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Antiqued Roma Lantern by Chelsea House – 15 W x 30 H

Gothic Style! Lantern with Heavy Antique Silver Finish (Light Bronze Appearance) and Glass Panels Four Candelabra Lights. 15 W x 30 H

Bamboo Grove Chandelier Gray by Chelsea House – 21 D x 21 H

Nice! Bamboo Design with a Gold Frame and a White Wash Finish Gives a Gray Look. Houses 5) 40 Watt Bulbs, Candelabra Base. offers a wide variety of beautiful lighting designed with a timeless look and feel

Bamboo Silver Chandelier by Chelsea House – 21 W x 28 H

Asian Style! Iron With Antique Silver Finish Four Lights. offers a wide variety of beautiful lighting designed with a timeless look and feel.

Chiara Gold Chandelier by Chelsea House – 26 D x 35 H

Lovely! Iron Frame with an Antiqued Gold Leaf Finish. Houses 5) 100 Watt Bulbs, Medium Base.

Colonial Chandelier by Chelsea House – 32 W x 36 H

Simple Beauty! 2 Tier, Antiqued Silver Frame. Houses 20) 25 Watt Bulbs, Candelabra Base.

Cube Brass Chandelier by Chelsea House – 30 W x 34 H

Modern Style! Chandelier with Antiqued Brass Finish 4 Lights. Houses 4) 40 Watt Bulbs, Candelabra

Cube Bronze Chandelier by Chelsea House – 30 W x 34 H

Modern Style! Brass Chandelier With Bronze Finish 4 Lights. Houses 4) 40 Watt, Candelabra

Dunsmore Crystal Pendant by Chelsea House – 11 W x 16 H

Stunning! Beautiful, Traditional Pendant Featuring An Antique Silver Frame With Crystal Pendants And Swags. One Light Houses 1) Medium Base Bulb. - 16" Height x 11" Diameter

Empire Crystal Chandelier by Chelsea House – 26 W x 26 H

Beautiful! Iron frame with crystals, antique gold finish. (Six Lights) Traditional Chandelier Houses 6) 25-40 Watt Bulbs Max, Candelabra 26 W x 26 H

Hexagon Gold Chandelier by Chelsea House – 35 W x 34 H

Contemporary! Concentric Hexagon Rings with an Antiqued Gold Leaf Finish. 4) 40 Watt Bulbs

Kent Nickel Lantern by Chelsea House – 18 W x H

Nice! Polished nickel frame with a drum shade 18 W x H

Large Crystal Flushmount Light by Chelsea House – 15″ W

Elegant! Gilt Metal Frame with Crystal Swags. Houses 3) 60 Watt Bulbs, Candelabra Base.


Chelsea House Chandeliers & Pendants

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Beaded Crystal Chandelier

The term ”Chandelier” is derived from the French term ”Candelabra” or ”Candlestick.” The very first kind of chandeliers were merely cross-sections of wood that held candles. Then, other chandeliers were designed using fine crystal and metal, however, the only people who could afford these were those who were part of the upper-class.  Things are surely different these days. We can provide several of these beautiful lighting fixtures and offer them in a range of prices from low to more costly varieties. You can find chandeliers and pendants here in a huge assortment of spectacular sizes, styles, types of finish, as well as at different costs.

Sizing a Chelsea House Chandelier or Pendant

No matter if you desire a chandelier or pendant that can brighten up the hallway, living or dining areas, it won’t be difficult to obtain the best fixture. All you must do is get a few facts together. You need to begin with the size needed.  First you must measure the width and length of the room in feet, then add the two results. The answer you get is the diameter of the fixture you require for that room measured in inches.

While this measurement is merely one so you have something to start with, there are other things to consider dependent on the use of the fixture. For instance, if you plan to put it right over your dining room table, the recommended diameter of the fixture should be about half to two-thirds the width of the table. The median diameter is between 26 and 30 inches and usually has between four and six lights on it.

Up-lighting reflects light from the ceiling, as well as creating a warm, soft glow that is a very nice affect. Downlighting provides lighting that is much more direct. If the candle bulbs of your chandelier are not shaded, think about putting a dimmer in so you will be able to control the amount of light.

Pendant lighting is single fixtures you hang from a ceiling similarly to a chandelier.  They come in several styles: small mini pendants that usually hang in groups., pendants with multiple lights often hung in a kitchen, over a dining room table, or in other places where a lot of lighting is desired. A downlight pendant is the top choice if you want task lighting, while an up-light pendant is best if you desire overall ambient type of lighting.

Usually, a pendant should hang between 30 and 40 inches over a workspace in the kitchen or between 30 and 36 inches over a table in the dining room.

Chelsea House Information

Chelsea House is who has set the example to follow regarding lighting styles and high quality through their complete line of sophisticated chandeliers and pendant lighting, which are available in styles, sizes, shapes, and types for any area of your home. No matter if you want a chandelier or need a multi or single light pendant to serve as task lighting over a kitchen island, or a table in the dining room,  or lighting for the living room or any other area of your home,  Chelsea House can provide precisely what you desire and require.

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