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Abenaki Ivory Gray Oversized Mirror by Uttermost – 38″ x 68″

$705.32 $503.80
Beautiful! Solid Pine Wood Frame with a Textured Surface. Distressed Finish in Shades of Gray With Black Dry Brushing. Wall, Leaner, or Floor Mirror Features A Wide 1.25" Bevel. May Be Hung Horizontally or Vertically. Frame Comes with Hanging Hardware.

Adalwin Dark Bronze Mirror by Uttermost – 32″ x 44″

$328.62 $235.40
Traditional Style! Wall or Vanity Mirror - Solid Wood Frame In Lightly Distressed, Dark Bronze Finish. Frame May Be Hung Vertically or Horizontally and Comes with Attached Hanging Hardware. Mirror Has A Wide 1.25" Bevel.

Alcona Antiqued Silver Mirrors Set of 3 by Uttermost – 14″ x 20″

$331.69 $237.60
Versatile! Alcona Wall Mirrors - Arrange These Mirrors Any Way You Like. Solid Wood Frames Are Hand Finished In An Antiqued, Burnished Silver Leaf. Silver Framed Wall Mirror Comes Ready to Hang Either Vertically or Horizontally with Attached Hardware.

Amadeus Large Silver Mirror by Uttermost – 34″ x 82″

$832.30 $596.20
Impressive! Amadeus Large Silver Wall or Leaner Mirror Features A Heavy Wood Grain Texture with a Metallic Silver Finish and A Gray Glaze. Frame May Be Hung Vertically or Horizontally and Comes with Attached Hanging Hardware. Mirror Has A Wide 1.25" Bevel.

Andorra Gold Leaf Mirror by Uttermost – 29″ x 41″

$497.54 $356.40
Gorgeous! Heavily Antiqued Gold Leaf Frame with Antiqued Mirror Panels and Gold Rosette Accents. Wall Mirror Hangs Vertically or Horizontally.


$5,175.20 $3,900.00
Elegant! Beautiful 18th Century Carved Wood Frame With Antiqued Brown And Gold Leaf Finish. Hand-made in Italy. Frame Comes With Attached Wire Hardware Or Hole Indent For Hanging.

Artelli Triple Round Mirror by Uttermost – 16″ x 48″

$304.92 $217.80
Modern! Decorative Mirror Features 3 Round Mirrors Set Within a Wood Frame with An Antiqued Copper and Burnished Finish. Mirrors Are Beveled. Hang Horizontally or Vertically. Sold Individually. Frame Comes Ready to Hang with Attached Hardware. 16" x 48"

Avelina Oxidized Silver Mirror by Uttermost – 25″ x 35″

$491.40 $352.00
Lovely! Oxidized Silver Wall or Vanity Mirror - Traditional Style Frame with an Aged Silver Finish and a Light Gray Wash. Frame May Be Hung Vertically or Horizontally and Comes with Attached Hanging Hardware. Mirror Has A Wide 1.25" Bevel.


$3,317.44 $2,500.00
Elegant! Oval, Neoclassical Style Carved Wood Mirror With Ribbon Motif, Antiqued Silver Leaf Finish, And Beveled Glass. Hand-made in Italy. Frame Comes With Attached Wire Hardware Or Hole Indent For Hanging.

Barrets Gold Wall Mirror by Dimond – 22″

$228.00 $136.80
Traditional! Decorative Wall Mirror With Square Antiqued Gold Frame With See-Thru Scroll Design And Beveled Mirror.

Belaya Gray Wood Mirror by Uttermost – 28″ x 38″

$377.76 $270.60
Lovely! Bluish-Gray And Silver-Striped Textured Wrap Over Wood Frame With A Silver Leaf Inner Lip. Mirror Is Beveled. Hang Vertically or Horizontally.


$3,649.18 $2,750.00
Lovely! Ornate, Louis XIV Style Carved Wood Frame With Acanthus Leaf Design and Antiqued Gold Leaf Finish. Hand Made In Italy. Frame Comes With Either Pre-Attached Wire Hardware Or Hole Indent For Hanging.


Wood Wall Mirrors

Wood Wall Mirrors for the Living Room, Bathroom, Bedroom, or Dining Room

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A wooden wall mirror can add a rich and warm feeling.  When it comes to the color of wood, there is no need to match up every wooden thing in the space, however, make sure they are of a similar shade.  If you have some oak furniture or some other wooden kind, choose any warm colored wood like a gold shade or if you have dark colored furniture, choose cherry colored wood. You can buy wooden mirror framed in lots of shades like red, gold, green, black, blue or white. And of course there is no taxes and no fee to ship it.

Posh Lamps has a huge selection of lovely framed mirrors you can buy in a large assortment of colors of frames and we sell all of them. Beginning with Wood Tones or White, to Antiqued looking frames, as well as Cherry or Red, and they also look great in Gold or Silver as well as Champagne. And of course the very popular Black .


Mirrors work great to make a space look more open, as they reflect things and it makes an area look bigger than it really is. Wall mirrors are fun and you can be very creative, in fact it can simply end up the focal point in any room. You can attain astonishing things with your room décor by using these mirrors -from modest to the most ground-breaking.

Whether it is a contemporary wood mirror, or a modern wood mirror, or even a traditional wood mirror, or one that’s a transitional style wood mirror, they are all great.  Wood Tone is a quite adaptable hue and can also be modern and smooth, as well as Old World and luxurious, or even traditional or glamorous.  It all depends on the design of the frame.

Wood Tone is a quite popular color of frame.  It is a neutral color so it can be paired up with just about any other color in your space, as well as it goes good with styles from traditional to modern. It is always in style. It’s dramatic and brave and provides a feeling of depth to a room, along with a rich feature that makes a bold statement. Some interior designers create a great look by including wood tones for their décor characteristics or use them to accent a room.  Mirrors with wood frames look fantastic anywhere in the house. 

Wood Wall Mirrors

Lots of wooden frames, similar to metal ones, are essentially a neutral style. If you aren’t sure, they can be simple “you won’t go astray” type choices. If you need an additional item for your décor which will help in defining the area’s style, chose a carved and very decorative frame. Pick some rich, profound wood finishes if your style is either Traditional or Old World. Contemporary can be smooth but frequently semi-decorative, however it’s not so decorative as Traditional is. The wood finishes are frequently a lighter shade than painted ones or those in a Traditional style. If you prefer styles such as French Country, or a beach house, or perhaps Southwestern or some woodsy rustic areas, then pick  distressed wood or some that looks a bit weathered.

Wood Mirror Brands

We offer several top brand names like Cooper Classics. One of the ageless classical choices is Wildwood mirrors, and an innovative choices would be Uttermost.  A mirror brand that mixes style and function is Dimond.  Two mirror brand that act like beautiful pieces of jewelry for the wall are Decorative Crafts and Chelsea House mirrors.  And, if you want a brand made in the US, take a look at Fine Home Mirrors.  All mirror brands provide a choice of different styling, size, and color and are available from inexpensive to more expensive prices.


Enhance your Home and take advantage of the vast assortment of the products you desire and need, from geometric wall art prints to unique designs by some of the finest artists around the world. 

See our high-end lamps that add beauty to your home even when not lit. With beautiful sculptured lines, elegant shades, and exquisite finishes that bring art and luxury to every room. When they’re lit they cast a beautiful warm glow throughout your room.

Transform your living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, as well as any room with beautiful elegance, and sophistication with Posh Lamps -fine home décor items.

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