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Latham 3 Light Bronze Chandelier by Elk Lighting – 21 W x 19 H

$1,101.00 $734.00
Lovely! Tiffany Glass Chandelier in Green, Amber, Honey, Purple, and White Colors. Shade Is Trimmed With Solid Brass Beading. Metal Frame Has Dark Bronze Finish. Houses 3) 60 Watt Candelabra Bulbs.

Huarco 6 Light Chandelier Large by Elk Lighting – 28 W x 24 H

$1,302.00 $868.00
Delightful! Metal Frame with Cream Color Branches and Green Leaves. Mouth-Blown Amber Glass Flower Globes and Clear Crystal Flower Bud Droplets. Houses 6) 40 Watt G9 Bulbs (Included).

Elysburg 5 Light Nickel Chandelier by Elk Lighting – 28 W x 23 H

$657.00 $438.00
Sophisticated! Contemporary Styling, Features A Metal Frame with a Brushed Nickel Finish and White Marbleized Glass Shades. Houses 5) 60 Watt Medium Bulbs.

Cubix 4 Light Pendant by Elk Lighting – 18 W x 18 H

$1,314.00 $876.00
Nice! "Cube In Cube" Design - Metal Frame with Oil-Rubbed Dark Bronze Finish and Clear Water Glass Panels. Houses 4) 60 Watt Candelabra Bulbs.

Belgique 3 Light Bronze Chandelier by Elk Lighting – 13 W x 18 H

$885.00 $590.00
Nice! Metal Lantern with Outer Frame Finished In Oil Rubbed Bronze. Inner Frame is Finished in a Malted Rust with Crystal Bead Accents. Houses 3) 60 Watt Candelabra Bulbs.

Stanton 6 Light Weathered Zinc Chandelier by Elk Lighting – 25 W x 29 H

$948.00 $632.00
Eye-Catching! Modern Sphere Chandelier with a Two-Tone Weathered Zinc-Brushed Nickel Finish. The Center is Open And Airy. Houses 6) 60 Watt Candelabra Bulbs.

Dione 6 Light Nickel Chandelier by Elk Lighting – 25 W x 31 H

$978.00 $652.00
Elegant! Transitional Style, Polished Nickel Metal Fixture. Houses 6) 60 Watt Candelabra Bulbs.

Continuum 8 Light Chandelier by Elk Lighting – 31 W x 2 H

$864.00 $576.00
Industrial Style! Chandelier Features Sockets, Light-bulbs, and a Curvilinear Metal Frame with a Silvered Graphite Finish. Polished Nickel Hardware And Industrial Grade Stainless Steel Cables. Houses 8) 60 Watt Medium Bulbs.

Cubix 1 Light Pendant by Elk Lighting – 7 W x 8 H

$516.00 $344.00
Luxe / Glam!  The Cubix Collection features an exciting cube-in-cube` design, with the outer cube suspending the inner cube of clear water glass panels that are the centerpiece of the design. The complimenting, oiled bronze finish is adaptable to a variety of styles. Houses 1) 100 Watt  Bulb.

Sagemore 5 Light Bronze Chandelier by Elk Lighting – 22 W x 26 H

$978.00 $652.00
Beautiful! Features Crystal Accented Vines with A Bronze Rust Finish. Houses 5) 60 Watt Candelabra Bulbs.

Natural Rope 8 Light Bronze Chandelier by Elk Lighting – 41 W x 44 H

$1,977.00 $1,318.00
Dimensions – Inches: 44″ High – 41″ Wide x 41″ Long Shade – Inches: N/A Bulb / Watt: 8) 60

Heritage 6 Light Chandelier Cream With Pink by Elk Lighting – 22 W x 20 H

$870.00 $580.00
Lovely! Ornate Chandelier with Pink & White Porcelain Flowers and Crystal Bud Accents. The Metal Frame And Intertwined Branches Have a Cream Finish. Houses 6) 60 Watt Candelabra Bulbs.


