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Light Up Your Kitchen with Pendant Lighting

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Developing a great design plan for the lighting in your kitchen is like planning a great meal: First, you need the recipe and then add in the right ingredients. To be sure you cook up the best lighting design for your kitchen, consult with a lighting professional.

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Island with Pendant Lights 17


A huge mistake is only having one type, not having a good mixture of lighting to satisfy all your lighting needs. There are many types and sources of lighting to consider.

Ceiling lights and recessed lights are great for spreading out the light, but not for directing light specifically where you need it.

Too much recessed lighting instead of mixing the various lighting types can result in flooding the room with too much light.

Yes, recessed lighting is a great illuminator, but it isn’t as precise as other lighting types.

Does the lighting in your kitchen make a design statement or simply shed light?


brass and glass mini pendant kitchen lights

Your kitchen lighting needs to serve more than one purpose, it needs the right kind and the right amount of light to properly illuminate your workspace.

Think about all the cooking and prep work you will be doing – not to mention kids doing homework or other tasks that may be performed at the island – you need lighting that provides the best and most appropriate light to work by.

Your kitchen is a vital area for lighting, where you cook, clean and eat.

But it does not mean that you should not have lighting that provides a stylish and beautiful design statement.

Choose your fixtures with color that matches or accents your own kitchens colors that will add a certain flair, or perhaps choose something trendy or vintage that fits in perfectly.

Whatever your style – light up your space with beautiful and functional kitchen pendant lighting.


Shades of Light

pendant shades

Some of our favorites have beautiful colorful shades. Adding the right shade will add the right personality and charm to your lighting scheme. If you’re not sure what to choose, browse through the endless styles and colors that are offered by the best designers and are more popular than ever.

If you are looking to make a stylish impact and fashion statement? A rustic pendant light can add stylish charm and provide nostalgia to your kitchen, and will surely attract welcome attention from friends and family.

Pendant Lights

design interiors kitchen


Provide an ambiance of old-fashioned nostalgia with Rustic Pendant Lights

Kitchen Pendant Lights rustic 


Add an attractive vintage look to your kitchen.

Perfect Industrial Lighting

A simple vintage look for your kitchen is reflected in an industrial style pendant light, which usually has a nice bronze or galvanized metal finish.


traditional kitchen lighting

Will add a stylish air of elegance and grace


The very popular vintage look comes in the classic traditional style, which tends to be more ornate and elegant than rustic or industrial lighting, offering similar old-fashioned charm.


You do not have to go with an old-fashioned style! Contemporary pendant lights will offer a diverse minimalist, modern, artistic, and avant-garde style. Choose the best style that suits you.

modern kitchens pendant fixtures 1

For a more modern kitchen style, consider the contemporary-style pendant lighting that creates a unique and personal touch.



colorful mini pendant lights

Kitchens small or big need extra flair

Perhaps your kitchen island could use a colorful accent and illumination. Maybe you prefer a more relaxed ambiance, well mini pendant lights are exactly what you want. They are the design icing on the cake, and will provide a functional and stylish lighting solution. Choose a mini pendant to create a chic modern look. Maybe you have a wild side and like a more wild atmosphere, then choose colors like a cherry red mini pendant. With all the different styles and colors available, you’ll surely find one that enhances your own home’s decor.

Mini pendant lights may be small in size, but they are big in style!

Pendant lighting is perfect for areas that need a little extra illumination for other tasks – such as your kitchen. And with the many various styles you have to choose from, you will surely discover the perfect pendant lighting for your kitchen.

These Amazing Pendant Lights

Before You Install ~ Have A Plan

No matter what type of lighting you decide on for your kitchen, it is very important to have a detailed lighting plan.

If you have a professional lighting specialist or you visit online stores like finehomelighting.com or poshlamps.com, be prepared. Take pictures of your kitchen and have them handy and know your kitchen dimensions. How high is your ceiling? Where are your doors situated? Determine the space between the cabinets and the ceiling? How much space between the counter surface and the cabinets?


If you are constructing a new kitchen, have a layout handy. It’s vital to plan out where you intend to have recessed lights installed, as well as ceiling light fixtures.

If you choose to update your existing kitchen, determine how much or how little construction you want to do. If you’re not wanting to tear out the ceiling, then you have to consider that as far as your lighting installations are concerned.

Be Consistent

Once you have your lighting plan in place, use similar color bulbs all throughout your new kitchen so the color tone of the counters, floor and cabinets all reflect the same color intensity.

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