Since you are reading this, you, like many people, probably have a furry, four-legged friend. And, you probably know that those little ones do not want to stay inside all day long. They want to get outside and stretch their legs. Well, who wouldn’t want that? But, letting cats and dogs outside in your yard should be done with care. Apart from making sure you have a well-fenced yard, it would be best to use pet-friendly lights. It just goes without saying that you should have some kind of lighting system in your yard – for everybody’s safety. But, be careful when choosing it as some lights may hurt your pets. Do not worry; we are here to help you out with that. So, here are some pet-friendly outdoor lighting tips that you should have in your mind.

Bring the Lights Up

Okay, when you choose the right light for your workspace, you will know exactly where to put it – on your desk. But, when you choose the right light for your yard, where will you put it? Well, you will have plenty of choices – on the side of your house, around your driveway, above your front door, etc. However, it would be best to give this decision a bit more thought when you have pets. Namely, pets, especially dogs, are prone to chewing things. When left unattended, they will chew anything they can reach. And, yes, that even applies to cables and all possible outdoor lights. This can, of course, destroy your lights, but, more importantly, it may hurt your furry friend. So, one of the first pet-friendly lighting tips we can give you is to install your lights higher. Instead of putting them on the ground, hang them on trees, walls, poles, etc.

A dog playing with a stick.
The most important of all pet-friendly outdoor lighting tips is to keep your exterior lights somewhere where your pets can’t reach them.

Buy Protective Containers for Exterior Lights

We understand that sometimes you cannot change the position of your exterior lights. This is usually the case with people moving with pets into a rented house. If the landlord says that you cannot make any changes, that is the end of the story. But, do not give up. You came this far and made sure to make relocation easier for them. Now, it’s time to be a bit more creative. The clever idea is to buy protective containers for exterior lights. All stores that sell interior and exterior lights have these. And, the best part is – they are very cheap and very effective. Once you put them over the exterior lights, there will be no way your pets can hurt themselves when being around them.

Choose a ‘Cool’ Light

In this situation, cool does not mean awesome. It does not even have anything to do with the temperature of the light bulb itself. When we say ‘cool,’ we mean the light quality. Cool lighting bulbs give a brighter and sharper light. They are always a good choice for outdoor lighting! They make it seem as if it were still a day outside, which, believe it or not, soothes the pets. So give these lights a go! Trust us, your whole family will enjoy them. The best option for these cool lights would be LED lights – they are the cheapest and the most energy-saving option you can find on the market. Bonus tip – if you want to buy LED lights that will last for 12+ months, buy them at legitimate stores, not at dollar stores.

Light bulbs, representing pet-friendly outdoor lighting tips.
If you are not sure which ‘cool’ lights are the best for your yard, ask the experts in the lighting stores.

The Light Output Should Be as Light as Possible

If you have a new pet, be it a cat or dog, it will need time to adjust your home and yard. Adapting to the inside of the house is not that hard – that environment is safe and secluded. But, adjusting to the outside of your home is a whole other story. The pets may get scared of all the different smells, sights, etc. Because of that reason, it is crucial to keep the outdoor area as bright as possible. Apart from using LED, cool lights, we also suggest using ones that have a very bright output. These are, of course, a bit more expensive. But, they will help your pet feel safe, and, at the same time, they will help you keep your eye on them. 

Moreover, use these kinds of lights if you have just moved in. They will make you, your entire family, and your pets feel more comfortable! So, once your Van Express Movers help you unpack and settle in, go to the store and buy the brightest lights there are. Put them everywhere across your yard – especially on accident-prone areas such as stairs, doors, walkways, etc. 

A yard with outdoor furniture.
Having a well-lit yard is better for your pet and you!

Use Lights That Do Not Generate Heat

Previously, we talked about ‘cool lights.’ Those cool lights have a bright and sharp lighting quality. But, certain ‘cool’ lights also do not generate heat. They are completely cold when you touch them. And, do not worry, acquiring these kinds of light bulbs is not hard as pretty much any store that sells lamps has them. Just ask around. Or, order them online – anyone can do that! You will not have to worry about your curious cat (or dog) getting hurt with these. Moreover, you will also thank us for this exterior lighting tip on those hot summer nights when you want to relax without being surrounded by light bulbs that feel like the sun is still out.

Pet-Friendly Outdoor Lighting Made Easy

How do you like our pet-friendly outdoor lighting tips? Which ones will you install? Whatever you decide, the most important thing to keep in mind is your family and your pets’ safety.

Author Bio: Sarah Collins


Sarah Collins is a vet! She lives and works on her farm. In her free time, she also enjoys writing content for her blog on topics such as animals, animal care and health, etc. Sarah is also a wife, a mom of one boy, and an owner of many different farm animals.