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Lighting & Wall Art – A Forgotten home décor idea


Lighting- A Top home décor idea

Home decoration is not about incorporating stuff of any kind without knowing whether it will end up looking like a hospital, or a well designed home. Yes, the market is full of home décor accessories, and one must know which to install and for what purpose. Otherwise, things can clash despite spending considerable money. Without knowing a few basics of the top home decorating ideas, you cannot bring the change into your home you are hoping for. Without the proper home decoration tips, everything can end up looking like a mess. From beautiful lightning to modern flooring and complimenting paint to stylish home décor accessories, everything matters with your selections and the combination of personal taste.

Kitchen Lighting

Lightning- the critical aspect of home decoration

Engineering your home with the proper lighting is also an art quite like a designer who knows the taste and demand of a specific style. If you have ever observed wedding decorators? They turn the empty space into a palace. How? Only using the right combination of items that can make any place worth seeing like art. Homeowners generally do not consider the lights. Whenever they plan to redecorate their home or want to install new accessories, they may take care of everything other than lightning. Without realizing that underwhelming lighting used for home decoration can look  more like a commercial building than a newly designed home.

Choose the light fixtures according to the room design. You do not need to install the same kind of lighting throughout complete home.

Consider the Ceilings for choosing the proper lightning

vaulted ceiling chandelier lighting

Room ceilings are an essential part of decorating your home. Especially when you are choosing your lights. But be careful! You need to consider what kind of ceiling you are installing your lighting and what kind of lights will be required that will best fit the design. Most often, homeowners install lighting at the end and face problems of proportion and conflict. It’s a good idea to read interior design magazines to be up to date with the top home décor ideas. For instance, a chandelier is the best option for small rooms. You can install a casual fixture in a living room, while in a dining room, you can use a formal one.

Lightning up a Home Office

Home Office Lighting Options

If you have an office in your home, you should not use a chandelier there. While using open hanging lamps or pendants could be a better home décor idea. If you have a larger desk in the space, buy desk lamps. Different styles of lights and other fixtures are available for specific rooms that you can buy coordinating with the paint, flooring, and ceiling.

How to choose canvas art for your home


The canvas should reflect the overall tone and image of the room, and it should be chosen as per the feel of the room. For example, if you are choosing it for a particular purpose, such as a study room, then it clearly must have that feel and texture that suits your study room.

However, in this article, we would mention some points which you might consider before choosing to décor your house with canvas art. These are loose rules and are in a somewhat random order, but you probably should keep them before heading out in the market.

The color combination and overall texture

wall art for your study Suppose you found the desired canvas art for your room, and it looks stunning. But before you put that on the wall, make sure that it has the appropriate colors, and the level of coordination which would depend on the design purpose of the canvas art. Let’s say; you are choosing canvas art for the study room, and for that, you’ll surely need a feeling of calm and perhaps lighter colors. This can provide a peaceful and eye-catchy theme for the room and, well, for studying, you need that.

In other words, the room and its texture should reflect the overall purpose of the room, and you should be able to improvise to your own tastes.. 

Wall hanging canvas art

canvas wall art

You don’t need to have a portrait painted according to the theme of your room. If you place some art on the wall, it will look alive and welcoming. Placement of these canvas art pieces would somehow depend on a personal preference; some would prefer sizes to be consistent while others would consider placing them according to similar sizes. 

Simple home decoration ideas with canvas art


Art can be a useful tool for enhancing your home and the overall reflection of your character. It shows your priorities, taste, feelings, and your dedication to beauty and the arts. Decorating your home can sometimes be tricky as it requires specific skills or perhaps you’re just motivated by the pleasure of decorating your house. You may ask yourself the question, ‘Is my home inspirational?’ The answer would lie somewhere between the way of you’re living your life and the occupants living behind those walls. If we consider the market development, there are numerous ways available to decorate your home to reflect your way of living. With that, canvas art is top on the list, you simply choose any canvas art based on your style and preference. 

How can canvas art lift your mood?

ART FOR MOOD Canvas art can act as a great mood changer. If you have specific taste in a style of art, choosing that it can surely lift your mood. Imagine coming back from work, all tired and used up, hoping for something to cheer you up for a moment, and you see that special canvas art on your wall that reminds you of a great memory from your past. For about 5 seconds, you forgot about the stressful day, and you are now enjoying that little part of life. Apart from boosting emotions, it also adds value to your home and room, and it looks quite exciting and fascinating.

Canvas art changes with the change in technology

paragon wall decor paragon wall art

Paragon Wall Art

With rapid change in technology, the canvas art predictably also shifted into the modern era. Back in the day, you would only find the traditional printed canvas art in the market, but today, most of the canvas art is replaced by e-prints. These are available in all sizes, and they possess vivid and sharp colors, which everyone would want for decent canvas art. Whether the e-prints are of a wedding, family picnic, or any natural scene, you’ll find the best colors, and somehow it’s just as popular as the traditional canvas art.

There is an endless supply of canvas art available in the market

When it comes to ‘choices’ when considering canvas art, there is a  large market. From simple canvas art to premium canvas art used for decorating your home, you can find everything you desire and in all possible sizes. However, the type of decor depends on your imagination and how you improvise in order to get the best results. Choosing the best color combinations, according to the theme, is one of the core steps of practical canvas art.

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