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Apothecary Brass Floor Lamp by Wildwood Lamps – 57″

$1,095.61 $828.00
Sophisticated! Adjustable, Antiqued, Extra Heavy, Solid Brass Floor Lamp Floor Lamp With Brass Lampshade. Houses 1) 100 Watt Bulb with Dimmer Switch.

Ashbourne Floor Lamp Gold by Wildwood Lamps

$1,017.00 $779.70
Sophisticated! Solid Brass with Antique Finish. With Foot Switch, Candelabra Base 51" Tall Floor Lamp Houses 1) 40 Watt Bulb

Brass Floor Lamp by Wildwood Lamps

$782.58 $575.00
Sophisticated! Floor Lamp With Adjustable Shade and Arm - Solid Brass with Antique Finish. Houses 1) 60 Watt Bulb, Short Socket, Medium Base

Casa Mila II Bronze Floor Lamp by Frederick Cooper

$1,365.00 $1,046.50
Nice! Adjustable Pharmacy Style Lamp With Bronze Finish and Drum Shade Cream, Coarse Linen Lampshade. Houses 1) 100 Watt Bulb, Dimmer

Contemporary Adjustable Nickel Floor Lamp by Wildwood Lamps

$825.00 $632.50
Lovely! Iron & Brass, with a Nickel Plated Finish. Floor Lamp With Egg, Silk Lampshade. Houses 1) 150 Watt Bulb, 3-Way, Medium Base .64" Tall.

Country Doctors Brass Floor Lamp by Wildwood Lamps

$825.00 $632.50
Nice! Tall Hand-Finished Solid Brass with Antique Patina. Floor Lamp With Brass Lampshade. Houses 1) 60 Watt, Short Socket, Medium Base

Crystal Floor Lamp by Wildwood Lamps

$1,977.00 $1,515.70
Stunning! Beautiful Solid Crystal With Center Wiring. White, Linen Lampshade. Houses 1) 100 Watt Bulb.

Drew Gold Floor Lamp by Wildwood Lamps – 64″

$1,167.00 $894.70
Nice! Contemporary, Iron Floor Lamp with Antique Gold Leaf Finish. Off White, Linen Lampshade. Houses 1) 100 Watt Max Bulb with 3-Way Switch.

Fluted Column Floor Lamp by Wildwood Lamps

$757.00 $580.63
Sophisticated! Aged White, Paint Finish with Light Brown Wood Undertones. With A Natural Linen Lampshade. Houses 1) 150 Watt, 3-Way Bulb, Medium Base

Fluted Wood Floor Lamp by Wildwood Lamps 63″

$897.00 $687.70
Nice! With Antiqued and Distressed Brass Accents. Traditional Floor Lamp With A Tan, Silk Lampshade. Houses 100 Watt, 3-Way Bulb.

Footed Bronze Floor Lamp by Wildwood Lamps

$532.15 $420.90
Dignified Style! Traditional, Ornate, Faux Bronze Base With Beautiful Crystal Accents. With A Gold Color, Silk Lampshade. Houses 1) 100 Watt, 3-Way Bulb.

Langston Brass Floor Lamp by Wildwood Lamps

$987.00 $756.70
Nice! Wrought Iron Base with Darkened Brass Finish Matching Metal Shade. Houses 1)100 Watt, 3-Way Medium Base Bulb.


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Recognized as offering fine quality lighting and beautiful home accessories. These floor lamps are designed from wood, wrought iron, solid brass,  or other raw materials – with various beautiful hand-applied finishes.

There are many types of floor lamps such as adjustable, torchiere, swing arm fixed-height, or reading floor lamps. A floor lamp will offer a wonderful alternative to a table lamp. They will add vertical elements to a room, and they require no table surface, making them easily portable which allows the lighting to be placed exactly where you want it.   

Wildwood Lamps have long been recognized for providing the finest quality lighting fixtures and home accessories. These floor lamps are constructed from wood, wrought iron, solid brass, or other raw materials – with varied hand-applied finishes. There are many types of floor lamps such as fixed-heightadjustabletorchiereswing arm, or reading floor lampsA floor lamp offers a great alternative to a table lamp. They add a vertical element to a room, which requires no table surface, making them easily portable which allows the lighting to be placed exactly where you want it. .  


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Floor lamps will provide great light but they also make your room glow beautiful and brighten up & improve your overall mood. No type of lamp accomplishes this better than Wildwood floor lamps.

Discover the wide spectrum of contemporarymoderntraditional,  and rustic styles of unique floor lamps – each one is a functional work of art designed to light up your home like it never has been before.

Famous for decades for using the best authentic materials and accessorizing with beautiful lampshades. Today, elegant designed floor lamps  and table lamps  are created by top name artists and designers. 

WILDWOOD FLOOR LAMPS – A must-have for your well-designed lighting scheme. They are very beautiful, sleek, sophisticated and even dramatic – gives an instant touch of traditional or modern  depending on their style. They will offer warm and  inviting light comparable to table lamps – but could be used where table lamps can’t. 

Wildwood floor lamps are a great example of function in a beautiful form. Like our table lamps our floor lamps are functional art that light up! They’re made of quality materials like copper, jade, nickel,  and alabaster. If your style is more traditional don’t worry. Our complete line of Wildwood floor lamps includes the ones that  will work beautifully for your traditional setting.

Wildwood floor lamps will be an excellent alternative to your dresser table lamp. They will provide the light and add the style, but won’t take up needed space on the dresser.

And finally, floor lamps will provide vertical elements to your rooms look – that will make the eye draw upwards.

Today’s modern floor lamps are much better than ever; they provide style, beauty and function to the home.

Wildwood floor lamps will do everything  a table lamp will and our floor lamps will do it with high style and beauty, floor lamps can be considered the most versatile lamp. They are easy to move from room to room, they could be positioned exactly where you want the light, and some models can be height adjusted. Use a floor lamp beside your reading chair or beside each end of a sofa, they work well with secretaries, besides a bed, beside desks, or you can place one on each side of a buffet table.

The company started out with ideas and drawings that inspired their network of artists and designers who operated across the globe. They were aspired to create lamps and lampshades that were made from the most luxurious fabrics that were of highest quality. Wildwood floor lamps has become synonymous as a brand who offers the finest quality. Lamps that have been featured in many luxury resorts and embassies around the world – including the White House.

In 2011 Wildwood Lamps and Accents signed an agreement with Frederick Cooper for manufacturing and distribution of 300 of their top-selling floor lampstable lamps, and chandeliers. And since 2011, Alexander Julian and Larry Laslo, previous Frederick Cooper design collaborators, have been distributing a fabulous line of lighting products through Wildwood.

Wildwood Floor Lamps

When searching for your floor lamp you should decide what you want to primarily use the lamp for – For reading, puzzles, and crafts/sewing or general ambient light go with Task Lighting.  Stick pole lamps with shades will deliver excellent general lighting. These are similar to a good table lamp. Look for an adjustable light for task lighting, that you can position so your light falls right where you need it.

Whether you are a college student or a younger adult furnishing your first apartment,  or maybe you have been a homeowner for a while, a floor lamp is a great choice. Floor lamps will give added value. You don’t need a table to set them on. They offer a variety of illumination choices and they’re fashionable style additions to your home – and none are more so than Wildwood floor lamps. Wildwood offers them all and more. Attractive styles you want and need with features that are the most important to you.

Orders are generally shipped within 7-10 days from North Carolina.