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Akisha Starburst Mirror by Uttermost – 38″

$689.92 $492.80
Modern! Contemporary, Round, Sunburst Mirror Features Hand-Forged Metal Tubes with an antiqued nickel finish. Wall Mirror has a wide 1.25 inch bevel.

Azie Square Starburst Mirror by Uttermost – 42″

$594.44 $424.60
Decorative! Radiating Iron Rods of Alternating Lengths with a Distressed Copper Leaf Finish. Mirror Features a Wide 1.25" Bevel. Comes Ready to Hang with Attached Hardware. 42" x 42"

Demarco Contemporary Sunburst Wall Mirror by Uttermost – 40″

$634.51 $453.22
Modern! Round Wall Mirror - Finished in antiqued gold with a pale gray wash. Contemporary, Modern Mirror has a wide 1.25" bevel.

Imani Iron Sunflower Mirror by Uttermost – 50″

$752.01 $537.15
Decorative! Large , Hand Forged Iron Frame with Sunflower Design. Antiqued Gold Finish With a Heavy Black Shading at Center Creating With An Ombre Effect. Wall Mirror is Beveled. Hanging Hardware Included.

Jeneil Sun Mirror by Uttermost – 55″

$674.52 $481.80
Eye Catching! Large Sunburst Mirror with Curved Rays Of Metal and a Heavily Antiqued Gold Leaf Finish. Wall Mirror Is Beveled. Comes Ready to Hang with Attached Hardware.

Josiah Contemporary Round Wall Mirror by Uttermost – 38″

$332.36 $237.40
Rustic! Decorative Round, Sunburst Wall Mirror with a frame made of woven birch branches with burnished edges and light gray accents. Contemporary Mirror has a wide 1.25" bevel.

Launa Round Silver Mirror by Uttermost – 32″

$493.51 $352.51
Eye Catching! Round Silver Sunburst Mirror - Hand-Crafted Metal Frame That Gives a Soft Feathery Look with an Aged Silver Finish. Mirror Is Convex. Decorative Wall Mirror - Frame Comes with Attached Hanging Hardware.

Sedona Silver Sunburst Mirror by Uttermost – 42″

$493.51 $352.51
Delightful! Sunburst Wall Mirror - Modern, hand-forged metal frame with shooting rays of antiqued silver leaf and burnished tones. Contemporary, Modern Wall Mirror is beveled.

Tremeca Brass Starburst Mirror by Uttermost – 45″

$760.76 $543.40
Eye Catching! Brass Starburst Mirror Features Brushed Brass Finish Over Hand-Forged Metal, Lightly Antiqued. Contemporary, Modern Wall Mirror - Center mirror is convex.

Vermundo Contemporary Sunburst Mirror by Uttermost – 43″

$718.44 $513.17
Eye Catching! Rustic, Vermundo Contemporary Wood Sunburst Mirror Large Round, Sunburst Wall Mirror Features a 14" wide frame with a light walnut stain. The mirror is beveled.


Sunburst Wall Mirrors

For Bedrooms ,Living Rooms or Dining Rooms:  

Sedona Sunburst Mirror


Sunburst mirrors add pizzazz. They are thought to be artsy –they can be placed wherever you’d place artwork. We have a wide-ranging assortment of sunburst mirrors for all kinds of rooms.  You could declare that sunburst mirrors, or starburst mirrors, work as wall jewelry. 

When beautifying an extravagant living room via a color scheme that’s gold, a lustrous sunburst mirror is an impressive design strategy. If you want to retain a subtly designed living room, 2 small sunburst mirrors matching the decor is a fantastic idea! This creates a stunning background design!


Starting with Contemporary mirrors, to modern mirrors, and traditional mirrors,  and transitional style mirrors, all Posh Lamps super assortment of attractive framed mirrors come in lots of frame colors and all are carried. Gold mirrors, as well as Antiqued style, and  Cherry/Red, or Bronze, or Champagne,  or Silver, and obviously Black has always been popular hues.

Sunburst mirrors have a quirky style and shape which makes these beautiful mirrors a fantastic pick for people who like decorative designs and styles. Sophisticated and appealing, they look marvelous no matter the setting or style in your home. A Sunburst mirror creates an unbelievable statement piece that transforms a room’s look.

Sunburst mirrors are statement pieces that demand to be front and center with their decorative design characteristics and eye-catching dynamism. You can buy a large one that uses up most of the wall space, and you don’t even need to add other wall decorations.  But small sunburst mirrors are just as dashing! Size isn’t the best loved characteristic, it’s really its gleam and sparkle! See our whole assortment of sunburst mirrors!

Posh Lamps massive collection of lovely framed mirrors are here in a extensive variety of frame colors and we have all of them. These include Silver, as well as Antique looking, Cherry/Red, as well as Bronze or Gold, and then there’s Champagne, as well as White or Wood Tones, or of course the ever popular color of black.


Contemporary mirrors, to modern mirrors, and traditional mirrors, to transitional style white mirrors.  White is a very adaptable hue and can be shiny and current or sophisticated and modern – depending upon the design of the frame.

Sunburst Mirrors

Sunburst mirrors came about during the nineteenth century in Italy and were Louis XIV’s favorite mirror type.  These mirrors add aristocratic enthusiasm to any room. They’re perfect for adding to a assemblage of wall photos, a bathroom needing a perfect addition to finish off the look. You can also place one overtop a dining room buffet. A mirror can turn a boring hallway into a special area or spruce up a tiny entrance area. Hang one overtop a bed’s headboard or inside your bath. You can put them anywhere in a home and create something special or lovely by its addition when you buy them at Posh Lamps.

Brands Of Sunburst Wall Mirror

We sell several brand-names like Cooper Classics. Or you can choose  classic Wildwood mirrors or the cutting edge style of Uttermost. If you want a great combo – mixing fashion with function, then choose Dimond. Or choose the glittery jewelry like brands of Decorative Crafts and Chelsea House mirrors. For mirrors made in the good old US, choose one from   Posh Mirrors.  All these name-brands come in various price ranges as well as many different styles.