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Selma 5 Light P by Elk Lighting

$744.00 $496.00
Stunning!  The Selma drum fixtures have a white fabric drum shade complimented with polished nickel hardware and a glass diffuser recessed into the shade. Houses  5) 60 Watt A19 Bulb

Emory 6-Light Chandelier in Polished Chrome by Elk Lighting

$885.00 $590.00
Stunning!  The Emory chandelier, finished in Polished Chrome, has a simple curved arm and oversized clear glass. Houses  6) 60 Watt B11 Bulb

Heritage 3-Light Chandelier in Cream Finish by Elk Lighting

$528.00 $352.00
Stunning!  The Heritage Chandelier offers tribute to England’s first porcelain manufacturers dating back to the mid-18th century. Resembles a lush winter bramble abloom with soft pink porcelain roses and delicate crystal buds. Soft Cream finish. Charming country cottage motif. Houses  3) 60 Watt B11 Bulb

Kingston 6-Light Chandelier in Oil Rubbed Bronze and Brushed Antique Brass by Elk Lighting

$993.00 $662.00
Stunning!  The Kingston Chandelier features an orb design of overlapping metal rings surrounded by arms that extend straight out. The Oil Rubbed Bronze finish is accented with Brushed Antique Brass. Houses  6) 60 Watt A19 Bulb

Crislett 5-Light Chandelier in Sunglow Bronze with Clear Crystal by Elk Lighting

$993.00 $662.00
Stunning!  Inspired by the silhouette of a winter forest, the Crislett chandelier embraces the twists and turns of tree branches. At the ends of these branches are an abundance of substantially sized crystal "buds" which add a winter-like sparkle amidst the Sunglow Bronze finish. Houses  5) 60 Watt Torpedo Bulb

Jewelstone 3-Light Pendant in Classic Bronze – LED, 800 Lumens (2400 Lumens Total) with Full Scale D by Elk Lighting

$1,281.00 $854.00
Stunning!  The tiffany shades of the Jewelstone collection display attractively arrayed glass in a rainbow of colors. Assembled using hundreds of vibrantly hued half-circle, square, and rectangular stained glass pieces, these portables and fixtures are true eye-catching. Houses  3) 9.5 Watt A19 LED Bulb

Hand Formed Glass 5-Light Chandelier in Oil Rubbed Bronze – Includes LED Bulb(s) by Elk Lighting

$2,172.00 $1,448.00
Stunning!  This series has thick, hand-formed antique mercury glass, natural rope, and an oil rubbed bronze finish. Includes replaceable LED bulbs. Houses  5) 9.5 Watt A19 LED Bulb

Orbit Brass Pendant by Wildwood Lamps – 22 W x 24 H

$2,397.00 $1,837.70
Eye Catching! Orbit Pendant With A Beautiful Antiqued Brass Finish. Six Lights - Houses 6) 40 Watt Candelabra Bulbs.

Decatur 12-Light Chandelier in Matte White by Elk Lighting

$885.00 $590.00
Stunning!  Freeform arms and a flared center column gives the Collins chandelier an updated re-interpretation of traditional design. Finished in Matte White. Houses  12) 60 Watt B11 Bulb

Valka 6 Light Crystal Chandelier by Uttermost – 19 W x 34 H

$1,473.81 $1,052.72
Impressive! Tiered Iron Chandelier In A Heavily Antiqued Silver Finish that Gives a Golden Tone With Jewelry Like Chains Of Cut Crystals. Houses 6) 60 Watt Candelabra Bulbs.

Congruency 9-Light Chandelier in Oil Rubbed Bronze by Elk Lighting

$729.00 $486.00
Stunning!  The Congruency chandelier has a modern algorithmic design with angular metalwork that stems from a central hub. The Oil Rubbed Bronze-Satin Brass finish embellishes the unique attributes of this collection's framework. Houses  9) 60 Watt A19 Bulb

La Rochelle 8-Light Chandelier in Parisian Gold Leaf by Elk Lighting

$1,494.00 $996.00
Stunning!  Drawing from the French Chateaux style, the La Rochelle chandelier has a graceful design of delicate curves and generous proportion. The glass bead-lined frame, tapered and turned candles, and a Parisian Gold Leaf finish accentuate this collection's timeless beauty. Houses  8) 60 Watt Torpedo Bulb


A chandelier is the centerpiece of any room be it a foyer, dining room, living room or even a kitchen. Chandeliers can even increase the value of your home. The choice of one of these beautiful lighting fixtures should be well thought out. Today, chandeliers come in many styles and materials.  

Affinito Crystal Chandelier

A Chandelier for Any Room, Any Style

Posh Lamps offers a beautiful collection of chandeliers in every style, color at great prices. Try visualization service which allows you to imagine your choice in your room before you buy. 

Determine Chandelier Size?

CHANDELIER DIAMETER – Here is a good rule of thumb to figure out the diameter you need for a chandelier in a room that has 8 foot ceiling height. Add length plus width of the room size in feet and  then convert that to inches: For example, if you have a room  14 foot wide + 18 foot deep = 32 feet. The proper chandelier diameter size will be around 32 inches.

How High to Hang Your Chandelier?

CHANDELIER HEIGHT – Determine ceiling. height Assume the ceiling is 8 feet high. Multiply height by 2.5 and 3. Which will indicate a chandeliers proper height range to be between 20 – 24 inches. This applies to 8-foot ceiling height.  Tall ceilings can take larger chandeliers.


An ornate formal chandelier placed in the kitchen might have looked odd to most. Now even the most ornate chandeliers look just right at home in the beautiful kitchens of today. If your kitchen is not the elegant style don’t despair, there is a chandelier in the size, style, and finish that looks tailor-made for your own kitchen.  Bathrooms of today are as elegant and opulent as almost any other room. Chandeliers in bathrooms are a common choice.


While traditional chandeliers are somewhat large for smaller areas, the mini chandeliers answer that need for beauty, style and the ambient light of a chandelier placed in compact places. There are mini chandeliers lighting up small kitchens, baths, dressing rooms, small dining areas, tub alcoves, and bedrooms – and everywhere else you want some beautiful glamour.


Pendant chandeliers are fixtures that usually have one bulb per globe.  The globes are attached to one single ceiling outlet – rather than individual outlets for single each globe.


If you like something different rather than a usual chandelier, consider pendant chandeliers. These small chandeliers will provide an exciting look in virtually any room you choose, including lighting up a kitchen island for both task & ambient light. Features the best brands such as Chelsea HouseFrederick CooperUttermost, Wildwood Lamps,  and Decorative Crafts.  

BEFORE YOU PURCHASE; See how your new lighting fixture will look in your home before you buy with our Free Visualization Service


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