Elk Lighting Chandeliers & Pendants

Elk trips the light fantastic with creativity and imagination with chandeliers that range from Tiffany to exquisite marbleized glass to traditional crystal to name a few.  Any Elk chandelier brings distinction and light to any room in your home. From charming to glamorous.

We feature Elk lighting for every room, and for every function. Exquisite chandeliers that make a statement of grandeur in any room they grace; gorgeous pendants, bathroom vanity fixtures, lush mount ceiling fixtures, and beautiful sconces. You’ll find stunning fixtures that range from modern and contemporary to sophisticated, or traditional and elegant.

A chandelier is always the centerpiece of a room whether it is a dining room, living room, foyer, or even a kitchen.  Chandeliers can even raise the value of your home. Choosing any of these gorgeous light fixtures should be a well thought out choice. Today, chandeliers come in many different materials and styles.  

Agate Stones 21 Light Chandelierc

Agate Stones 21-Light Chandelier in Weathered Bronze with Gray Agate Stones

Enhances our lives with ceiling, and pendant lighting, kitchen and bath lighting, , chandeliers, and wall sconces in styles that fit yours. Whether your style is Traditional, Contemporary, or Old World, or somewhere in between, Elk Lighting gives our home décor the distinctive technical innovation and style with decorative aspects our customers demand. With durability and dependability. offers a complete collection of Elk Lighting chandeliers – bronze chandeliersnickel chandeliersbrass chandeliers,  chrome chandeliers, and wood chandeliers that will add glamour and sparkle with personality to any room. Elk chandeliers are the masters of Pendants and chandelier design because they artistically design one stunning masterpiece after another in so many different styles and utilizing dozens of resplendent materials.

To Determine Chandelier Size?

CHANDELIER DIAMETER – Here is a good rule of thumb in determining the diameter you’ll need for a chandelier in a room with an 8-foot-high ceiling.  Adding length and width of a room together – in feet – and then use that number in inches: For example, a room that’s 14 feet wide + 18 fee deep = 32 feet. The chandelier size diameter should be approximately 32 inches.

How High to Hang Your New Chandelier?

CHANDELIER HEIGHT – Determine the height of your ceiling. Lets assume the ceiling height is 8 feet. Multiply height by 2.5 and 3. This example indicates your chandelier height should be between 20 – 24 inches. This rule of thumb applies to 8-foot ceilings.  Taller ceilings can afford a taller height.

A Chandelier for Any Style

KITCHEN & BATH CHANDELIERS – It used to be a formal or ornate chandelier placed in the kitchen would’ve looked odd to most. Although, even the most ornate chandelier will look right at home in the gorgeous kitchens of today. If your kitchen lacks the elegance, don’t despair because there are gorgeous chandeliers in every size, style, and finish that looks tailor-made for you and your kitchen.  Today’s bathrooms are also just as stylish and elegant as any other room. Chandeliers placed in the bathroom are now a natural choice.

MINI CHANDELIERS FOR SMALL PLACES – Traditional chandeliers can be too large for small areas, mini chandeliers respond to the need for ambient lighting  and the beauty and of a chandelier in small places. Mini chandeliers for small kitchens, dressing rooms, tub alcoves, baths, small dining areas, and bedrooms – anywhere you desire glamour.

CONSIDER A PENDANT CHANDELIER – Pendant chandeliers are fixtures that generally have one bulb per globe.  Globes are usually attached to just one ceiling outlet – rather than attached to individual outlets for only one globe.

Want something a little different than the usual chandelier? Then Consider choosing a pendant chandelier. These gorgeous small chandeliers will provide an exciting look in virtually every room, including for both task and ambient lighting over a kitchen island. Features the best name brands such as Uttermost, Decorative Crafts, Wildwood Lamps, Chelsea House, and Frederick Cooper,  We offer great  prices, from affordable to high-end chandeliers.

BEFORE PURCHASING; Check out our Free Visualization Service  if you’d like to know before you buy, how any chandelier or lighting fixture will look in your home,. 

In addition, we offer 150% LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE! So, shop with confidence.