platters right on the wall. Feast your eyes on those beautiful displays as you prep your favorite sumptuous meal.

What’s Out in Kitchen Trends in 2019

Just like hair, clothes and fashion, kitchen trends come and go. Turn your kitchen space into something more visually interesting that will make every meal more enjoyable and more memorable. Say good bye to last years designs and prepare for your beautiful kitchen makeover.

Rustic Old News

Rustic Kitchen is out

Kitchen design is leaning toward a more modern twist with a more simple look. Wooden barn doors will be replaced with metal and glass. The  enclosed range hood made with rustic materials has switched to textures such as coated brass, or stainless, and matte black. Edison bulbs are being concealed to reduce the harsh light in favor of complementary radiance.

Boring Countertops

Rustic Homemade Kitchen Islands 8 3

Countertops are a very important part of your kitchen and definitely makes it more interesting. Consider using quartz which comes in a vwide ariety of colors and styles.

Mismatched Cabinets

Rustic Homemade Kitchen Islands 8 4

Mismatched upper and lower cabinets which were popular in varying heights and designs are no longer considered appealing to the eye. It actually makes it seem as though there was no real thought behind the planning and arrangement for your kitchens design.

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