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Abenaki Ivory Gray Oversized Mirror by Uttermost – 38″ x 68″

$705.32 $503.80
Beautiful! Solid Pine Wood Frame with a Textured Surface. Distressed Finish in Shades of Gray With Black Dry Brushing. Wall, Leaner, or Floor Mirror Features A Wide 1.25" Bevel. May Be Hung Horizontally or Vertically. Frame Comes with Hanging Hardware.


$5,175.20 $3,900.00
Elegant! Beautiful 18th Century Carved Wood Frame With Antiqued Brown And Gold Leaf Finish. Hand-made in Italy. Frame Comes With Attached Wire Hardware Or Hole Indent For Hanging.

Architectural Arch Wall Mirror by Chelsea House – 28″ x 50″

$1,728.00 $1,324.80
Nice! Narrow Iron Frame With Antique Gold Leaf Finish. Decorative Wall Mirror And Frame Comes with Attached Hanging Hardware.

Aries Gold Mirror by Uttermost

$575.96 $411.40
Perfect For An Entryway Or A Stunning Over The Sofa Display, This Transitional Mirror Features A Uniquely Shaped Stainless Steel Frame With Gracefully Curved Points Finished In Classic Brushed Gold. May Be Hung Horizontal Or Vertical.

Armadale Mahogany Bronze Large Mirror By Uttermost

$712.52 $510.40
This Embossed Iron Frame Features A Curved Profile With A Fluted Texture, Finished In A Mahogany Bronze With Gold Leaf Accents. Mirror Features A Generous 1 1/4" Bevel. May Be Hung Horizontal Or Vertical.

Artelli Triple Round Mirror by Uttermost – 16″ x 48″

$304.92 $217.80
Modern! Decorative Mirror Features 3 Round Mirrors Set Within a Wood Frame with An Antiqued Copper and Burnished Finish. Mirrors Are Beveled. Hang Horizontally or Vertically. Sold Individually. Frame Comes Ready to Hang with Attached Hardware. 16" x 48"


$10,217.71 $7,700.00
Nice! Venetian Glass Mirror With Antiqued Mirror Frame And Beveled Glass. Hand-made in Italy. May Be Hung Horizontally Or Vertically. Frame Comes With Either Attached Wire Hardware Or Hole Indent For Hanging.


$3,317.44 $2,500.00
Elegant! Oval, Neoclassical Style Carved Wood Mirror With Ribbon Motif, Antiqued Silver Leaf Finish, And Beveled Glass. Hand-made in Italy. Frame Comes With Attached Wire Hardware Or Hole Indent For Hanging.

Aziza Bronze Round Mirror By Uttermost

$282.56 $202.40
This Decorative Piece Has A Curved Surface Featuring An Embossed Repeating Design With Textured Beaded Details, Finished In A Distressed Bronze With Subtle Gold Undertones. Mirror Features A Generous 1 1/4" Bevel.


$6,634.88 $5,000.00
Beautiful! Venetian Mirror, Frame Made Of 16 Individual Pieces Of Antiqued Beveled Glass. Hand-made in Italy. May Be Hung Horizontally Or Vertically. Frame Comes With Attached Wire Hardware Or Hole Indent For Hanging.

Barren Industrial Mirror By Uttermost

$632.67 $453.20
This Industrial Inspired Design Uses A Solid Wood Frame Construction With An Aged Natural Finish, Featuring Rustic Metal Strips With Exposed Coordinating Nail Heads. Mirror Features A Generous 1 1/4" Bevel. May Be Hung Horizontal Or Vertical.


$3,914.65 $2,950.00
Lovely! Ornate, Louis XIV Style Carved Wood Frame With Acanthus Leaf Design and Antiqued Gold Leaf Finish. Hand Made In Italy. Frame Comes With Either Pre-Attached Wire Hardware Or Hole Indent For Hanging.


Large Mirrors

Large Mirrors for Dining Room, Living Room, Bathroom, or Bedroom

Over time, wall art has been the standard in order to add style and dress up a wall. Today, art is still a good way to decorate  – but interior designers are replacing wall art with large wall mirrors. Wall mirrors are, undeniably, advantageous to standard wall art. Try our Free Visualization Service – we superimpose a product image/s of the mirror onto a photo of your specific room that you email to us.  Free shipping, No tax.


Reasons to Use Large Wall or Floor Mirrors

Gavorrano Oversized Arch Mirror

Gavorrano Oversized Arch Mirror

  1. Gritti Antiqued Glass Wall Mirror

    Gritti Antiqued Glass Wall Mirror

    The best reason for decorating with large wall mirrors is that they will make that small room feel larger, open, spacious and airy.

  1. If your room is not lit well, position a few nice lamps next to the mirror and it will reflect the lamps light out into the darker corners. Suddenly your dark room that had not been noticed before will be nicely enhanced.Whitelinedivider2
  2. Entrance areas are one of the best places to use a large wall mirror. This will be one of the best ways to make your entrance more stylish, brighter and  more spacious looking.Whitelinedivider2

If you hang a light fixture in your foyer, a large mirror will reflect that light to make your foyer brighter and more cheerful – rather than the dark and depressing area it was. 

Full-length mirrors work well in the foyer since they will provide a nice place to check your appearance before leaving the house. When installing a large mirror in an entrance hallway it’s better to position it across from the door or opposite from where the door opens.

  1. Whatever room you use a large wall mirror, it should reflect something appealing, like  beautiful art or outside a window that has a lovely view, perhaps a large plant or a cozy fireplace, not a blank wall or anything unappealing.  Whitelinedivider2
  2. Place a console table beneath a large wall mirror or place an over sized mirror above a fireplace mantle and arrange a row of flickering candles of various sizes and shapes. When the candles are lit the mirror will reflect those flickering flames and they will give off an amazing glowing effect. At Christmas time, an over sized mirror above the fireplace will reflect those candles but also reflect a beautifully lit tree.Whitelinedivider2
  3. If you want a unique design hang large mirrors on an angle facing each other, you will have created a mosaic effect. And the reflected image will seem broken up into pieces and the objects will not look distorted.Whitelinedivider2
  4. Try a fragmented method of placing large mirrors. Place several tall rectangular mirrors in close proximity to each other and you’ll create a fragmented yet continuous view of the hallway. This creates a  unique effect that makes your wall appear larger. Hang your large mirrors vertical in order to ‘’lengthen’’ your wall.Whitelinedivider2
  5. If your wall is larger and you’re just not sure, consider installing a Venetian wall mirror. Venetian mirrors are highly elegant with their beautiful ornate frames, they are  used by many interior designers. A larger Venetian mirror looks magnificent when placed as a focal point of a large wall. Make sure the mirror will reflect something beautiful.Whitelinedivider2
  6. A large unattractive wall will give the appearance that your room is not finished. Use a simple wall  mirror either rectangular or a circular one and it will make all the difference and make your room look well put together.Whitelinedivider2
  7. Many mirrors with colorful frames or even decoratively painted frames are like functional works of art and can sometimes be a much less expensive alternative to a wall difference. This is true for almost any room in your home.Whitelinedivider2
Large Mirror Brands

We offer several top brand names like Cooper Classics. One of the ageless classical choices is Wildwood mirrors, and an innovative choices would be Uttermost.  A mirror brand that mixes style and function is Dimond.  Two mirror brand that act like beautiful pieces of jewelry for the wall are Decorative Crafts and Chelsea House mirrors.  And, if you want a brand made in the US, take a look at Fine Home Mirrors.  All our mirror brands provide a choice of different styling, size, and color and are available from inexpensive to more expensive prices.