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Aarush 5 Light Glass Cluster Pendant by Uttermost – 18 W x 63 H

$533.79 $381.28
Nice! Features 5 Amber Tinted, Hammered Glass Globes. Metal Details with Warm Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish. Houses 5) 60 Watt Standard Bulbs. Shown with Edison Style Bulbs.

Cristal De Lisbon 6+2 Light Chandelier by Uttermost – 25 W x 33 H

$795.66 $568.33
Intricate! Metal Chandelier with a Bronze Finish Features a Bouquet of Leaves and Crystal Buds. Strands of Beaded Crystal are Set within a Ribbed Base. Houses 6) 60 Watt, Candelabra Bulbs.

Cristal De Lisbon 9+2 Light Chandelier by Uttermost – 32 W x 34 H

$1,000.45 $714.60
Artistic! Metal Chandelier with a Bronze Finish Features a Bouquet of Leaves and Crystal Buds. Strands of Beaded Crystal are Set within a Ribbed Base. Chandelier Houses 9) 60 Watt, Candelabra Bulbs.

Croydon 1 Light Mercury Glass Pendant by Uttermost – 13 W x 21 H

$493.51 $352.51
Nice! Metal Frame with Golden, Oil Rubbed Bronze Lantern With Antiqued Mercury Glass Globe. Houses 1) 100 Watt, Standard Bulbs.

Fuller 3 Light Drum Chandelier by Uttermost – 22 W x 59 H

$1,003.80 $717.00
Nice! Metal Drum Featuring Nested Layers Of Punched Metal In A Dark Bronze Finish. Includes 3) 60 Watt ST58 Antique Style Clear Decorative Bulbs.

Galeana 2 Light Glass Semi Flush Mount Light by Uttermost – 14 W x 19 H

$325.65 $232.61
Eye Catching! Mouth Blown, Seeded Water Glass Globe with Iron Frame with an Antiqued Saddle Brown Finish. Houses 2) 60 Watt Standard Bulbs.

Gavia 6 Light Dark Brass Chandelier by Uttermost – 39 W x 60 H

$886.30 $633.07
Rustic! Industrial Style Chandelier - Hanging Rod Features a Dark Heavily Antiqued Plated Brass Finish. Light Gray Pebble Textured Glass Disks are Encircled with Black Iron Trim Includes 6) 60 Watt Decorative Bulbs.

Genie 6 Light Polished Nickel Chandelier by Uttermost – 22 W x 34 H

$600.94 $429.24
Lovely! Steel Chandelier with a Polished Nickel Finish, Clear Glass Drop Accents, and Graceful Lines. Houses 6) 60 Watt Candelabra Bulbs.

Marinot 8 Light Cube Pendant by Uttermost – 18 W x 67 H

$835.94 $597.10
Contemporary! Metal Frame with an Antiqued Brass Finish and a Strong Art Deco Influence. Features Thick Textured Clear Glass Cylinder Shades. Includes 8) 60 Watt Antique Style BT58 Clear Bulbs.

Namura 1 Light Brass Mini Pendant by Uttermost – 21 W x 66 H

$399.51 $285.36
Antiqued! Plated Brass, Circular Metal Frame Surrounds A Suspended, Light Amber Glass Globe. Includes 1) 60 Watt Decorative Antique Style BT58 Amber Bulb.

Nashua 4 Light Wooden Lantern Pendant by Uttermost – 16 W x 29 H

$600.94 $429.24
Simple! Rustic, Wooden Pendant with Grey Taupe Wash, Polished Nickel Accents, and Screened Sides. Houses 4) 60 Watt Standard Bulbs.

Obeliska 3 Light Gold Chandelier by Uttermost – 16 W x 26 H

$332.36 $237.40
Elegant! Metal Chandelier With A Sleek Vertical Ceramic Center In a Warm Gold Finish Evokes An Art Deco Feeling. Beige Linen Hardback Shade Features A Gold Interior. Houses 3) 60 Watt, Candelabra Bulbs.


A Chandelier for Any Room, Any Style

A chandelier is the focal pointof any room be it a dining room, foyer, living room or even a kitchen. Chandeliers will even increase your home value. Your choice of fixture should be well thought out. Today, chandeliers come in many various styles and materials.  

Chandelier: What Size?

CHANDELIER DIAMETER – An easy rule of thumb for the diameter needed for a chandelier for a room that is 8 feet in height. Add the length and width of the room together in feet and use inches: For example, you have a room that is 14 foot wide + 18 foot deep = 32. The approximate chandelier size diameter should be around 32 inches.

Chandelier: Hang It How High?

CHANDELIER HEIGHT – Determine the height of the ceiling. Assume a ceiling is 8 feet in height. Multiply height by 2.5 and 3. This indicates a chandelier height range between 20 – 24 inches. This rule of thumb applies to 8-foot ceilings.  Taller ceilings can take a taller height.

Affinito Crystal Chandelier

Affinito Crystal Chandelier


Once upon a time an ornate formal chandelier in the kitchen would have looked very odd to most of us. But even the most ornate chandelier looks right at home in the beautiful kitchens of today. If your kitchen is not of the elegant gender don’t despair, there are chandeliers in a style, size, and finish that will look tailor-made for your kitchen.  Today’s bathrooms are just as elegant and opulent as any other room. Chandeliers in the bath are a natural choice.


While traditional chandeliers are rather large for small areas, the mini chandeliers answer the need for the beauty and ambient lighting of a chandelier in compact places. There are mini chandelier lighting for small kitchens, baths, dressing rooms, tub alcoves, small dining areas, and bedrooms – anywhere you want a little glamour.


A pendant chandelier is a fixture that usually has one bulb per globe.  The globes are attached to one ceiling outlet – rather than individual outlets for each globe.


If you like something different rather than a usual chandelier, consider pendant chandeliers. These small chandeliers will provide an exciting look in virtually any room you choose, including lighting up a kitchen island for both task & ambient light. Features the best brands such as Chelsea HouseFrederick CooperUttermost, Wildwood Lamps,  and Decorative Crafts.  

BEFORE YOU PURCHASE; See how your new lighting fixture will look in your home before you buy with our Free Visualization Service