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Alfred Oversized Gray Tan Mirror by Uttermost – 41″ x 61″

$768.80 $549.14
Lovely! Inner Frame Features A Patterned, Grayish Beige Finish that Looks Similar to Cloth - Inner and Outer Trim Features Lightly Antiqued Silver And Satin Black Metal Accents. Frame May Be Hung Vertically or Horizontally and Comes with Attached Hanging Hardware. Mirror Has A Wide 1.25" Bevel.

Avidan 3 Panel Screen Mirror by Uttermost – 62″ x 80″

$1,290.52 $921.80
Nice! 3 Panel Screen Mirror With Metal Frame Which Features A Heavily Antiqued Gold And Brown Finish. Traditional, Contemporary Rectangular Mirrors are antiqued.

Brayden Tall Arch Mirror by Uttermost – 30″ x 60″

$795.66 $568.33
Lovely! Tall Arched Mirror, with Thin Metal Frame & a Mottled Rust and Bronze Finish with Gold Undertones. Frame Comes with Pre-Attached Hanging Hardware.

Cadence Antique Gold Mirror by Uttermost – 60″ x 48″

$829.23 $592.31
Timeless Beauty! Large Mirror - Interior panels have an aged black finish with a green glaze. Inner and outer trim and embellishments have an antiqued gold finish. Traditional, Rustic Mirror is beveled and can hang either horizontally or vertically.


$9,686.92 $7,300.00
Nice! Campo Wall Mirror - Antiqued Venetian Mirror and Frame Trimmed With Glass Ribbons, Leaves And Rosettes. Hand-made in Italy.May Be Hung Horizontally Or Vertically. Frame Comes With Attached Wire Hardware Or Hole Indent For Hanging.


$5,175.20 $3,900.00
Gorgeous! Louis XV Style Hand Carved Wood Frame With Leaf Design And Antiqued Goldleaf Finish. Hand Made In Italy. Frame Comes With Either Pre-Attached Wire Hardware Or Hole Indent For Hanging. Perfect to Hang Over a Buffet Table, Couch, Vanity, or Dresser.


$5,307.90 $4,000.00
Lovely! Beautiful Hand Carved Wood Frame With Scroll Design, Featuring An Antiqued Pickled Walnut Finish, and Antiqued Silver Leaf Accents - Nine Panes Of Antiqued Mirror. May Be Hung Horizontally Or Vertically. Hand Made In Italy. Frame Comes With Either Pre-Attached Wire Hardware Or Hole Indent For Hanging.

Charente Aged Ivory Arch Mirror by Uttermost – 36″ x 58″

$766.92 $547.80
Classic! Ornate, Arched Frame with a Distressed and Aged Finish in Ivory and Rust Gray Undertones. Mirror Features A Wide 1.25" Bevel. Frame Comes with Pre-attached Hanging Hardware.


$6,303.13 $4,750.00
Lovely! Louis XV Style Hand Carved Wood Frame With Gold Leaf Design, Features A Medium Brown Finish, And Antiqued Gold Leaf Trim. Hand Made In Italy. Frame Comes With Either Pre-Attached Wire Hardware Or Hole Indent For Hanging. Perfect to Hang Over a Buffet Table, Couch, Vanity, or Dresser.

Corbis Contemporary Silver Wall Mirror by Uttermost – 44″ x 56″

$829.23 $592.31
Beautiful! Contemporary - Hand-forged metal frame with a silver finish and light champagne highlights. Large Rectangular Wall Mirror has a wide 1.25" bevel. Hang horizontally or vertically.

Cormor White Wood Mirror by Uttermost – 42″ x 62″

$835.94 $597.10
Lovely! Large, Gloss White Frame With Gold Leaf Trim at Inner And Outer Edges. Mirror Features a Wide 1.25" Bevel. Hang Horizontally or Vertically. Comes with Hanging Hardware.

Emporia Antiqued Mirror by Uttermost – 24″ x 60″

$752.01 $537.15
Add Style! Antiqued Large Mirror - With A Thin Metal Frame And Welded Diagonal Metal Strips Featuring A Dark Bronze Finish. Hang Vertically or Horizontally.


55″ – 64″

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Tripoli Traditional Gold Wall Mirror

Oversized floor and wall mirrors cause people to stop and take notice. It’s difficult to make an impression feet first, if your mirror won’t show your feet. However, if you get a tall or Cheval mirror and put it in your dressing area or bedroom, you won’t have a problem. Plus they work great in a foyer or a hallway so you can glance at yourself  as you are on your way out the door to work. Browse the selection of all kinds of wall and tall floor mirrors at Fine Home Lamps and you’ll have access to lots of styles and in a wide range of prices too.

Wall Mirrors 55″ to 64″:

One design trick is hanging 3 tall and narrow mirrors next to each other in your hallway, dining area, living room, or bedroom so you get a top notch fancy appearance that reflects back the things you love most, your view from the window, a lovely dining table or maybe your china hutch.

Brands of Wall Mirrors

We sell the best brand-names. A timeless class is Wildwood mirrors and Uttermost is very innovative. Dimond mixes purpose and style. Decorative Crafts and Chelsea House mirrors act like jewelry for the wall.  Also, Posh Home Mirrors are US made.  These brand-names provide an assortment of styles, sizes, and hues from inexpensive to higher end.