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Akisha Starburst Mirror by Uttermost – 38″

$689.92 $492.80
Modern! Contemporary, Round, Sunburst Mirror Features Hand-Forged Metal Tubes with an antiqued nickel finish. Wall Mirror has a wide 1.25 inch bevel.

Avidan 3 Panel Screen Mirror by Uttermost – 62″ x 80″

$1,290.52 $921.80
Nice! 3 Panel Screen Mirror With Metal Frame Which Features A Heavily Antiqued Gold And Brown Finish. Traditional, Contemporary Rectangular Mirrors are antiqued.

Azie Square Starburst Mirror by Uttermost – 42″

$594.44 $424.60
Decorative! Radiating Iron Rods of Alternating Lengths with a Distressed Copper Leaf Finish. Mirror Features a Wide 1.25" Bevel. Comes Ready to Hang with Attached Hardware. 42" x 42"

Curls Around Oval Wall Mirror by Wildwood – 44″ x 34″

$975.00 $747.50
Nice! Features 2 Layers of Metal Petals with Curled Ends and a Polished Nickel Finish. Decorative Framed Mirror Comes with Attached Hanging Hardware.

Deer Lodge Wall Mirror by Chelsea House – 36″ x 71″

$2,285.12 $1,679.00
Beautiful! Faux Animal Fur Texture Insert with Polished Nickel Inner and Outer Trim. Frame Comes with Attached Hanging Hardware. May be Hung Horizontally or Vertically.

Dinuba Square Modern Wall Mirror by Uttermost – 40″

$634.51 $453.22
Decorative! Wall Mirror - Features numerous, small, round mirrors that are connected by hand-forged metal with a finish that is lightly antiqued silver. Contemporary, Modern Square Wall Mirrors

Gavino Large Gold Contemporary Mirror by Uttermost – 42″ x 67″

$689.92 $492.80
Rustic! Large Gold Contemporary Wall or Floor Mirror - Hand-hammered metal rendered in beautiful antiqued gold with a brown wash. Contemporary, Modern, Rustic Wall Mirror or Floor Mirror has a wide 1.25" bevel. Hang vertically or horizontally.

Jeneil Sun Mirror by Uttermost – 55″

$674.52 $481.80
Eye Catching! Large Sunburst Mirror with Curved Rays Of Metal and a Heavily Antiqued Gold Leaf Finish. Wall Mirror Is Beveled. Comes Ready to Hang with Attached Hardware.

Khalil Dark Bronze Rectangular Mirror by Uttermost – 30″ x 42″

$348.04 $248.60
Add A Rustic Touch! Rectangular Wall or Vanity Mirror - With a Pierced, Hammered Metal Frame, an Aged, Dark Bronze Finish and An Antiqued Gold Inner Liner. Wall or Bathroom Mirror Features a Wide 1.25" Bevel. Hang Horizontally or Vertically. Hanging Hardware Included.

Lilou Gold Mirror by Uttermost – 19″ x 46″

$288.12 $205.80
Eye Catching! Gold Decorative Mirror With Ornate Metal Frame in a Lightly Antiqued Gold Leaf Finish. Diamond Shaped Mirror Is Beveled. Frame May Be Hung Vertically or Horizontally and Comes with Attached Hanging Hardware.

Matney Bronze Oval Vanity Mirror by Uttermost – 24″ x 34″

$301.84 $215.60
Beautiful! Bronze Oval Wall or Vanity Mirror - features a hand-forged metal frame with a rusticated bronze finish and antiqued gold highlights. Contemporary, Traditional Wall or Bathroom Mirror is beveled.

Matteo Round Mirror by Uttermost – 30″

$582.12 $415.80
Classic! Round Mirror With Round Frame Features A Slightly Wrinkled, Aluminum Sheeting Over a Wood Frame Wall or Vanity Mirror - Frame Comes with Pre-attached Hanging Hardware.



Metal Mirrors for the Living Room, Bathroom, Bedroom, or Dining Room



All you need is the shine of a gleaming metal mirror to create a warmer, more luxurious room or an antique looking mirror to create a more rustic and warmer area. Mirrors with fantastic metal frames look great in your bath, bedroom or foyer and everyone will love them.  Mirrors with metal frames give the whole area a sense of class. Or, create some drama in the bedroom or put some charm into your living room. We have mirrors with metal frames for every room in the house and for any purpose. And as always, no taxes and no shipping costs.

Posh Lamps massive collection of lovely framed mirrors are here in a extensive variety of frame colors and we have all of them. These include Silver, as well as Antique looking, Cherry/Red, as well as Bronze or Gold, and then there’s Champagne, as well as White or Wood Tones, or of course the ever popular color of black.


Contemporary mirrors, to modern mirrors, and traditional mirrors, to transitional style white mirrors.  White is a very adaptable hue and can be shiny and current or sophisticated and modern – depending upon the design of the frame.

Metal Wall Mirrors

The clue to using metal accents like mirrors is to combine them with soft textures for balance – like window treatments, bumpy wallpaper, rugs, as well as throw pillows, and overstuffed furniture. For instance, pair up some brass, or pewter or chrome with dark colors of walls or dark colored furniture and cupboards in colors like navy blue, jewel tones, deep grey and black. Metal finishes such as bronze and copper go great with the colors of cream or ivory, and additional light hues or along with lots of natural lighting you can also use them with the dark shades.

Brands of Metal Wall Mirrors

We offer several top brand names like Cooper Classics. One of the ageless classical choices is Wildwood mirrors, and an innovative choices would be Uttermost.  A mirror brand that mixes style and function is Dimond.  Two mirror brand that act like beautiful pieces of jewelry for the wall are Decorative Crafts and Chelsea House mirrors.  And, if you want a brand made in the US, take a look at Fine Home Mirrors.  All mirror brands provide a choice of different styling, size, and color and are available from inexpensive to more expensive prices.


Enhance your Home and take advantage of the vast assortment of the products you desire and need, from geometric wall art prints to unique designs by some of the finest artists around the world. 

See our high-end lamps that add beauty to your home even when not lit. With beautiful sculptured lines, elegant shades, and exquisite finishes that bring art and luxury to every room. When they’re lit they cast a beautiful warm glow throughout your room.

Transform your living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, as well as any room with beautiful elegance, and sophistication with Posh Lamps -fine home décor items.

Try our Free Visualization Service that lets you visualize how our products would look in your home – before you buy