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Abenaki Ivory Gray Oversized Mirror by Uttermost – 38″ x 68″

$705.32 $503.80
Beautiful! Solid Pine Wood Frame with a Textured Surface. Distressed Finish in Shades of Gray With Black Dry Brushing. Wall, Leaner, or Floor Mirror Features A Wide 1.25" Bevel. May Be Hung Horizontally or Vertically. Frame Comes with Hanging Hardware.

Adilah Moroccan Arch Mirror by Uttermost – 24″ x 36″

$458.92 $327.80
Delightful! Moroccan Inspired Design Features A Heavily Aged Taupe & Ivory Finish With Metallic, Antique Gold Undertones. Framed Wall Mirror Comes Ready to Hang with Attached Hardware.

Akisha Starburst Mirror by Uttermost – 38″

$689.92 $492.80
Modern! Contemporary, Round, Sunburst Mirror Features Hand-Forged Metal Tubes with an antiqued nickel finish. Wall Mirror has a wide 1.25 inch bevel.

Anatolius Silver Leaf Mirror by Uttermost – 36″ x 48″

$736.12 $525.80
Nice! Heavily Antiqued Silver Leaf Finish Wall Mirror Frame May Be Hung Vertically or Horizontally and Comes with Attached Hanging Hardware. Mirror Is Beveled.


$5,175.20 $3,900.00
Elegant! Beautiful 18th Century Carved Wood Frame With Antiqued Brown And Gold Leaf Finish. Hand-made in Italy. Frame Comes With Attached Wire Hardware Or Hole Indent For Hanging.

Artelli Triple Round Mirror by Uttermost – 16″ x 48″

$304.92 $217.80
Modern! Decorative Mirror Features 3 Round Mirrors Set Within a Wood Frame with An Antiqued Copper and Burnished Finish. Mirrors Are Beveled. Hang Horizontally or Vertically. Sold Individually. Frame Comes Ready to Hang with Attached Hardware. 16" x 48"


$8,359.94 $6,300.00
Lovely! Rectangular Venetian Glass Frame Trimmed With Glass Ribbons And Rosettes. Hand-made in Italy. May Be Hung Horizontally Or Vertically. Frame Comes With Attached Wire Hardware Or Hole Indent For Hanging.


$10,217.71 $7,700.00
Nice! Venetian Glass Mirror With Antiqued Mirror Frame And Beveled Glass. Hand-made in Italy. May Be Hung Horizontally Or Vertically. Frame Comes With Either Attached Wire Hardware Or Hole Indent For Hanging.


$3,317.44 $2,500.00
Elegant! Oval, Neoclassical Style Carved Wood Mirror With Ribbon Motif, Antiqued Silver Leaf Finish, And Beveled Glass. Hand-made in Italy. Frame Comes With Attached Wire Hardware Or Hole Indent For Hanging.

Avidan 3 Panel Screen Mirror by Uttermost – 62″ x 80″

$1,290.52 $921.80
Nice! 3 Panel Screen Mirror With Metal Frame Which Features A Heavily Antiqued Gold And Brown Finish. Traditional, Contemporary Rectangular Mirrors are antiqued.

Azie Square Starburst Mirror by Uttermost – 42″

$594.44 $424.60
Decorative! Radiating Iron Rods of Alternating Lengths with a Distressed Copper Leaf Finish. Mirror Features a Wide 1.25" Bevel. Comes Ready to Hang with Attached Hardware. 42" x 42"


$6,634.88 $5,000.00
Beautiful! Venetian Mirror, Frame Made Of 16 Individual Pieces Of Antiqued Beveled Glass. Hand-made in Italy. May Be Hung Horizontally Or Vertically. Frame Comes With Attached Wire Hardware Or Hole Indent For Hanging.


Wall Mirrors



Wall mirrors work to embellish your living room, hall, dining room, and also the kitchen – all rooms. They work to make rooms brighter, look bigger, or make it look like you have a window somewhere. Put small mirrors in clusters, hang big ones over a mantelpiece for astonishing candle exhibitions, or put in a foyer they can reflect off chandeliers. In a dining area put up a large wall mirror to highlight an attractively set table to wow your guests , as well as your family. If there’s a window with a great view suspend a wall mirror on the reverse wall and get double the enjoyment! 

Wall Mirrors for Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Bathrooms, or Bedrooms: 

At you see a massive collection of lovely and stylish wall mirrors for all rooms, all uses, styles and frame finishes – both with a frame and without. Remember! You can try out our exclusive, free visualization service

Decorative Wall Mirrors Add Style!

No matter where you hang them, mirrors greatly enhance nearly any room. A mirror is a design component that brings light, as well as depth, and it also adds radiance, dimension and stylishness to the area.  Hang a wall mirror anywhere you want an area to look bigger.  A perfectly hung mirror also can reflect and highlight the color or view from another wall. 

The correct location and assignment are crucial when hanging a mirror, as if you don’t place it right, it may cause a reflection of something you don’t want seen, such as an ugly chair, a horrible view from the bath or from a window.

Wall mirrors ought to highlight a room’s best features. Because a mirror produces an impression of extra room, don’t be scared to hang a big mirror in a little room, such as the bath or a dining area.

Wall Mirrors Reflect Beauty!

A large mirror can be hung in a dining area or the foyer to highlight the chandelier with spectacular outcomes. Likewise, a big mirror hung overtop the fireplace reflects the lighting from pillar candle groupings and puts off two times gentle, dancing glow.

Feng Shui explains that a mirror will highlight positive features in many ways. A decorative wall mirror in a foyer or the home’s entrance provides everyone that enters with a warm feeling.  A mirror hung overtop a fireplace is thought to provide positive energy for an area. Since mirrors are water elements, they balance the elements when hung overtop a fireplace.  By choosing a mirror to hang over a fireplace that has an extremely ornamental frame, it makes it function piece of artwork that’s so astounding nothing else needs to be put with it. You can use a Cyrus Mirror” since its nonbiased surroundings can act as the room’s focal point easily.


Here are some guidelines when selecting mirrors for the home:

1)  For traditional style homes, pick a mirror with a sophisticated Decorative frame and an oval or rectangular shape.
2)  For homes with contemporary style or modern décor, use basic round or square frames or go for a quirky shape.
3)  For a country or a cottage type house, try an imaginative or a distressed type frame.

Mirrors provide an illusion of putting a window in, even if you aren’t. n curved multi-pane mirror has little shutters as well as ornamental plates designed to go around the curved top. It offers all the allure of a window in a cottage style house. If you use a grouping similar to a garden, it looks like a lovely small deck. No matter if you elect to assemble numerous small mirrors or one big one – certainly get every benefit these mirrors can provide.

Brands of Wall Mirrors

We offer several top brand names like Cooper Classics. One of the ageless classical choices is Wildwood mirrors, and an innovative choices would be Uttermost.  A mirror brand that mixes style and function is Dimond.  Two mirror brand that act like beautiful pieces of jewelry for the wall are Decorative Crafts and Chelsea House mirrors.  And, if you want a brand made in the US, take a look at Fine Home Mirrors.  All mirror brands provide a choice of different styling, size, and color and are available from inexpensive to more expensive prices.


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