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Cruiser Framed Wall Art Set of 2 – 35 x 32

Set of 2 - 35 x 32 - This Bicycle Makes A Perfect Diptych. Matted In Oyster And Framed In Wood Finish Molding With Antique Silver Edge. Giclée Print. Comes Ready To Hang. Ships in 2-3 Weeks.

Europe View Framed Wall Art Set of 4 – 18 x 22

Set of 4 - 18 x 22 - Stately Renderings Of European Estates And Cities. Giclée Print. Comes Ready To Hang. Ships in 2-3 Weeks.

Italian Garden II Lithograph Print by Chelsea House – 20 W x 24 H

Beautiful! Mirrored Frame With Wall Art Framed Wall Art. Comes Ready to Hang. Ships in 4-6 Weeks.

Relic Wall Sculpture – 39 x 39

39 x 39 - Gothic Style Medallion In Rubbed Black Makes A Stunning Focal Point. Comes Ready To Hang. Ships in 2-3 Weeks.

Restoration Wall Sculpture – 47 x 47

47 x 47 - A Traditional Floral Motif Is Given A Casual Update With Rustic Wood Frame. Comes Ready To Hang. Ships in 2-3 Weeks.

Reykjavik Rooftops Framed Wall Art – 37 x 37

37 x 37 - Textured Giclée In Floater Frame. Vibrant Rooftops Provide An Engaging Color Palette. No Glass. Comes Ready To Hang. Ships in 2-3 Weeks.

Sepia Bike Canvas Wall Art – 33 x 43

33 x 43 - Exclusive Giclée On Canvas In Floater Frame. No Glass. Comes Ready To Hang. Ships in 2-3 Weeks.

Time Framed Wall Art Set of 9 – 10 x 10

Set of 9 - 10 x 10 - Architectural Details Are Framed In Classic Silver Wood. Comes Ready To Hang. Ships in 2-3 Weeks.


Architecture & Urban

These are top picks for lots of areas and styles of rooms. It may be an antique feel or perhaps industrial, or it could be very cultured and work great for both contemporary and modern styles of rooms. This assortment holds artwork that can deliver spectacular accents for traditional or also for Old World style surroundings. Architecture as well as urban themed art prints typically are subdued or black/white in color, however, we additionally offer some that can inject an edgy theme with a dramatic blend of excitement along with color.

cruiser framed wall art

cruiser framed wall art

Architecture Wall Art & Urban Wall Art

Architecture as well as Urban art are a top theme for mixing into another theme. Think of putting up an assortment of both urban and architectural prints using photos, maps, or even geometrics or entertainment along with figurative prints in a wall gallery. These can make a dramatic statement.  Wall galleries are long term projects you need time to finish. You need to gather the prints you plan to use and then figure out how to put them up.  

Luckily, we offer all kinds of sizes, shapes, and subjects to hang in your gallery that will go with all themes and styles. You always need to pick your theme, don’t just throw all kinds of different prints onto the wall, pick some that go together. However, you can pick prints with unmatching frames, as long as they look coordinated together. delivers lots of kinds of architecture artwork prints along with urban art prints, and some oil paintings, as well as canvas artwork in lots of different sizes from Paragon, along with Chelsea House, and also from Uttermost.


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