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Athena Metal Torchiere Floor Lamp by Dimond

$1,332.00 $799.20
Elegant! Base with 3 Metal Columns and Bronze Ornate Accents. Traditional Floor Lamp With Glass Shade. Houses 1) 150 Watt Medium Base Bulb - Foot Switch - 60 " Cord Length


Torchiere Floor Lamps

Floor lamps should always be a part of a good lighting plan. A tall and narrow shape is just right for any smaller spaces that may need light. Torchiere floor lamps are usually used for general or accent lighting. The light gets directed at the ceiling where it gets reflected and then lights your space with a warm ambient light.

A torchiere floor lamp is one a very recognizable and popular type of floor lamp. The name torchiere comes from the word “torch,” in French, and is known for the upright shape that looks like a torch by shape, the fixture aims upward. 

Torchiere Floor Lamps Add Style and Ambiance
Athena Metal Torchiere Floor Lamp by Dimond 1

Athena Metal Torchiere Floor Lamp by Dimond

take up less floor space, with their unobtrusive shape that has added to their popularity. The advantage a torchiere floor lamp has is its ability to provide general light. They provide directional light upward to the ceiling, where the light is diffused into pleasing general light that lights up the room. 

Some torchier floor lamps will feature a dimmer switch and are equipped with dimmer lamps. That adds to the versatility, allowing you soft light or the ability to turn up the light as needed. And since there are torchieres in so many different styles, from traditional to modern, you can get one that fits your own decor.

When you purchase your torchiere floor lamp, be sure it comes from a well-known brand and be sure it is a stable type that won’t tip over easily. A heavy base is an important feature for a more stable lamp; and be sure it is properly positioned so that it won’t fall over.

Torchiere Floor Lamps are generally part of a good lighting plan. It floods the room warmth and is perfect for a darker corner or you can add a beautiful torchiere lamp to your foyer, or to bring light and style to a dark hallway.

If you’re not reading a book in bed and only want ambient light they can work well in the bedroom.  A floor lamp is a very portable lamp and can be moved easily to wherever you like it. Don’t try to pair up a torchiere floor lamp to match your ceiling & table lamps. You can be different and choose one that reflects your own style for your room and your décor.

Reading lamps

Directional light shines down on your book, and others will give more general light. Many can give both. 

Touchier floor lamps

A soft warm light will bounces off your ceiling and illuminate your room when some indirect light is needed.

Table floor lamps

Provides convenience and a place for a book or a cup of coffee to set on, and they are very functional.

Bedroom floor lamps

An excellent alternative to a table lamp. They will provide sufficient light and add style, but will not take up any space on a dresser.

Floor lamps will provide a lovely vertical element to your room – that can draw eyes upwards.

Today’s floor lamps are even better than ever; they provide style, beauty and function to the home.

Floor Lamps 

Floor lamps will do everything a table lamp will do and our floor lamps will do it with high style and maximum beauty. Floor lamps are a very versatile lamp. They are easy to move around the home, they are great to position them right where you need the light, and many adjust in height. Use a floor lamp by your reading chair or on each end of a sofa, they will work great with office desks, secretaries, beside your bed, or you can place one on either side of a buffet table.

Contemporary Floor Lamp Colors, Styles and Finishes

Finding the right contemporary floor lamp that fits in with your style will depend on picking out the right colors that match with your existing decor. Posh Lamps will provide contemporary and modern floor lamps offered by the most popular designer brands. 

Depending on the style and color of your home’s decor, color should be a factor in  deciding on your final choice. In our selections, you’ll find a great collection of floor lamps with the most popular finishes and colors.

Contemporary Lamp Brands

We carry brands such as UttermostDecorative Crafts,  Wildwood LampsFrederick Cooper,  brands that offer a variety of sizes, styles, and colors at high end to affordable prices.