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Layered Lighting Design ~ Adds Versatility & Ambiance

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Whether you are in a new home or in the process of renovating or redesign, the most overlooked aspect of any interior design scheme is the lighting plan. Thankfully, however, there are many different options available from which to choose, and the process using the internet is easier than ever.

Table Lamps

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There is a world of possibilities in terms of design and choice, size, material, color, style and price. The wide range of options can also lead to some confusion when it comes to purchasing a table lamp as there are so many to choices. Before the internet, choice was limited to your local strip mall or shopping centre, today the options are almost endless.

The right table lamp can add wow to the wow factor in any space. A well chosen lamp can increase a rooms appeal with both the visual impact and its lighting benefits. Larger table lamps can act as an impressive centre piece in a larger room or can provide a great focal point for a sitting area. Lamps placed in pairs can add nice symmetry to a room and can add a sense of uniformity to a larger furniture piece or a room.

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The best height for table lamps is somewhere between 64″ and 58″ from the floors surface. Stay in this range to give your lighting plan an overall cohesive look to the room.

  • A nightstand 30 to 24 inches tall should have a table lamp of at least 32 to 27 inches in over all height. Smaller nightstands 20 to 18 inches tall – should have a taller lamp.
  • The shade should not have a diameter larger than the table tops full dimensions.
  • Taller lamps should be set on tables in foyers, dining rooms, hallways,  and other areas where task lighting is not needed.

There are many great websites on the internet who provide endless options in your search for that perfect table lamp. 

Table lamps come in four basic materials Glass, Metal, Wood,  and Ceramic. And the wide range of finishes are nearly endless with all the sizes, colors types, and styles of table lamps out there. Whatever your budget, style or color scheme there is a lamp that will fit in with your decor.

Desk Lamps

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Desk lamps are not only used for your office these days, but also beside the bed, and because they are generally smaller than bedside lamps they tke up little space on your night table leaving more room. They come in different materials colors and shapes, with different structures and technology, but the function is the same. With so many choices you need to choose the best fit for your room style and decor.

Touch desk lamps are convenient and simple to turn on when its difficult to find the switch. Touch desk lamps are switched on by a light touch of a finger swipe. When you use led desk lamps you save energy while still enjoying the same brightness. Small desk lamps with clips are a great solution without taking up valuable desk space on a replete desk. 

With stylish materials, colors and shapes as well as multiple usefull functions, the key elements of desk lamps that the customer enjoys will benefit them on those busy days.

One of the best ways to light up a living room is to strategically place several table lamps on the end tables flanking each side of your couch. If your living room couch is L-shaped, well placing two lamps at the end of the longest section of the couch and then place another single table lamp on the other end of the smaller couch or loveseat, will create a beautiful effect.

When those three lamps are all turned on, the living will be well illuminated with a unique style. You can always install higher-wattage bulbs to add additional brightness if necessary.

Floor Lamps

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Another effective method used to brightening up a living room where those darker corners exist is to use a floor lamp. These larger, free-standing versatile lamps are a good alternative where using table lamps just aren’t practicle.  they provide a nice vertical element to those areas and they free up needed space on your table.

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                                                                                Alenya Gold Floor Lamp by Uttermost

You can easily set them up so the electrical outlets are connected to the floor lamps plug in to the electrical outlets switch so they are easily controlled and turn on with a flip of a switch. This is more simple than needing to search for that small elusive “on” knob or button every time you’d like to turn the living room light on.

Ceiling Lights & Chandeliers

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Without proper lighting, interior design plans become less than functional and less appealing.  Ceiling lighting is a very important part of your overall interior design plan. It sets a tone for the rooms design. It can be used for task lighting or just for ambient light depending on where they’re installed in the home.

The Chandelier

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It wasn’t very long ago when you would only see chandeliers exclusively featured in entryways inside the most beautiful exclusive homes. Although hanging a chandelier in your foyer still sets an impressive tone of sophistication

Wall Lamps or Sconces

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Yet another great and stylish option available for living room lighting is to choose one or several wall lamps for an otherwise bare wall. These highly stylish and attractive lamps are great for homeowners who have smaller living rooms with less extra space to spare. Place them on a bare wall that’s not being filled with larger furniture and you will quickly create a new source of lighting for your living room. However, when installing a wall lampyou will need an electrician if you’d like to hide the cord inside the wall.

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