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Antiqued Iron with Crystal Chandelier by Wildwood Lamps – 28 W x 32 H

Traditional! Beautiful Six-Light Antiqued Iron Chandelier Houses 6) 40 Watt bulbs

Aria Brass Pendant by Wildwood Lamps – 9 D x 14 H

Modern! Organic Design, Iron Frame with an Antiqued Brass Finish. Houses 1) 60 Watt Bulbs, Medium Base.

Aviary Bronze Chandelier by Wildwood Lamps – 40 W x 11 H

Excellent! Aviary Bronze Chandelier - Iron Frame with a Bronze Finish. Houses 3) 40 Watt Bulbs, Candelabra Base. Off-White Linen Shades.

Bamboo Galore Gold Chandelier by Wildwood Lamps – 60 W x 48 H

Classic Beauty! 25 Lights - Iron Chandelier with Old Gold-Finish Hand Colored Iron Chandelier Houses 25) Bulbs

Barley Brass Pendant by Wildwood Lamps – 20 W x 28 H

Superb! Diamond Shape Frame with Antiqued Brass Finish Houses 4) 40 Watt Candelabra Bulbs.

Beaded Crystal Chandelier by Wildwood Lamps – 27 W x 31 H

Beautiful! Twelve Lights - This Traditional Chandelier is hand-made of French gold with polychrome crystals. Houses 12) 25-40 Watt Max, Candelabra Base

Buckhead Gold Chandelier Small by Wildwood Lamps – 30 D x 37 H

Impressive! Beautiful Iron Frame with an Antiqued Gold Leaf Finish. Chandelier Houses 6) 25 Watt Bulbs, Candelabra Base.

Buckhead Silver Chandelier Large by Wildwood Lamps – 35 D x 46 H

Impressive! Gorgeous, Iron Frame with an Antiqued Silver Leaf Finish. Houses 12) 25 Watt Bulbs, Candelabra Base.

Buckhead Silver Chandelier Small by Wildwood Lamps – 30 D x 37 H

Elegant! Iron Frame with an Antique Silver Leaf Finish. Houses 6) 25 Watt Bulbs, Candelabra Base.

Camille Black Iron Pendant by Wildwood Lamps – 24 W x 27 H

Nice! Stylish, Iron Frame with Black Finish. Houses 3) 40 Watt Bulbs, Candelabra Base.

Coco Modern Nickel Pendant by Wildwood Lamps – 12 W x 23 H

Stylish! Pierced Metal, with Nickel Finish Over Glass Cylinder With Linen Shade Liner. Houses 3) 40 Watt Bulbs, Candelabra

Crystal Buds Chandelier by Wildwood Lamps – 32 W x 34 H

Gorgeous! Traditional, Iron Chandelier with Rust Finish and Hand Applied Lead Crystals - Ten Lights.


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Chandeliers used to be primarily for the formal dining room and sometimes in the foyer, no more!  Now chandeliers are more common in dining areas, great rooms, kitchens, as well as, the foyer.  Ceiling height is at an all-time high and kitchens are more formal than ever – companies such as Wildwood are very busy meeting the demands with gorgeous chandeliers that look beautiful anywhere you choose to showcase them – in any style room. Orders are shipped in approximately 7-10 days from North Carolina.

The word ”Chandelier” is French ”Candelabra” or ”Candlestick” at first chandeliers were no more than just wooden cross-sections that were used to hold candles. Later on, chandeliers were made with fine crystal and metal and only the upper-income-higher-class elite could afford them. Times have changed and we offer a beautiful collection of these exquisite lighting masterpieces in the high-end and affordable price range. Chandeliers and pendants are available in stunning styles, finishes, sizes, and prices.


Milan Lamp Il Silver by Wildwood Lamps

Wildwood Pendants or Chandeliers– Sizing

If you are searching for a pendant or chandelier  to illuminate  your living room or dining room or foyer, it shouldn’t be difficult to locate the perfect light fixture if you consider just a few things. Start with the size. Measure the room’s width and the length in feet and then add the two measurements together. Take the sum of those two numbers to come to the right diameter for your light fixture in inches. This is simply a rule of thumb, but it does give you a good place to start. If it will be installed above your dining table take the diameter; 1/2 to 2/3 the width of your table. The average sum is 26 to 30 inches for the diameter and typically has four to six lights.

Up-light will reflect light up to your ceiling creating a warm lovely glow. Down-light is a more direct illumination. If your new chandelier has un-shaded candle bulbs you may want to consider a dimmer to control how much light it gives out.

Pendant lights are single light fixtures that are hung from the ceiling just like a chandelier. There are several types: mini-pendants are smaller and often hung in groups. Multi-light pendants are often over dining room tables, or placed in kitchens, and other locations where you might need quite a bit of light. Down-light pendants are usually for task lighting purposes and up-light pendants are generally used for general ambient lighting.

Pendants – are generally hung 30 to 40 inches above your kitchen counter work surface and about 30 to 36 inches above your dining room table.

Wildwood Chandeliers

When searching for a chandelier you should take into consideration your room size and ceiling height. If you have higher ceilings in a relatively larger room most chandeliers will probably work for the space. If your ceiling is 10 feet or lower you should choose a chandelier that is smaller. Or if you have a larger room or higher ceilings do not choose a small chandelier, it will appear to disappear. You should always choose a chandelier that is right for your room and home style. A more formal chandelier will look visually out of place in a more contemporary or casual room or home.


In earlier years, Wildwood would focus more on providing classical-inspired lamps from Asian and European masterpieces. By the 80’s, Wildwood expanded their collection of high end products and included other decorative accessories for your home such as wall décor, floor screens, mirrors  and other various accent furniture. And then in the early 90’s, chandeliers rose up as an important part of the Wildwood collection. Toward the end of the 90’s, Wildwood started offering wider varieties of lighting products that have a more casual and less expensive feel. is a authorized dealer for Wildwood Lighting products. Below are some products we carry on our website:

Floor Lamps,       Chandeliers,       Table Lamps,        Wall Sconces,       Wall Mirrors


Wildwood Lamps features dozens of lines of lamps and lighting fixtures, furniture and accessories. Over the last several years, Wildwood has signed into agreements with Chelsea House, Frederick Cooper, and others to distribute their products. Like Wildwood, these other brands also reflect the highest-quality standards. All of these products are available by Wildwood Lamps and may be purchased at 

Brand names include Discovery, Italia, Joe Ruggiero, Bob Timberlake, and Studio W to Mention a few.  Frederick Cooper – Started designing innovative lamps during the 20’s with the main objective to create lighting products of “highest quality”. These finest quality lamps have been featured in embassies, luxury resorts around the world and the White House,  Chelsea House – Feels that quality and hand-crafted products are of highest importance. They’re based in classic design, but also takes great inspiration from contemporary styles.