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Taavetti Forged Iron Pods Mirror by Uttermost – 40″

$606.76 $433.40
Distinctive! Forged Iron Pods Wall or Bathroom Vanity Mirror. Square Metal Frame with A Heavily Aged Silver Leaf Finish. Mirror Features A Wide 1.25" Bevel. Frame Comes Ready to Hang with Attached Hardware.

Ramses Rustic Metal Mirror by Uttermost – 35″

$451.92 $322.80
Rustic! Metal Mirror - Features Multiple Small Round Mirrors Set on a Larger Round Metal Frame That Has A Heavy Gray Wash and Gold Leaf Undertones. Wall Mirror - Frame Comes with Pre Attached Hanging Hardware.

Mondego Woven Nickel Mirror by Uttermost – 73″ x 43″

$1,473.81 $1,052.72
Beautiful! Woven Nickel Mirror With Oversized Frame Features Woven Strips Of Brushed Nickel Metal & A Light Bronze Wash and Oxidized Silver Trim. Wall Mirror Features A Wide 1.25" Bevel. Hang Vertically or Horizontally.

Khalil Dark Bronze Rectangular Mirror by Uttermost – 30″ x 42″

$348.04 $248.60
Add A Rustic Touch! Rectangular Wall or Vanity Mirror - With a Pierced, Hammered Metal Frame, an Aged, Dark Bronze Finish and An Antiqued Gold Inner Liner. Wall or Bathroom Mirror Features a Wide 1.25" Bevel. Hang Horizontally or Vertically. Hanging Hardware Included.

Artelli Triple Round Mirror by Uttermost – 16″ x 48″

$304.92 $217.80
Modern! Decorative Mirror Features 3 Round Mirrors Set Within a Wood Frame with An Antiqued Copper and Burnished Finish. Mirrors Are Beveled. Hang Horizontally or Vertically. Sold Individually. Frame Comes Ready to Hang with Attached Hardware. 16" x 48"

Tamiya Aged Gray Oversized Mirror by Uttermost – 41″ x 71″

$828.52 $591.80
Beautiful! Aged Gray Wall or Floor Mirror, Crafted From Thick Metal Sheeting with a Heavily Distressed, Aged Gray Finish With Metallic Silver Undertones. Wall or Floor Mirror Features a Wide 1.25" Bevel. Hang Horizontally or Vertically. Comes Ready to Hang with Attached Hardware.

Yasmina Silver Square Mirrors Set of 2 by Uttermost – 20″

$304.92 $217.80
Contemporary! Iron Frame with a Geometric Pattern and A Lightly Antiqued Silver Leaf Finish. Mirrors Are Beveled. Set of Two -Comes Ready to Hang with Attached Hardware.

Michaela Brazilian Oak Mirror by Uttermost – 22″ x 32″

$295.12 $210.80
Lovely! Mottled Brown, Brazilian Oak Veneer Over Solid Pine Wood Frame. Mirror Features A Wide 1.25" Bevel. Frame May Be Hung Horizontally Or Vertically. Due To The Nature Of The Real Wood Veneer, Slight Variations In The Pattern Do Occur. Frame Comes with Pre-attached Hanging Hardware.

Olivieri Aged Bronze Mirror by Uttermost – 44″

$612.92 $437.80
Eye-catching! Aged Bronze Mirror Features Hammered Metal Frame with An Aged Bronze finish and Subtle, Metallic Silver Undertones. Mirror Is Beveled. May Be Hung Horizontal Or As A Diamond Shape. Comes Ready to Hang with Attached Hardware.

Willow Gold Iron Mirror by Chelsea House – 36″ x 48″

$622.93 $457.70
Exquisite! Gold Iron Mirror - Hand Made Wrought Iron Frame with Antiqued Gold Finish. Decorative Wall Mirror And Frame Comes with Attached Hanging Hardware.

Stockley Rustic Wall Mirror by Uttermost – 32″ x 43″

$458.92 $327.80
Rustic! Wall or Vanity Mirror - Features a frame with an antiqued mahogany finish and heavily burnished details. Contemporary, Rustic, Large Wall or Vanity Mirror has a wide 1.25" bevel. Hang vertically or horizontally.

Jagger Gold Wall Mirror by Chelsea House – 32″ x 52″

$1,047.00 $802.70
Beautiful! Antique Gold Finish. Decorative Wall Mirror With Frame Comes with Attached Hanging Hardware.

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Contemporary Wall Mirrors for Bath, Living Room, Dining area or a Bedroom:  

Contemporary style is continually fluctuating and features what happens to be trending at that time. Sometimes it might be an heterogenous combination of Traditional and Modern styles. Normally people describe it as being casual, with a look and feel that’s comfy. If you think an area looks dull, if you add an exciting contemporary wall mirror it can bring the room to life, and become a focal point, which is something all areas need, so you should make the ones you have tremendous. And as always we have free shipping and don’t charge tax.

Contemporary Mirrors
  • Contemporary wall mirrors are delightful design elements for all homes or offices. If you love this style, you are lucky because the subsequent contemporary wall mirror will offer you plenty of inspiration.
  • Instead of managing with just ordinary things, it’s quite possible and simple to design something wonderful and striking by using a spectacular wall mirror or a series of mirrors.
Create a Focal Point with a Modern Contemporary Wall Mirror
  • A magnificent Howard Elliott mirror or a mirror made by Cooper Classics can appear just as astonishing as a contemporary painting or 3D wall sculpture.
  • big contemporary wall mirror put over a fireplace or hanging a big mirror over a table in a impressive foyer and adding a contemporary sculpture and then you have the makings of a truly amazing focal point.
  • To cause this display to look even better, put it right over from a window that produces a large portion of natural lighting.
  • This light won’t merely be pointed to the focal point,  thus highlighting it, the mirror will additionally reflect that light all through the area, thus creating a brighter and cheerier room.
Add an Illusion of Bigger Space with A Contemporary Living Room Mirror
  • A contemporary or modern wall mirror or a grouping can be put so it reflects either artificial or natural lighting. It also adds an illusion of size.
  • If the room or office only has a single window for light, then add a well-positioned mirror or several mirrors so the light is reflected all through your area. Test different ways the wall mirrors can be placed in several locations to see where the top effect is produced.
Reflections of Artistic Displays
  • Pieces of fine contemporary art are remarkable things to add to a modern home, however, if you can only see them from one side of the area, they aren’t being used to their best possibility.
  • If you own a lovely piece of contemporary art worth displaying on several walls, put a mirror or several mirrors on the other side of the room from this display.
  • Mirrors let wall hangings be seen from numerous angles, by adding mirrors, it is a great method of adding additional color and appeal to contemporary spaces or areas.
Contemporary Look With Skylight Using Mirrors

If you are lucky enough to have a slanted ceiling  or a wall it is simple to add a skylight via a larger mirror, merely by securely mounting it onto the horizontal area This method is particularly breathtaking if the mirror can reflect some modern art or a window view.

Contemporary Brands of Wall Mirrors

We sell the best brand-names. A timeless class is Wildwood mirrors and Uttermost is very innovative. Dimond mixes purpose and style. Decorative Crafts and Chelsea House mirrors act like jewelry for the wall.  Also, Posh Home Mirrors are US made.  These brand-names provide an assortment of styles, sizes, and hues from inexpensive to higher end.